KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

The light is gathering together
Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me… Why are you so happy? ’Cause we get to be pirates again! Yep! You always did like this world. Still, it’s a real shame we don’t have a bigger ship. You back in the Organization? Yes. Surprising, isn’t it? Jack, don’t you give this creep the time of day. Sora. Stand down. It’s the Code. Mustn’t strike a pirate aboard ship when said pirate offers to confabulate. I am looking… for a box. Get them! Sora! They have come for us. Wait! – Oh no.
– Stop! Farewell! Arendelle is safer with me staying up here. Please, go away! The Unversed collected enough screams and sadness from those children. Yeah, and the whole time they were trashing our company in the process! You’re following her. Maybe she’s one of the seven pure lights we need—
the New Seven Hearts. Now, set your heart free.
Now, set your heart free. And at the end, you’ll finally realize what destiny has in store for you. In fact, your reward might be right around the corner. Hey, Axel. Hey. Liking the look. Cut your hair, too.

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  1. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since I got the PS2 about 8/9 years, I've been looking forward to 3 and I can not wait to play. I will bring it to the day one on my channel twitch: giotech_ if you go let's discover it together and let's talk a bit about kh3

  2. so its going to be an inception like game this time around :D? many versions of people. after all kingdom hearts is also a world ^^

  3. сука и почему те люди в черных мантиях выглядит по японски, выжи дисней вашу мамашу!

  4. So uh… I'm sorry, but in Dream Drop Distance, didn't everyone remaining in Organization XIII suddenly revive and all of them began to evolve into a wild Xehanort? How are they alive…. again? More importantly, were they all holding Everstones to prevent them from evolving into Xehanort (Or they pressed B at the last second)? I don't understand how Lea and Axel seem to both be present as well. Maybe Kairi just calls him Axel still? I dunno, man. I do know this though: I WANT TO PLAY KH3 NOW! Play the shit out of it on Critical mode with no continues like a boss – even though I have to do soft resets on the extremely hard bosses. Make a Mega-Critical mode! Max health needs to be 2 HP, and automatically have Leaf Bracer / Once more abilities available at the beginning… Come on Square, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

  5. Sora does not look like he is any older than 16, 18 maybe? Now that he has matured some…but that still is not old enough to drink yet.

  6. what a shame, mixing beautiful visuals of disney characters and the pirates of the caribbean with anime visuals and extra over exaggerated characters?seriously? who's idea was this?

  7. Sometime graphics is good…but in other scenes graphics is terrible and 3D characters too plastic (xigbar-riku at the end of the video). It's very very very WTF

  8. I sang to the kingdom hearts trailer if anyone would like to check it out. I can't wait to play this!

  9. god I hope the cutscenes aren't awkward and without sound… If you listen closely to some of them, they don't have any sound effects, just voice acting. Slightly concerning

  10. No sure what I think about this, feels like kingdom of hearts should be all about crossing Disney cartoons with Final Fantasy characters.
    Bringing in an ultra realistic world feels a bit off.
    But yeah just my personal opinion, others might like it.

  11. 0:25 Um…Sora…Wasn’t this the planned ‘ship’ you, Riku, and Kairi wanted to sail the WORLDS with back in the day? You now see the error of your ways?

  12. Aw man just realized what may happen to a certain character in the Potc world, I think some will know what character I'm talking about 😭😭

  13. I know this game comes out in a week or so (and as someone that never played the first games, this is coming from someone with very little experience with Kingdom Hearts) but doesn’t Sora’s voice Sound….bad? Like, the lines sound just off as FUCK. Is that par for the course in KH? Or is it just me?

  14. darn you millenials that doesn't have to wait so long for this Game, on behalf of the older generation that waited almost 10 years we curse you to the depth of heartless abyss.. welcome aboard kids. "got it memorize?"

  15. Sadly it wasn’t Johnny Depp voicing jack 😑 just like the last time they put pirates of the Caribbean he still wasn’t voiced by Johnny Depp

  16. No jugué todavía ningún juego de esta saga,pero por este,merece la pena desempolvar mi ps2 y comenzar la historia,algo me dice que me dejará marcado de por vida.

  17. Jesus christ, these are some impressive graphics. I swear to god the characters look fucking real and crystal clear. this is insane

  18. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are fine, but… The PotC characters are pure cringe in KH3. Seriously, their dialogue is extremely painful to endure. Especially Davy Jones, holy hell is his voice-over terrible.

  19. Kid: (sings)
    Donald: WhY ArE yA SiNgInG?!
    Kid: cuz we finally get to be pirates again!
    Kid: I wish we had a bigger boat though….😐

  20. I'm thinking about playing this game and I know nothing about it so can someone explain to me what this game is? What it's about, and what's the game play like?

  21. I'm 15 and just got KH3 a few days ago bc I got into it in january….It's confusing at some parts since I'm not able to play the other games (I don't have a PS4) lol…

    Guess I'll just wait until 2020 for the rest to come out lol

  22. How is it that Sora has the Keyblade based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End when the story of that world isn’t completed yet.

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