Libertarian Hearts Collapsing Buildings and Diarrhea

Libertarian Hearts Collapsing Buildings and Diarrhea

let his band from al and welcome to the
program then uh… very good idea underwriter so you’re talking a lot
about a libertarian uh… yes what do you not like about the concert well i’m not like about the concept of
libertarianism lets a pretty broad question um… and if you see me uh… talk about
it uh… then you probably have a sense but i think that the economic
libertarianism is a fantasy land she didn’t believe in freedom what is freedom see below the should be able to describe where you put in your body and come up short hearing protection
control so freedom is just a function of uh…
of your income taxes at it three-dimensional right deal coupon kindergarten parison individual so if there are more okay so it’s the
it’s the right to be a bit of function in society as an individual um… hurt uh… you’re agreeing with where
idea that we should really government sponsored single-payer health care so that we are all uh… more free to quit our jobs uh… more free to not necessarily
pursue of the uh… the the pursuit of money to make sure
that we stay healthy for ourselves and our children you would agree with that i would agree with that everywhere the morphine did you i believe that the only thing you can do
it he government historian cringing at your rights or write to you after you have the right
to life what more market really happy senator
bentsen you agree with me that we should have basically a single-payer healthcare
program without his government-run no economic department right uh… women then let me ask you a lot of
wilder guy don’t you why don’t you support freedom because i would love to be free that i
have to worry about health care i would love to have health care as a
basic right of my existence why don’t you love freedom i want to recoup their responsibility to
be able to broken caregiver herder as part of life all relies heavily so he
was always makes me think that it had any one of our so you think that if anybody relies on
government for anything uh… their the responsible not your child
care what work accepting or with people i mean then do you have diarrhea work harder you can’t go do you have diarrhea right now it you know why you don’t have an area
then because of the government a panel of
regatta used potable you don’t have diarrhea because the
government here he whispered your government make sure that your
water is uh… able to be drank uh… divakar then maybe emo alright retreat occurring very melodic part mera artwork you freedom freedom is the the freedom to drink
poisonous water into drink andy poisonous foods do you drive regiments hate chanti estimated view dr driving what what what i always do taken
highway in l_a_ highway five article carpark one-on-one is federal highway somewhat why don’t you take responsibility for
yourself and for jerome roads why don’t you for juror alone road you’re relying on the government what do
you expect what right does walk everywhere aka
hidden that’s impractical called practical
dialogue everywhere but don’t you realize that the government is impinging
upon your freedom because uh… is provided you roads but let me sir i could take it i could walk i can walk
everywhere if i want to use her ex parte freedom i can get whatever the fuck out wat
paragraph policeman cochran if i don’t want well but about mine asking you um… why uh… you you don’t need to
take advantage of the roads it all your apartment let’s take your apartment well regarded expansion in eastern
europe government jerky and that’s part of a living under under
heavier and more likely to be responsible for yourself so you don’t like flight because what recapture okay i think that anything else israeli
infringing on our right human being to be able to go with the natural
progress replied anything without between cranking on that right you don’t need it is infringing upon our right but even
the u news is all part of the whole thing a freedom maybe you don’t need suffers and like
when used to live through an earthquake have you ever been in the country uh… in a building uh… during an earthquake that doesn’t have building codes yes affectionate harder quick northridge
erica earthquake know that but in the nineteen ninety schindler patent the northridge
earthquake was in the country that had building codes have you ever been in a playlist are yeah carrier spectacular saying that the
building codes uh… that the government’s imposed upon
the the lack of freedom that the builders had to build eight
sheep building probably saved your life if you were in
the building during that uh… quick well i mean what are you talking about architecture’s not are conducting direct
government i think without government-controlled figure out how to
build appeal we don’t give the government to step in are correct that our park their car
occur at all answer you so you’re not familiar of let’s say like
um… earthquakes that take place in uh…
countries i was there bubble haiti’s agreed that there are
better shouting but i mean for instance in hamburg for a replacement are what
happened to real world memories do you live in the real and
already you live in a fantasy world where wearing with no exactly what what
role does complement cutting rules and restrictions on the
red light and really what are you hearing
individual and you had your march through what it all the perverse it all
man-made cecil talking about libertarians si ben here is refusing to acknowledge
the fact that uh… building codes make a difference when an earthquake hits you know in haiti there are no building
codes and you know what happens if you are and
we can make it a try district but i i have not democrat building products do you make a difference but in the real world the church’s there tomorrow it could be
building codes in the real world shit like that
happened i don’t even know who really hot first
the floods of what you’re saying because understand the world’s that you’re
