Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

– [Jonathon] Watching the
combination of 17 years of story play out in Kingdom Hearts III is a great, satisfying RPG adventure that both evolves the
series and stays firm in some of its story telling ways,
sometimes to its detriment. It’s gorgeous Disney
themed world introduce some spectacular new combat options and often intriguing
landscapes to explore. And yet the story telling
within them feels as simplistic and predictable as ever. That said, I’m impressed
by how much Square Enix has stuck the landing for one of my favorite long running series. (inspirational music) (beast roaring) A hero losing his powers
and needing to regain them is the most common trope in RPG sequels. But here, Sora’s loss is smartly tied into his fight against the forces of darkness. It’s a nice motivation for
Sora, which also immediately addresses one of the most notorious criticisms of Kingdom Hearts two. Instead of a long slow intro, he jumps right into the
action of Hercules’ world. There’s a sense of urgency
and forward momentum, not just to Sora’s quest, but to the plight of the world he’s visiting. It slows down a little
after that, but part of what helps the pace all the way
through the almost 30 hour story is the wide array of combat options. I expected to be emotionally
invested in Kingdom Hearts III story, but I didn’t expect
to fall so deeply in love with the battles. Yes, smacking heartless nobodies
and then versed around with Sora’s key blade is the
main method of mayhem still, but there’s now so much
more going on that turns every fight into a varied spectacle that rarely plays out the same way. The fact that you can summon
Disney park-like rides which serve as both a
visual feast, and a crowd control saver shows how
far this combat system is willing to try risky new ideas and be just a joy to watch. (Kingdom Hearts gaming chimes) Each of Sora’s Keyblades
can transform too, and they’re a consistent
throw to test out. There are some repeated
transformation powers, but the options can change
Sora from a range dual wielding gun fighter to a close up area of effect crawler yielding a giant toy hammer. (gaming grunts) There’s also the ability
to spin on columns or ride a railing mid-battle
like in Dream Drop Distance. But that system doesn’t
always let Sora as easily latch onto objects cleanly as it should. But with beautiful character summon sequences like Wreck-It Ralph’s, different approaches to
fighting Heartless and Nobodies, and team up moves with Donald, Goofy and world specific party members, they all contribute to
an incredible variety that prevents the combat
from descending into monotony and routine even late in the campaign. – Whoa. (inspirational harp music) – [Announcer] And speaking of
those world specific team ups, the assortment of Disney
locations to explore in Kingdom Hearts III are stunning. As a life long Disney fan,
I couldn’t help but feel sad at not seeing many
classic Disney worlds like Aladin or Snow White, but
the more modern choices Square Enix has gone with
are gorgeous to explore. They’re often paired with beautiful orchestral takes on classic themes. Venturing around the
toy store setting of the Toy Story world for example,
captures the essence of seeing the world from
the point of view of a toy. A single floor of the store feels as vast as previous levels in the series. But while Toy Story’s world is inventive, the worlds of Frozen and Tangled
are relatively sparse and unsurprising natural landscapes. They’re pretty, but not nearly as exciting to explore. Those two in particular are also odd cases because they’re the most direct retellings of the stories they’re based on. Where as the others have more
interesting creative twists. (piping music) – C’mon everyone, come dance with us. – [Announcer] Linking the
worlds together is a wonderfully revamped gummy ship system, which I enjoyed for the first
time in a Kingdom Hearts game. There’s nothing all that
challenging about it, but choosing when to
jump into space battles, hunting clusters of asteroids for loot, and just having the freedom to explore instead of being on
rails all the time makes these interstitial sections
so much more pleasant. – [Woody] We’ve got to work together. – [Sora] Right. (cheering) – [Announcer] I’m pleasantly
surprised by how well Kingdom Hearts III wraps up
the series spanning story of the power of friendship
and the bonds we make with one another. It didn’t really surprise
me though, because nearly every major character’s
resolution is something I couldn’t called a mile away. There’s definitely a bit
of sluggishness to the overall pacing too. Characters are peppered
into each Disney world and small updates about the
larger story are provided, but the real meat of the
confrontations and character shifting moments don’t
really factor into Sora’s journey until it’s nearly complete. It culminates in hours of
really fun end game resolution with massive battles that really
tested my skills in combat. Whereas previous boss battles
were often fun in their scale, but not much more than damaged sponges. (battling grunting) Plus this huge end section
also includes character confrontations that fan
fiction writers would dream of. Much of the nuance will probably be lost on newcomers though. As Cage 3 tackles the
larger questions of identity and what it means to be whole as a person with heavy references to previous games. It’s not that difficult
to get a sense of the good and bad guys’ goals and Kingdom Hearts III does do a bit of recapping,
but you really need to be familiar with the backstory
to appreciate some of the most touching moments. – Never hurts to have
your head in the clouds. – (laughing) Exactly. (“Dearly Beloved”) – [Announcer] The wait
has been long, but I thoroughly enjoyed Square
Enix’s evolution of Kingdom Heart’s game play and
fidelity to Disney worlds. Square has done a fantastic
job of capturing the spirit of these memorable
worlds and giving us a massive tool box to battle and explore our way through them. But to see the story of the
Kingdom Hearts franchise reach its conclusion is, frankly a little weird, because specific resolutions
are largely satisfying, but not all that surprising. I still loved seeing so
many characters interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. And that’s why it’s so exciting to see that Kingdom hearts III is as full of heart as it ever has been. For more, be sure to check
out the whole Kingdom Hearts series story in roughly
about five minutes, and be sure to test your Kingdom
Hearts trophy knowledge. And of course, for everything
else Kingdom Hearts III, you’re already in the right place, IGN. – Let’s go Max. (horse neighing) – [Everyone] Whoa. (inspiring music)

