L’ail:tres bon remède pour fondre naturellement la graisse du ventre:préparation facile

L’ail:tres bon remède pour fondre naturellement la graisse du ventre:préparation facile

How to quickly lose belly fat
using garlic – Natural Remedies welcome to this new video, today
we will talk about how to lose belly quickly with garlic nowadays the accumulation of fat in
excess around the belly is a problem that
affects millions of people across the
world the excess fat that is stored around the belly is often caused by the
made of eat fatty foods, lack of exercise
and Sedentary work, without forgetting the
amount of stress that brings us life everyday, all these things can also
lead to excess fat around the belly
Even if you have fat around it belly this is easily seen, this can
also be estimated in measuring the circumference around your
cut if your height is 85 cm or more
for women or 90 cm or more for men then there are chances that
you have a potentially dangerous amount of belly fat, many consider
belly fat as simple aesthetic problem but, it’s good
more complicated than that, when you have so much belly fat ca
increases the probability of developing serious illnesses even if your weight is normal research has shown that one of the first
the symptoms of type 2 diabetes is a excess
the fat around the belly plus it’s also associated with increased risk
of a number of other problems of health
including dementia, heart disease high
blood pressure and some cancers it is for all these
reasons that losing your big belly has enormously benefits to your health and can help you
at Live longer for many people
, it is not easy to lose belly fat
but it’s not impossible, you can
rely on this recipe, it will help you to reach your goals in a short time
it’s the case of this prepared natural drink
with garlic and lemon that helps reduce
cholesterol and excess fat around the belly those who have tried this at before
had great results to lose belly fat
with success the most important thing is that you have
need to use this drink as directed below, you should divided into 3 or
more doses to drink in a day the ideal would be to drink a cup before
breakfast to young, Then before the meal and finally before dinner
three consecutive days to facilitate the
detoxification process and then wait one week
and start again here’s how to prepare garlic and this
lemon drink against belly fat garlic water ingredients
garlic cuts the appetite in a natural way it prolongs the feeling of satiety
and limits the desire to eat, The
lemon contains a fiber called the pectin that restrains the desire to eat
and prevents the arrival of digestive disorders
take two cloves of garlic, peel them then chop all the garlic cloves
wash both lemons carefully and cut sliced
put one in half liters of water in a
pan then add the garlic and lemon slices
and let it boil for 15 minutes after sift and start the treatment
the beverage can be stored at room temperature
or in the fridge if you do not want
cook the ingredients put everything in a glass container and soak during
24 hours we realize that for a lot of
people there will be hard to bear the bitter and
a little unpleasant taste that he has, in this
case a little honey will facilitate its consumption it is worthwhile however to
make a little effort considering the big ones benefits it offers
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  1. Bonjour, merci pour tout les conseils, peut tu nous donner une recette contre le relachement du double menton apres un regime.Algerie

  2. Все ваши рецепты восхитительны! И сразу возникает желание применить, но без перевода не всегда понятно. Сердечно благодарю Вас!

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