Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Franchises are Coming to Xbox

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Franchises are Coming to Xbox

[XBOX SOUND]>>Welcome, Ichiro Hazama and Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix along with
their interpreter, also from Square Enix, Gavin Hoffley. Welcome, everyone. Thank you for coming.
So Hashimoto-san, there are some stellar titles
coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. Why don’t you tell us more about it? [SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>Okay. So finally, classic Final Fantasy
titles will be appearing on Xbox Game Pass for
Console and for PC.>>Oh, yes, a round
of applause for that.>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>What’re you bringing?>>VII.>>Final Fantasy VII.>>Okay.>>Okay.>>VIII.>>VIII.>>Okay.>>IX.>>IX.>>Okay.>>X and X II.>>X and X, II.>>XII.>>XII.>>XIII.>>XIII.>>XIII II.>>XIII II.>>Lightning Returns.>>XV.>>Final Fantasy XV.>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>So we’re bringing nine titles, 10 different SKUs in sequence to Xbox Game Pass starting
next year, 2020.>>Wow, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Big
round of applause there. I mean I didn’t even need the interpretation for the
Final Fantasy bit, but I got the gist. But that’s obviously not the only news that you’ve got to
drop, Hazama-san , what else do you have to say?>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>We are very delighted to be
able to announce for next year, we will be bringing
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 plus 2.5 remix and
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Final Chapter Prologue
to Xbox platform.>>Yes. That’s amazing.>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>We believe this will allow Xbox One players for
the very first time to experience the entire
Kingdom Hearts story from the start right
up to the latest game.>>Oh, fantastic. Fantastic.
Yeah, and then also I hear there is a demo?>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>One other thing, yes,
for those players on Xbox who have not experienced
Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, we have created a brand new demo
to introduce you to the game, available on Xbox platform.>>Oh, fantastic.>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>It’s actually going to
be available from today.>>Sneaky. Just getting in there.>>It’s free.>>It’s free. Demos are free.>>Thank you so much.>>[SPEAKING JAPANESE]>>So it’s a great opportunity. Please have lots of fun
with Kingdom Hearts.>>Thank you so much,
Hashimoto-san, Hazama-san, and it’s so great to hear all the Kingdom Hearts
and Final Fantasy news. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. What happen with The Final Fantasy Games in Game Pass? I want that, it almost Junary 2020 and they are not arrive for Xbox Game Pass >:v

  2. Put them on xcloud and ill subscribe. Also make games downloadable for offline play without lag on mobile like ps now has

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