Kitty Performs “Mama’s Broken Heart” By Miranda Lambert | Season 3 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

Kitty Performs “Mama’s Broken Heart” By Miranda Lambert | Season 3 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

(SINGING) Cross your
legs, dot your Is. Never let them see you cry. [cheering, applause] Go and fix your makeup. Girl, it’s just a breakup. Run and hide your crazy,
and start acting like a lady ’cause I raised you better. Go and keep it together
even when you fall apart. This ain’t my
mama’s broken heart.

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    Here is EMMY ROSSUM singing the same song.

  2. It's totally Jennifer Love Hewitt! Ghosts clue, Ghost Whisperer. She's been in several scary movies and have totally directed.

  3. This is THE FIRST singer in all seasons that is legit hard to determine. All other have been really easy.

    This could be 1 of 5 different gals I have on my list.

  4. Kitty was the EASIEST to identify out of All the singers, from ALL 3 Season !
    Even if you were not a fan, after the last batch of clues, ANYONE who actually looked at the clues(including comments) in a rational manner would have been able to discover there is ONLY one person in the whole World that all the clues presented could apply to.

  5. The Ghost clue is to a reference to "The Haunting" a song Jackie co-wrote for her Two Hearts album.
    "I know that there are ghosts that haunt my mind
    And sadness is a comfortable sublime
    I'm sure that there's so much out there to find
    For now I know these monsters aren't so kind
    How long can we all survive
    In this pitch-black paradise?
    It's you
    Keeping me alive
    There's a ghost inside my head
    And it's leaving me for dead
    The haunting is all that I have left
    And I'll never let him go
    It's so dark and beautiful
    The haunting won't let me forget
    I know by now it's pointless to resist
    Your voice a bittersweet goodnight kiss
    Silence is a dangerous abyss
    So whisper in my ear, let's reminisce
    How long can we all survive
    In this pitch-black paradise?
    It's you
    Keeping me alive
    There's a ghost inside my head
    And it's leaving me for dead
    The haunting is all that I have left

  6. Performance 1: Elizabeth Gillies or Emma Watson
    Performance 2: Sarah Hyland or Lucy Hale
    Performance 3: Jennifer Love Hewitt or Lucy Hale

  7. Maybe Wrong……. but I totally hear my girl Lucy Hale!!!!!!!! "Pretty Little Liars" because ive always wanted her to do a pop album!

  8. Why is the kitty such a mystery, dumbfounding the judges, captivating the audience and sending people in all directions trying to guess her identity? It's rather simple actually. She is an unknown to the mainstream, and therefore would not occur to anyone in the audience or on the panel. But she is famous in her own genre, and the most versatile young artist today, having recorded and performed opera, classical crossover, jazz, R&B, ballads, Christian and Broadway. Now she brings her pop and country voice in disguise to TMS. She has an innate ability to adapt her voice to any genre and song she chooses, even adding a little country twang to "Mama's Broken Heart". To those who know her well, all the clues match her history, and despite her adaptions to disguise her voice here,it is unmistakably hers along with her mannerisms, gestures and movements. She has performed over 300 concerts, special appearances live and on TV, and private engagements, and performed 8 times for Washington DC national events and celebrations in her 9 year career. She's is also in the Guiness Book of Records. Yet when her name is mentioned, most people will ask, "Who is she?". They will know at some point when she is unmasked. There won't be that surprised look of recognition upon people's faces probably. But they won't be able to deny the impression she has made upon them. She's a 5' 1" beautiful and extremely talented singer and artist here to "debut" her adulthood and to re-invent herself

  9. I still hear Emma Watson. I have never seen so many people split on a contestant. The Masked Singer really upped their game this year.

  10. sounds like Baby V (Vanessa) but could be Lucy Hale since I don't know her singing voice but the clues match

  11. So, do we have an agreement on if The Kitty is a professional/trained singer, whose "job" is to sing, or if she's someone, who is known from something other, but also sings at times (actress, etc)?

