Make a “Pixelated Heart” Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star (Video

Make a “Pixelated Heart” Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star (Video

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company. And today I have a super simple, quick, fun, easy project for you.
Take a look at this quilt behind me. I love anything pixelated. I just really love the
pixelated look. I love how you can make things out of using straight squares. And this is
our pixelated heart. So to make this quilt, you’re going to need two packs of five inch
squares and we have used Artisan Batiks Inspired by Nature for Studio K by Robert Kaufman.
Then you’re going to need four packs. So the math on this is double. Two of color,
four of white. And they’re five inch squares. If you need to buy yardage you can buy three
yards of it and cut them into five inch squares. So same size squares. Our binding out here
is a half yard. No border on this quilt. And our backing is 4 ½ yards. And it’s this
pretty print from the line. And it just makes a great little quilt. The quilt ends up being
75 by 75. Now I have made several of these pixelated quilts. And basically I looked at
the picture. I counted the squares. I sewed together, I knew, I needed, you know, two
rows or three rows of whites. And then I needed four squares and two colors. And, you know,
I just counted it out and did this. Then we discovered that there’s actually a pattern
by Robert Kaufman. So this might make it easier for you. So now you’re ready to make this quilt.
And what you want to do is you want to look at your pattern and you want to just sew blocks
together. So you’re going to look at block one here. There are five blocks in each row.
So you’re going to sew one, two, three, four, five, of the five inch squares right
together. And you’re going to make three rows of that. Then you’re going to sew this
one right here, four whites and a colored square. Then three whites and two colored
squares. And that’s as easy as that. And then you’ll look at your second one and
you’ll put that one together. And your third. Now I have some of those done. So let’s
go ahead and sew those together. So I know that my, this is, I know that my blocks are
at the top. And this is block two right here. And see how we’re making the center of the
heart right here where it dips down. And then this is the side over here. And you can see
that I labeled them block one. Otherwise you have to keep going back to your pattern and
referring. But this way, I’m like ready to go. And so what we’re going to do is
we’re going to sew this block here. Block one to block two to block three. So it’s
like a giant nine patch. So let’s go ahead and go to the sewing machine on these. Now
the white isn’t going to show. If you’re just a little bit off on sewing your white
blocks together, that’s not going to show. When you get down here where you have a colored
block next to a white block, that’s going to show. So you want to make sure that you
get those pretty lined up. So let’s go to the sewing machine and sew
these big blocks together. You know when you sew a quilt like this it’s so gratifying
because it just goes together so quickly. And I”m just going to take a few anchoring
stitches. And I still, you know, I’m a nester so I like to nest my little seams. And we’re
going to go along here, a quarter inch seam. Now we’re ready to add that third block.
And because we have them labeled, we know one, two, three goes right here. And so we’ll
just line them up carefully. I’m going to take a few little anchoring stitches here.
Keep my needle down so that I can let go of it and position the rest of these. Alright
so we’re going along here. And again I like to nest my seams, keeps everything lined up.
Now one of the fun things to think about with pixelated quilts is that if you can get your
hands on some graph paper, you can do this. Like you can come up with a design and color
in the squares that you want and almost anything can be pixelated. So it’s fun to think about
all the different options. Alright. Now I just sewed two seams and just like that this
giant first row is done. Look at that. Just two big seams and we’ve got the top third
done. Now we’re ready to do the middle. And so we’ve got, this is the left side,
so I have middle row left side. Here’s our whole center of the heart and then here is
the other side over here. And of course you’re going to watch, you want to make sure that
you, you know, when you put your little tag on make sure that it’s in the upper left
corner but it tells you where to go so that you make sure that your heart is going like
this. And you don’t have one side like this and one side like this. That would be terrible.
Alright so let’s sew these two together and this makes the middle section. Honestly
I’ve done these for so long and have done them with counting and this is so much easier.
And this one because it’s all colors, you know, it’s. I match up my seams. I do nest
them up but it’s not one of those things that is going to gariously show if I get it
