Lower Blood Pressure: Overview of Check. Change. Control.

Lower Blood Pressure: Overview of Check. Change. Control.

(heart beating) (instrumental music) – [Voiceover] Nearly 78 million Americans have high blood pressure. Of those with high blood pressure nearly half do not have their
blood pressure controlled. The American Heart Association and American Stroke
Association have launched a blood pressure management program to equip communities nationwide. With the knowledge, skills, and resrouces needed to help individuals monitor their blood pressure themselves. And embrace a healthier lifestyle. Different communities across the country have employed different
strategies to tackle the problem of high blood pressure. Such as, working with the YMCA, where the AHA provided kiosks
to help track blood pressure. Coordinating with local events like the St. Louis Martin Luther King luncheon, and several of the American
Heart Association’s Go Red for Women events. Participating in work
site wellness programs, partnering with clinical
settings such as hospitals, working with mobile health vans, and partnering with community
service organizations, sororities and
fraternities, and hospitals. The American Heart
Association is also partnered with faith-based organizations
in the Houston area. We will introduce you to the
volunteer health mentors, the participants, and
program partners in Houston. You will see what the participants learned and what the mentors experienced. We will share their triumphs, challenges, and discover a healthy few
surprises along the way.

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