saying but when you put them together in the
way that you’re saying um it means nothing there is listen hate is in the real last
weekend and i’ll tell you i said then on one side haiti than is in the real world and the united states is in the real
world when an earthquake hits haiti because
the government has not imposed a building codes the buildings fall in people die because indy united kato’s excuse me because in the united states there are
building codes when an earthquake hits the buildings have much less other each
answer of falling and much less people died that’s the real world bank now do you
feel that building codes impose on our freedoms but it uh… what i was saying is why i don’t
believe that you need to government in order shit build buildings correctly i think
that’s part of architecture cannot govern well of course is part of a heart
attack a couple you know that you can see mark then are you wear the text reporter are more properly it’s cheaper more profitable to build the building that is not sustainable in an earthquake that is why in places like a_t_ where
they’re not strict building codes people do it that way i’m not a great world i’d like a real world that’s what’s
gonna happen i mean free-market society extra troops is hurt some people are going to be on top mean
there’s no delusion delivered caring society tonight he’ll
society obviously there are problems so anytime i mean i would we want to get
this alternative why would you want to do you think that people over eighty feel more free than people in america do you think that
there are more free ’cause they’re out from under that scourge of building
codes i don’t think there is a real freedom in
america son s you think that we are uh… living
under a tyrannical uh… the government because of things
like building codes now that that’s but cannot mining try it
when it comes to wire against the way the government games okay thereto there’s a lot more
contentious directly past to put in your body what percentage of their income tax
poster to him i mean people tell me so i have a personal profit what percentage
of your income should go to taxes what was the most carrier kicker taxes so uh… i think they should be an
income tax really care responsible frog gold hold our own society here were all individuals and so do you think there should be off
are a lot of big government took out what to do you think it’s all about how
to spell now do you think there should be a fire department actually expanded free market right it ha like there wouldn’t be a part of
harm that i mean people still i have ordered directory recoverable apollo how much of your
college how would you pay for view well if i was in the position to alleged
fire department okay i don’t think that reiterated seattle a lot of the other
strange that we’re talking about what services would you cut what services in your life with you
today i would be like no highway library card the highways what is the department of
education what is the heart of entirely what is the part of energy did well
margaret carter’s well let me ask question about the
department of energy uh… how would you take care of our
nukes ron paul i’m not trying to advocate grandpa
articulate and his campaign uh… he had spoken about this and just plain tart eliminate the department uh… commerce he hadn’t paid department the department of energy she would
translate that into a difference uh… sector that it would work out tells us that idea writen in what is the
department commerce two what’s it by the department of commerce
committee it could not be a part of me i think it’s i don’t know the budget well i mean
shirley surly i mean if this is a such an impressive tool service surely uh… you know right i mean you’re not
just speaking out of your behind on this you know i mean there’s a lot of
synchrony pay cut and i think we need to start with the department of education
containers watercolor slow there it was twenty twenty five thousand
dollars on average one college students to go to college it’s all about
entitlement you now on wireless telephony heading back but i
appreciate your perspective on this and i really do uh… uh… obviously uh… if if the if you’re lucky uh… you’ll be able to convince the
rest of the american public that we should turn into haiti uh… if you’re not the unions are a lot
of people don’t agree with malai little really don’t like prepared article on the record understand that yeah it’s hard sydney settler here yeah i think that’s okay too i think that’s okay because look at our all right sir not did i appreciate the call you’re definitely agreed i don’t know
uh… mexico how do you have created uh… i know that’s it i don’t know what to say every time a libertarian calls in while
the other problem libertarianism they simply and fly in reiterate my position breed apart if you want to be a
libertarian that’s fine i mean this guy has to be like six to
eight three hundred eighty-five towns and villages live in a society where
everyone distanced himself i mean how can you that the likes of u ridge toughest and most of that i could
tell you how you are living in a fantasy world that will never our car and so you don’t need any of the things we talked about because just the same way that he doesn’t have
to come up with a with the way of surviving an earthquake
in a building he’s living in without building codes because he knows it will never happen is the most and fantasy world still living the military it’s just a simply away if you go out
and mentally masturbate on everything that’s all it is it is mental masturbation it isn’t
exactly like the idea where ran paul said i’m going to vote
against extending the debt limit why because i know we still will vote we
will extend the debt limit period that’s what a libertarian is someone who just wants to basically weaning out and with that around template i have no solutions really in the real
world but if we were looking for seaworld

