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  1. While the DVD shows the candidate opening the count book at the beginning of the med pass, candidates will not fail if they are taught to open the document in the count book at the end of the med admin.

  2. There have been questions about the DVD not showing the candidate confirming that the count was correct. Staff are not tested on that and the count should have already been verified at the change of shift when the keys were passed to the candidate. The count will always be correct on the documents used for testing.

  3. Tomorrow will be my second time taking this test. I guess I failed the first time because I didn't document the med in the count book properly. This video is a good guide, and I thank you so much for making this!

  4. I have been a MAP trainer since 1998. When the curriculum changed, the FIRST check became the HCP order TO the pharmacy label AND the pharmacy label to the med sheet. So, she's doing check one wrong. Also, she never identified the individual. And, she never "double locked" her countable substance at the end of the test when she put her meds away. 

  5. Great Video….My thanks goes to my MAP Teacher JAN, thanks so much for your patient, good communication and dedication God bless you…..Sam from CRJ 

  6. "Tomorrow will be my second time taking this test. I guess I failed the first time because I didn't document the med in the count book properly."

    D&S flunks about 50% of the med admin oral exam takers. The exam instructors are speficialyl told that this is about how many people should pass/fail within a typical random sample.

    The reason for this is that D&S makes $150 for every Fail they pass out. Specifically they profit the $150 off of the re-test. Thus the instructors are under lots of corporate pressure to pass out flunks, so most of them do. They get away with it because the state guarantees their business, so they have a de facto monopoly over this narrow mini-market. If you failed and you know you did everything right, don't take it personally. You probably did pass but the $150 is worth more to them than your time or job security.

  7. idk how I botched the spelling on 'specifically' so bad but yea, good luck and rote memorization/recitation of the steps is your best bet

  8. I am sick of this site. This goes for everybody taking the test. This site always have an error occurred I tried my own computer. family members computer. going to a library near by in one day and the next. how do expect people to study through this site. its all money making. this the worst site. needs to be fixed. ALL money making i agree.

  9. at least fix the black  screen( AN error occurred, please try again later. learn more) and i am taking a test in the morning i comment my results if i passed. really i think its money making. and this goes for the staff that are on the phone with me that is taking a test same time. i comment this to people when waiting to take the test.

  10. Shouldn't she have done a count prior to the med pass to make sure that the count was right? I mean if you go and give a med then find out the count is wrong aren't you causing issues for your program?

  11. I am taking the test today and was reviewing demo. after one time it stopped working and goes right to a fuzzy blank screen!!!!!!! yikes!!!!

  12. As someone who failed this test several times I can tell you without a doubt that this person would fail under many D&S testers.  Not once did she display the 5 rights, right person right med, right dose, right route, and right TIME.  Time is a specific time of the day, 8PM, 7AM, 4PM.  Frequency and time are not the same thing, saying that they take a med 2 times a day without mentioning what times those are and that one of those times is right now will fail the test. 

    It's their easy out to make more money through failing participants.  If you want to pass this test without question you should say something along the lines of, "two times a day and 8PM is one of those times, and it's 8PM right now".  Anything less than that does not "prove" you verified the 5 rights before administering the med.

    Remember that frequency (two times a day, 3 times a day, once daily) does not verify that you are giving it at the right time.  Frequency is not one of the 5 rights, time is, don't let them waste your time with a semantic issue, clearly tell them that it is X O'clock and X O'clock is when the individual should take the med.

  13. this site has improved but didn't see her check the med in the blister pack to verify the number on the sheet and in the pack.

  14. Actually it was the computer test I didn't pass . Lots of trick questions and "the best answer" questions which I hate as two answers are relatively same and it's a 50/50 shit if you pick one over other. Is there anything online for actual answers to Massachusetts MAP test ? I know the EMS state test was all on line made into cue cards. Boy did that help

  15. Haha, one lousy pill. Try medicating 27 patients during a survey, patients who average 15-20 meds each including eye drops, nebs, and inhalers.

  16. I watched this video 10 times before my exam. I will give you all a tips

    Verbalized when you're doing the checks "I am now going to start check 2" etc

    The first time you do check 1 you need to say all the 5 rights and when you do the frequency immediately after you say … AND ACCORDING TO THIS SCENARIO I WILL ADMINISTER THIS MED AT 7/YR at 9 pm and point to the box you will do the check ".

    Also verbalize when you are doing the silent look again. And pretend you're looking and point while ur saying it in ur head.

  17. Has anyone taken this test lately tho? I'm wondering about any fellow MA person has? Takin the test this month. Any advice is greatly apprechated. Thank you

  18. FYI. this if not for nursing homes, hospitals etc. but for group homes, day programs etc. There are no ID bracelets etc

  19. Elite has a 6 hour med aide course. Check it out at the link below.


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  21. 3rd medication check is wrong. You do 3rd medication check prior to administering medication otherwise you would be documenting a med error on 3rd administration check – opps she just swallowed someone else's med. Also one of the medication checks is to check to see if this person is the person scheduled to receive this medication and you do an ID check and also should check to make sure patient is ready to receive scheduled med prior to preparing medication in case there is a reason not to administer medication such as refusal or other reason.

  22. According to title XXII guidelines, when "pouring" a controlled substance you have to pour the medication, sign the narcotic book, then pass the medication. After passing the medication to patient you would then sign the MAR. Among a few other things, this would definitely be a fail if I were the tester.

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