a little off. And then there’s our first half. And then we’re going to put this piece
together over here like that. And make sure they’re lined up. So these rows are going
to get kind of big and cumbersome as you’re going along so just be careful, take your
time. Sew your quarter of an inch right down the side. Alright so now we have this second
row done right here. And we’re onto the third. Look how fast this is going together. Alright
here is our one block. Here’s the middle and here’s the other side. That’s just
the tail end of our heart. And we’re going to line this up right here and sew these two
together. Now I’m losing my presser foot here now. Make sure it stays lined up. And
then we add one more side to this. Now these are easy sides to add because these two outside
squares, they’re just all white so you can’t get it wrong. It’s five by five, 25 little
squares in these.And you’re just going to, it doesn’t matter what side you sew it to,
it’s going to work out so this row is the ahhh! No worry row. Alrighty. Alright so now
we have our three rows done and let’s sew them together. I have this one stretched out
nice here so I’m just going to take the middle one and I’m going to sew it to this.
I just have to make sure I have it going the right way. Yes, this way. We’re going to
fold them together and just sew right along this. Match up these two. You can pin if you
want but because we can match at every little seam, they’re just five inch squares, so
every little seam we can match up, I don’t feel like I need pins on this because it’s
pretty easy to keep track of where you are. Alright so now we’re going to sew this one
together and keep those lined up. So since this is such a simple quilt, this
is a great time to take a closer look at that quarter inch seam. So the first thing you
want to look at is the edge that’s on your pre cut. Now most pre cuts these days have
this pinked edge right here. And you want to lay it down and you want to make sure how
they’ve measured it because some of them measure from the inside to the inside of the
peak and some of them measure from the outside. So you want to take that into account with
your quarter inch. If you’re cutting your squares yourself you’re going to have a
straight edge to work with and that makes it super easy. You can also get a quarter
inch foot for your sewing machine. Every sewing machine they should sell one for every different
kind of sewing machine. There’s this cool quarter inch tape that you can put your needle
goes right where the red line is and you’re just going to put that on here and do it.
A lot of people use painter’s tape. You can kind of put it on there and stack it up.
There’s markings on your sewing machine. I have a marking right here that says quarter
inch and there’s a line to follow. And that’s what I tend to do. I tend to use that line.
But what you’re going to do is you’re going to lay that down right on that quarter
inch line and you’re going to sew along. And it’s a great time to see how you do.
Sew a little seam, take your ruler and measure it and see how you did. See if you are on
the quarter of an inch. And I am right on there with mine. And so that’s just a great
time to practice. Also you can look at some machines’ needles move back and forth and
you want to look and make sure that where your needle hits and whatever edge you’ve
made hits, it lines right up for that quarter inch. So I hope this helps you in perfecting
that quarter inch and in making this great pixelated heart quilt. How often do you get to see me make a whole
quilt during a tutorial, right? That’s how quick these are. Alrighty. So again I’m
just going to line this up and head back over here for the very last row. Alrighty. Now
show and tell time. Just like that. Look at this. Isn’t that great? They’re so quick
and easy. So don’t be afraid to grab some graph paper, make your own designs. I want
to show you the quilt I made earlier this year. And I bought a kit online and I loved
all the different background fabrics that were on it. This is just from stash. These
are stash fabrics. They’re all lights. They’re all different and yet it shows that color
out in the middle. And I just think it comes together beautiful. So don’t be afraid.
You know we have all these white squares on here but you could use your own squares. Also
if your squares, if you find that they’re too bright, you’re not liking that big contrast,
flip them over. Don’t be afraid to use the other side of your square. And don’t be
afraid to make your own design. This is a really fun project, super easy. Also these
are squares so you can make this, you know, I could just see Misty wanting to make this
in little 2 ½ inch squares. I could see all that happening. And so remember it’s just
a square. Have fun with this. Draw it out on some graph paper, whatever you want to
do. And we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Pixelated Heart quilt from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company.