100 Replies to “Libertarian Hearts Collapsing Buildings and Diarrhea”

  1. When people are forced to contribute a small % of their earnings that is pitching in, not theft. Theft is when people refuse to pitch in & dementedly compare taxes to violence (very low taxes too compared to any developed country) as an excuse, while at the same time using the social services that those taxes pay for. That's called simultaneously being a thief, moocher, & hypocrite

  2. Charity must be voluntary for it to be considered charity. If you were walking down the street and I stole your wallet, you wouldn't be too happy. Just because I elect the institution of government to do it for me, that doesn't make it any different.

  3. This is one of the best one's I've heard yet.  Am I crazy or did that guy have no idea what he was talking about. 

    Man oh man, libertarians have such a cruel and callous view of the world [that part about earthquakes was totally nuts].  Like conservatives, they're simply trying to morally justify being a selfish asshole

  4. Well this kid is just fucking brilliant. 

    I really hate saying this because its so passe to say, but he smoked entirely too much weed before calling in. 

  5. "I don't ever have to leave my apartment if I don't want."

    Yes, but you see, those of us who work and provide and make society work around us do have to "leave our apartments"… and, well, we need things like roads and public works and educated work forces and so on (things the government provides) so you, in your apartment, can have things like… that apartment to live in.

    This guy is fucking dumb and shows the problem with all libertarian thought. They have no concept of the world outside of themselves. They don't understand how the world works around them. They wake up and say, "well, I have food in my fridge so all this money we spend on feeding hungry poor children is bullshit because I have access to food. I am food secure, that's all I need so government doesn't need to help because I am doing great."

    Also, this gem:

    "In the real world, there's not always going to be building codes."


    and this:

    "You have to hold your own in a society."

    Clearly does not understand the concept of "society" then.

  6. Забавный очкарик. Спасибо государству за то, что его мамка родила малыша. Но мамка не при чем. Это всё благодаря чиновникам!

  7. The guy obviously had more than a few screws loose and you should probably screen your calls… unless of course you get off on making fun of slow kids

  8. STUPID CONVERSATION! This guy has to know he's not debating a libertarian, he's debating an Anarchist punk. If this bonehead had a clue what he was talking about he would have clarified that.

    Libertarians believe in government and the rule of law. We are not Anarchists. We're constitutionalists. We don't reject the idea of building codes or highways. Most of us might argue that building highways and building codes are the responsibility of the states and not the Federal government. Personally, I think national interstate highways were and are a pretty good idea, and probably quite constitutional.

    I understand that there are a few Anarchists out there masquerading as libertarians, and that most of them sound just as stupid as this kid. But that doesn't change the reality on the ground. The interviewer here is living in a bigger fantasy world than the Anarchist he was debating- as if he represented libertarian values.

    The core of libertarianism is cooperation, volunteerism and non-aggression. That doesn't make us necessarily complete pacifists, nor does it make us anarchists. We believe that government should do the job government is designed to do and nothing more. We also believe that governments should not violate their own constitutions. So we're against tyranny.

  9. God damn. Anarchists, Libertarians, all living in a deluded, ahistorical, fantastical dream. I'm glad I get out of the Mises, Rothbard, Freidman kool-aid drinking cult of idiocy they all operate under.

