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of this artificial seasonings that are called
cubes of broths and that are used in kitchens
Of the whole world these cubes are responsible for
growth incidences, auto diseases immune system, orphan diseases and
silent tell me in the comments if
you have already used these bouillon cubes for
to cook and how often? This contains of
monosodium glutamate which is a chemical component that is far from
Harmless for health is responsible to provoke various reactions when
is consumed, A little precision, do not make amalgam
, all the cubes do not contain it, j had already talked about a previous video
more in detail so look well at the compounds when choosing your cube
As I said, this chemical compound causes the
nausea, headache, the tachycardia, skin allergies,
vomiting and even depression, it’s amazing
but it’s true if you want to know how this cube is deteriorating
your health so do not stop watching the
video complete until the end we will give you
some tips In addition, we will mention other foods
very harmful to our health
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heart, think also to share this for that it affects a maximum of person The cube contains glutamate which is a disruptor
endocrine also contains acetylcholine substance that, in addition to stimulating the
Muscle function reduces absorption of
glucose by the neurons the result is that he
Weight gain causes degenerative diseases as
Alzheimer’s, their famous taste in meal, their power to change a sauce
all at all demonstrate clearly the strength of chemistry
They are used in almost every dish this type of cubes of cooking broth
chicken meat and vegetables are a
threat to the health of all other consequences of consumption
the food with this ingredient is that it blocks functions
neurological hypothalamus which helps To control the appetite this because of the glutamate
, This drives to eat more than necessary
and this only increases obesity people are today a lot
more obese and it becomes more and more hard to lose weight
Well, this ingredient we use all
is one of the many causes of diseases that are attacking us, there are others
harmful foods and toxic to our health in addition to
are alert, stay until the end of the
video i will give you a healthy alternative for
avoid these toxic foods number 1
French fries it’s no secret the chips are not good,
they have a high calorie content fats and sodium and they are particularly
difficult to stop eating, and become quickly addictive, after
Have a small amount It is essential to have a heart
healthy, because consuming more than 2300 milligrams of salt a day can result
hypertension, of the
cardiovascular illnesses In number 2 sodas
Too many cold soft drinks do not add not just a few centimeters to your
waist size , is also
likely to prevent your heart from working correctly,
favors a peak of insulin that leads to weight gain
and it can cause a series of disorders metabolism beyond sugars,
gas, phosphoric acid contained internally , this can
promote osteoporosis and it can be a
carcinogen and sugar can lead to the inflammation that causes
cardiovascular illnesses In number 3 white bread, I advise you
to consume the complete breads that are rich fiber, help prevent disease
heart, unlike white bread which he lacks fiber,
minerals and filled with phytochemical fats In number 4 the margarine margarine can be promoted as
healthy butter substitute if your margarine contains
Trace of fat trans on the label throw it away and choose to cook with
olive oil that remains the best oils until here, thanks to sterols number 5, the favorite seasoning
fries, ketchup, contains 4 grams of sugar and 160
milligrams of sodium, combined with french fries , sandwiches, sausages and products
transformed it becomes very quickly a cocktail ultra dangerous you want a solution
simple cheap and tasty, avoid the cubes of broths in the sauces, you
can prepare your seasoning yourself then freeze herbs and spices
natural immersed in olive oil or in coconut oil in
trays of ice cubes, these can be used
in the same way as the cubes fatality of the food industry
Make your own clean cubes besides being healthy
They may have tastes completely individual and they are even much better
than cubes full of chemicals
harmful for health tell me in the comments which of
these foods seems more harmful to you?
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  1. Merci Rose. Tous ces produits sont nocifs. Les africains doivent boycotter tous ces produits et consommer nos épices et produits naturels d'Afrique…

  2. Je vous suis depuis en France région du Bas-Rhin Strasbourg Alsace merci pour la vidéo 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🇲🇱

  3. du Cameroum !trois ans que je n'en consomme plus et je trouve mes repas appétissant. merci pour cet éveil.

  4. Si le cube tuait on serait tous morts. Il ya des familles africaines ou le cube est le seul ingrédient utilisé comme sel viande ou poisson. L'excès nuit toujours.

  5. Salut Rose depuis la Guadeloupe, merci beaucoup pour tes conseils nous devons faire très attention maintenant,nos parents ont beaucoup utilisé ce produit dans la cuisine chez nous, depuis quelques années moi je n'utilise pas ce genre de produits et merci de nous le rappeler afin que nous soyons vigilants sur ce que nous mangeons maintenant ,bon courage pour la suite et merci pour tes conseils très édifiant à bientôt bisous bisous

  6. Depuis RDC Congo Kinshasa 🇨🇩 le cube laaaa Oufff nous devons abandonné cette mauvaise habitude. 😏😏😏😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏

  7. Mais Rose Moony, après avoir visualisé ta vidéo, j'ai fait des recherches, sur google, sur le glutamate sur la santé; c'est vrai que j'ai trouvé des études qui disent que le glutamate est mauvais pour la santé, mais j'ai aussi trouvé d'autres études qui disent que le glutamate n'est pas du tout néfaste pour la santé. Qu'en dites vous?

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