    To me it kinda sounds/seems that singing is NOT her main thing. And this is why I have leaned towards actresses etc, who I know that also sometimes sing (have had roles where they sang, etc). But I am also open to being incorrect, and that she actually is known as a singer, and that she's possibly "hiding" her real voice. (example: Octopus on TMS UK season 1)

  12. In each performance she sounds like a different person to me lmfaooo i can’t figure this one out like this song she sounds like Taylor swift if u close ur eyes and picture her

  13. The lack of recognition for Jackie is understandable. The media promoted. Her for years as an opera prodigy which severely hurt her fan base, esPecially among the younger generation.But it isindeed the kid from Pittsburgh, PA with the voice of an angel aka last weeks clue

  14. For those who have not followed her career since AGT might I suggest you catch up on YouTube, etc. Be prepared tho. Have a box of tissue handy. Especially with the younger renditIons. I lost interest in music for many years till she came along. But I‘m back now. TY JME

  15. I would say The same person that sings Close to you and hides the wine And that's country music recording artist Carly Pierce.

  16. That's my girl Jackie Evancho I have seen her live and that voice truly screams Jackie to me so not only do I as a huge fan know how she moves but also how she sings it's just sadly some people won't realize it's her because the public sees her as an opera singer even tho she is not an opera singer.

  17. It must be Amanda seyfried!
    Based on the clues
    – The cape from Red riding hood where she was the main character was also a horror movie (she has also done Jennifers Body).
    – She has a house in a place called "Catskills" new york according to an interview with her on Elledecor
    – Her voice seem to match the kittys voice aswell.
    – The thing about gossiping are probably references to Mean Girls
    – Her best friend is her dog FINN (the hero in tangled is Finn right?)
    – She also wanted children a few years ago, worrying about her "EGGS drying up" as she said in some article

  18. *CLUE* Its the girl who broke Michael Jackson's record as youngest singer in US Billboard Chart history to have a Platinum album.**CLUE**.

  19. It's Jackie Evancho, The clue she gave to Robin Thicke with the
    "Fireworks" bracelet was "it was lit" referring to the first time she
    met him. If you will check your history they met at a Christmas Tree
    lighting ceremony on November 13th, 2011 at the Grove in Los Angeles for
    the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  20. So out of the guesses so far I’d agree with Lucy hale? Everyone else is totally off at least this match is the closest.

  21. Okay so 1. Not Jackie Evancho
    And 2. It is Sarah Hyland

    3. Stop saying its Jackie. No offense to sarah who I LOVEEE but Sarah is an actress that is her career but she does sing and has music. Though from this performance you can tell there are hiccups.

    For those jackie fans who say this is jackie shame on you. Kitty is great and can sing! but you should know jackie can sing better than this.

    4. The stature matches hyland not evancho. I believe Jackie is not as skinny or slender enough to be kitty.

    5. The clues point to Sarah. Plus her connection to Robin and Nicole as well as Ken. Ken knows it's her he said it.

    The modern family and kindney clue were dead giveaways

  22. This young multi-Platinum child star, now 19, is having a blast bringing her voice and a new style, in disguise, to the TMS stage. Three days after taping this show, she performed her classical crossover concert repertoire at the new Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City to a sold-out audience who gave several standing ovations. Would you believe she sang Nessun Dorma (opera) for her encore? Probably not.

  23. Okay I’m changing my answer after hearing a million dreams by Jackie evancho this is Jackie evancho which I must say I’m so happy to say because she’s very talented and deserves this

  24. What will the kitty bring to the stage next? Pop? Country? R&B? jazz? opera? Broadway? rap? She sings them all. The most versatile young artist today who was inspired to sing at age 7 when she and her family saw The Phantom of the Opera. Only 3 years later, she became the youngest Platinum selling artist in US history, the title previously held by Michael Jackson.

  25. Idk if this means anything but Lucy Hale posted on her twitter “right here, right meow” but it could’ve just been because there was a sticker of a cat in the picture. My other guess is Sarah hyland.

  26. I think the kitty's next performance will be yet another vocal adaption to another genre to further reveal her exceptional versatility. She has to continually bring something new to the stage to keep the audience captivated and to fool the judges. But, she is capable of it. I think the public response to her unmasking, which is inevitable at some point, will be one of bewilderment. Here's to the kitty and her success in "re-inventing herself" on the Masked Singer stage.

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