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    Thank you Jenny for all the wonderful tutorials and inspiration.

  4. I actually made a reverse pixelated heart quilt for my new daughter-in-law for Christmas. I enlarged their silhouettes from their engagement photo and appliqued it onto the middle of the white heart. It was so much fun!

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  7. I will be making this quilt for my great niece who is now 15 months old.I will applique her name across the top on the white background. I also love the new camera for the close up behind Jenny. Thank you MSQC for all you do!

  8. Another amazing idea for an easy quilt!!!
    I can see making these "Pixelated" Quilts, drawing them on graph paper….the ideas are ENDLESS as Jenny says EVERYONE…..I can see making a design for my Grandchildren's B-day Quilts, making them a quilt with their High School Mascots!! I can see making a quilt for a young couple with a heart in their wedding colors!! I can see making them with Sailboats, OMG….I am just absolutely thrilled with this.
    Jenny & the MSQC family…..This is amazing.
    EVERY single WEEK you are showing me again AND again, something that is absolutely amazing and what's more EASY to do.
    I love all things Quilting and I am a true fan of Missouri Star Quilt Company, not only because the quilts that we are shown each week are presented in such a way even the person who has just learned to sew could do these tutorials.
    I love and appreciate the enthusiasm of Jenny, Natalie, Misty and the rest of the Doan family!!!! I would have never thought that after having to go on disability that my life would be so enriched and fulfilled by making these wonderful quilts and other sewing projects (such as totes, placemats, pillowcases, zipper pouches, etc.)
    This is what makes so many people happy and the art of making something for someone that you love or care deeply for such as making a quilt is amazing.
    Again, you've made me so anxious for tomorrow….for I am going to get out the graph paper and start designing ASAP!

  9. In case some of you do NOT have graph paper…if you have a printer you can go to these websites and print off graph paper for FREE : (below are TWO FREE sites that you can print off graph paper if you have a printer!–line-graph-paper
    BTW….I did check to see that BOTH sites I found work, you will be able to print off this graph paper with no issues

  10. I use excel spreadsheet instead of graph paper. All those of years of building spreadsheets for work has benefited me in quilting.

  11. Another great tutorial, thank you. But I have a question about that big white blocks – wouldn't it be easier to cut one (two) big white square(s) than piecing all those white 5" squares?
    Or is it because the quilt has to be pixelated all the way around?

  12. Oh thats great Jenny. I have some RK 5 inch squares I am going to cut up and am going to sew a 2.5 inch heart as a wall hanging.

  13. It's cute and easy, thank you! Just want to comment that Jenny says the top is 75" square but the materials list says 68 X 68. Could be an issue when planning binding.

  14. is it necessary to actually make all of those same sized white blocks instead of bigger ones? aren`t those seam lines lost in quilting?

  15. I found a pixelated owl quilt on Pinterest and made one for a friend. Used zany owl print fabric for the gray body, some orange batik for beak and feet, and solids for the rest. It turned out really cute.

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  18. Got up at 3 Am and was wandering in search of a pattern that I could begin stitching, and hopefully finish very quickly, when I came across this Pixelated heart and You even have a 3 page printable pattern to go with it! The fabric requirements are so easy to come up with I don't even have to wait to get fabric to begin. To top it off it is a good sized quilt! The hubs got me a mid arm sit down quilt machine to help me get all of my quilt tops finished but naturally I can't begin with those. I have to make a new top 😉 The negative space on this one will give me lots of space to really get to know my new machine. I love Your tutorials but Jenny this one elevates You to the next level when it comes to quick, easy and Awesome! Thanks so much

  19. Love seeing the camera angle of you sewing. I just made a guest book heart for a girl at work that is getting married. I wish this available about 2 months ago. She loved it and I had fun doing it. You gave me the inspiration to make it, so Thank you Jenny!

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  30. Well, your description sure covers all necessary elements for me. Hope you had a great vacation, welcome back!!!!! Missed YOU!

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  35. Jenny, super, simple, fun….perfect description of your Pixel! Thank you for all you do! Your energy and dedication to educating the quilting nation is highly commendable.
    To the nattering nay-bobs of negativity who live to criticize….look up pixelated….of course you can use strips or a large panel of fabric in place of white squares….but that is not pixelated in the true sense. When Jenny presents we should absorb the knowledge, enjoy the entertainment in her creation and show appreciation! Then when you go into your sewing room creative license is your right…do it your way….proceed to slice up a big panel or cut up strips….or, simply use charm packs already prepared, there are no quilt police. Our group calculated the time to measure and sew big panels; cut and sew strips; and sew charm packs in fully pixelated fashion…..charm packs won by 35 minutes less sewing time! Thanks Missouri Star Team for your generosity!

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    It the quilt is 15 charms each direction, wouldn’t it finish 68”? Fifteen times 4.5” is 67.5” plus binding.

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  43. I saw video this morning and just finished the quilt top. It took me 10 hours with only 2 breaks. Problem is the darn thing is so big. I enjoyed every minute of making this. Now to try to down size it into a bag.

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