  10. God damn. Anarchists, Libertarians, all living in a deluded, ahistorical, fantastical dream. I'm glad I got out of the Mises, Rothbard, Freidman kool-aid drinking cult of idiocy they all operate under.

  11. They smoke too much pot, I'm telling you I used to have thoughts like this too when I was an isolationist teenager and rebelling against the status quo; Its not something new it simply is in essesense like communism and the reason why it won't work beyond being unrealistic is because of a human condition called "GREED"

  12. +maggot1111666 there comes a cost to living in society. You don't get the protections afforded to you by the US Gov't without holding up your end of the bargain

  13. that last bit about college was just hilarious lol I forgot the gov gives out student loans

  14. A free society is social Darwinism then, if you don't have money you die and ooops, that is life. Most of these libertarians callers would be dead first month in this mad max alternate reality they want to live.

  15. they are really describing feudalism, they just never think thru the idea of what a society looks like when might makes right. it's kinda sad when libertarians start describing their vision because it's obvious they only think half way thru the idea.

  16. Man, if this guy represents what libertarians believe not only they are borderline sociopaths they are also dangerously stupid. I can't comprehend how a sane person can support this ideology.

  17. I am amazed he can talk to these utter morons and not lose his God damn mind! he talks about living in a society without the slightest understanding of what a society actually is! the libertarian philosophy amounts to the law of the jungle and is therefore morally repugnant.

  18. the funny thing is that this halfwit think that he would do well in a libertarian society.

    he'd be crushed under a warlord's heel.

  19. "I don't think we should have income tax", "I wouldn't get rid of the fire dept". How does that work? Do fire dept fund themselves?

  20. Libertarians themselves prove that we absolutely DO NOT need to cut the Department of Education. In fact, it needs much, much, more funding.

  21. These libertarian idiots are a useful tool for corporations who wants to do away with regulations by selling them 'freedom' when in reality it's freedom for corporations to rape us! The idea that we'd all be better off in a dog eat dog world is a Murican fantasy!

  22. Holy crap! That part about building codes….. It's a young Dave Rubin! He just needed to say "competition will start kicking in"

  23. "Well maybe I *am* willing to take the risk of having diarrhea in my water. Maybe that's fine!" – Libertarian Devotee

    Who ever said anything about having diarrhea in your water, bro? so amazing these bozos

  24. If he wants to drink unsafe water he can do that. Is he not aware of that? Go to any body of water and drink from it, government won't stop you. Who am I kidding, when they say "the freedom to put whatever I want in my body" they're talking about drugs.

  25. I don't like to be that guy, but I'm going to be this guy. This guy can go slit his wrists then. Most of the libertarian debate vids, they're fun, this guy strikes me as pathologically sociopathic. Fuck off dude, seriously, if you don't like civilization, get the fuck out. Get off the internet that tax dollars funded the infrastructure for, quit using computers that tax funded research into quantum physics are a direct result of, quit driving on our interstate that we paid for, and just get the fuck out. Go to Somalia, enjoy your libertarian utopia if you survive more than a week. The rest of us signed onto a social contract, agree by existing here to abide by Constitution, which includes paying taxes. You are free to revoke your consent to be governed. BY GETTING THE FUCK OUT!!!

  26. They all must be free in North Korea it's not like anybody wants to get the hell away from there for all that freedom

  27. "This is the real world and things are gonna happen, that's why we don't need building codes."
    Yeah… and sometimes people shoot each other, that's why we don't need bullet proof vests. This guy is a great example of why you don't do a huge bong riff right before you call in.

  28. 10:34 "A free market society"

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what? Society is society. A free market is a TYPE of economic system. Its not a type of people. Ben is a poopy dumb brain face

  29. "Freedom is to take chances."

    Ha, these dimwits wouldn't last five minutes in the anarchy their philosophy would bring if taken seriously. That's the terrible irony, that they're actively rooting for a society that would see them desolate in short order. I'd feel bad for them if they weren't such assholes.

  30. The Federal government is granted the ability to regulate interstate commerce by the Constitution. This means that they have a RESPONSIBILITY to do so, because otherwise there is no other mechanism in place to resolve conflicts in law between states.