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  1. "A Hero losing their powers is a standard trope but was smartly done here"


    And the four or five other times it was done in the other Kingdom Hearts inter-quels?

    edit "Addressed the criticism of KH2"
    You do realize there have been more Kingdom Hearts games since Kingdom Hearts 2, right? 5 of them?

  2. Finished the game at last!
    An amazing conclusion to this series
    They tied up all the loose ends perfectly
    Incredible combat, superb graphics, and the best story

  3. The bare is pretty low, what? Its not terrible, but pretty cheasy and didnt use his Potential at his fullest.

  4. Actually, IGN, you were too lenient on this game, it's definitely a 7.9 to 8.0 this time around. Graphics and animation were wonderful and top notch. Combat was very fluid, but the story became lost and tried to catch up the last couple of hours in the game only to leave us hanging on a cliff at the end. Definitely a HUGE let down for me and so many fans.

  5. I got a question. Why didn't nobody brought up the fact the game if you kill young xehanort you stop the older xehanort from starting the 2nd keyblade war and creating the organization 13 and other stuff.

  6. I waited over 10 years for a game that I finished in under 40 hours. And that includes doing some of the side stuff. I only died one time on normal mode and that was at the very end of the game in one of the final battles. The cut scenes were waaaayyyy too long. I felt like I got to explore/fight for 10 minutes and then had to watch a 10-15 minute cut scene. I am so disappointed in this game…and that breaks my heart because I’ve been obsessed with kingdom hearts since the very first game. But how can you make people wait over 10 years for a game that can be finished in 2 days? Where’s the challenge? I agree that graphics are beautiful and some of the new moves are pretty cool. But overall, I’m super bummed.

  7. I like it…but wish there were Coliseum/Arena battles, More cooler designed Keyblades, More Bosses (organization members?), and at least like 2 More Worlds… (Hollow Bastian/Radient Garden?)…And yeah Final Fantasy characters would of been nice too considering they're in the first two…

    I've always liked kingdom hearts for the Square Enix side of things and the Disney stuff was an added bonus…seems kinda liked they reversed it and focused more on Disney this side… Oh well..

    Here's to DLC!