  31. Mumbai has tons of unregulated buildings. Some of them collapse WITHOUT earthquakes, let alone with one. Especially when it rains, the concrete basically absorbs the water, essentially the building becomes like a soggy mush and the building falls. Over 2,000 people in india died from building collapses in 2012 alone. Alexandria in Egypt is another city with terrible building codes. There’s some footage online somewhere of FOUR towers right side-by-side leaning in different directions. Support columns are not consistent and vary floor by floor in position, materials and size. The salty sea air actually erodes the foundations of the buildings and causes them to collapse. Sometimes 10-story towers collapse. They have videos of this stuff online. Sometimes you can even see raw footage of the events. There’s a video of these villas in India, being built and the visitors to the construction site were able to push the brick walls into falling. Not even the rich are safe in a country without building codes. They are an absolute must.

  32. Libertarianism is a mental illness. If this nonsense took hold in the U.S., we would eventually end up a 3rd world country.

  33. I hate it when the government infringes on my freedom by putting out fires in my area.

    I appreciate that at least he acknowledged most people wouldn't agree with him.

  34. Ultimately, there are going to be contradicting claims of freedom. These people will always side with the rich and powerful when they conflict, which is how you end up with people like Ron Paul slamming unions as "harming freedom" when they try to better the lives of their workers, but having no problems with business entering into agreements to maximize their profits.

  35. A key policy position of the Libertarian Party is to make it legal to discriminate against blacks and minorities. That's all you need to know about the racist trash.

  36. Seriously put this stupid asshole on the next plane to Haiti if he thinks thats real freedom. I'm tired of these people.

  37. Why is it that libertarians always have double digit IQ’s?!?! He COULD walk everywhere, but he doesn’t, he drinks potable water, but he doesn’t HAVE to… I just CAN’T w/these MORONS…

  38. Libertarians like this guy essentially believe "I got mine, F you if you can't get yours" Guys like this one are the reason their free market will never happen.

  39. the most ironic part is this guy is in his late late teens or in his twenties…which means he went to elementary school, middle school and highschool. so he knows how to read, write, speak english and possibly a second language. I wonder who paid for him to be able to learn ALL that for FREE (assuming he went to a public school). THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT. Now lets assuming mommy and daddy sent mister intelligent to private school. What does he suppose all the other children do who cant afford private school do without public schools? the problem he doesnt see is a libertarian society is literally the fastest way to see those with power (physical strength or money) to turn into metaphorical gods amongst men, and for anyone else to suffer and continue to suffer FOREVER. He's okay with all that.

  40. Libertarians always use the same trick once their logic is turned on them. Suddenly they all go deaf haha

  41. Every libertarian caller to Sam's show ever: "……………………………..I'm sorry can you repeat that?"

  42. Ben is out of his mind lol. Perhaps the most callous, insane libertarian I've heard call into the show thus far

  43. I've yet to see one of these where Sam actually makes any coherent points. He belabors about building codes but the caller is 10000% correct in that architects have literally no government ties. Building large skyscrapers is a form of technology, not government regulation, what the fuck does Sam think he's ever proving?

  44. "I think freedom is the responsibility to be able to sustain yourself, and if you cant do that then im sorry its just part of life" so is this guy a multi millionaire that never relied on anybodies help then? These libertarians sound like privileged sociopaths

  45. Sam is so right, lol. Libertarians, racists, bullies, any extremists and most religious dogmatists give so many hints that their motive is really just a desperate need to feel superior to someone else…anyone else.

  46. IN a free market, Banks wouldn't finance the building of a house without inspections done by a third party who ensured universal safety codes, they also wouldn't finance it without insurance providers covering the builder, the insurance provider wouldn't cover the builder if he had a history of skirting safety standards. No one would hire an uninsured builder. It isn't hard to imagine this stuff without the government. Also, Some of the oldest structures on earth were built long before universal building codes were implemented, so there is also that. Sam is kind of a simpleton.

  47. Perfectly summed up in his last words.."well, maybe that's just what sets us apart". It really makes no difference that it's horseshit, they just want to look different.

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