  8. I'm really enjoying this game so far, to me it's fun and not overly complex which is the main thing! Yes the narrative and story is about as basic and elementary as you can get but the gameplay, graphics, music all are top notch.

  9. Just finished the game and found it pretty boring. Lame voice acting, no complex storyline, just you – Sora together with Donald and Goofy, just jumping from one world to another then eventually finishing the game. 6/10 for me.

  10. So im guessing im not the only one who thought kh3 was trash,,, especially after waiting "years" for a follow up. 4/10 at best!

  11. It is a little bit slow, initial intro takes too long and does not explain anything to new players like me, it shows just a bunch of random screens. Also, they talk slow like the game is made for kids under 10, but at the same time, there are too many complicated text explanations on the screen… To make story short, because of that killer combination I slept after 20 minutes. The review is ok but it is nonobjective since it is based on previous experiences and emotions of the person that did the review and not by observing the actual game. I would give it overall maximum 5-6 just because of the outstanding visuals, but storytelling and performance are for max 2 or 3. Since it is made by Pixar, Disney and SquareEnix, mistakes described above are now allowed, especially issue with slow and dull conversations!

  12. My CAT Decided What I ATE for 24 HOURS (And This Is What Happended…)

  13. Man this game was a let down in to many ways to count.
    What happened? Did I miss the fact that the game turned into an easy, basic, and boring button mashing non entertaining story that I only beat for my dad who bought it for me because we would play the first one together. Just an underwhelming let down that makes me sad that it was horrible

  14. Played 1, 2.8, and now just bought 3. Never played 2 but watched 2 different friends play the sh*t out of it. Pumped

  15. I always thought the heartless were boring enemies. I hate the fact that they're in every single game. But I love the fact that Tangled is in this. Rapunzel is my favorite.

  16. "Kingdom Hearts's"

    Give me a break man you are a professional and you don't even know third grade English.

    Pathetic generation.

    Mr Voiceover man, please report to mr Hastings'ses's's office for an English lesson.

  17. I will give it 8/10 I’m a huge fan since kh 1 but just now I played kh 3 and now I’m in the searching roxas mission.. my very first impression to this game was about a very bad voice acting I don’t know why, as I remember every cinematic on kh 1 it was very beautiful.. and yes the beginning it’s so boring, and sometimes I felt like every conversation between each other was very cringed and clunky and also the cinematic feels like a lil bit off, I felt like the cinematic is still in 2016ish type of engine.. so bad, I think the developer was lil lazy of something… for example: no auto save

  18. The graphics and cut scenes look amazing for all the KH games but how is the game play? Was thinking about getting the all in one package.

  19. There are far too many cinematics, even when fighting. Seriously, if I wanted to watch so many cinematics I would have watched a dvd.
    No, I wanted to play a game. But there isn't much game.

  20. Amazing game.
    I simply loved It.
    I thought I would be bothered without FF characters but…PIXAR worlds are simply incredible 🤩

  21. maybe they should have let someone straight who is not on his period to review this game. the game look amazing, that's true, and it does stay loyal to the original game, but the fighting are repetitive, you are never in a real risk, and its almost impossible to die. as you move through the game, you will feel frustrated a lot due to the fighting. its great to explore those Disney worlds, but there was at least one world that i didn't recognized, and with the Disney legacy, and the final fantasy legacy, some of their worlds choices were odd to say the least. though this game is enjoyable at parts, by the time i reached the end, i felt really frustrated, and going through the long cutting scenes was a torture, as i just wanted to finally reach the end. this game is more of a 5-6, then a 9.

  22. This game really makes you FEEL like, uh what names haven’t we used?

    IroXn man

    Oh we haven’t done that one, “this game really FEEL like sorta”

  23. What we need is a Keyblade War game where you can fight online with your own created character against others with different game modes.

  24. Sea salt ice cream rendering is as bad as kingdom Hearts 2 (honestly the worst in the series). -3/10

    This is a joke, just for people who think this is serious

  25. Notice they didn’t show any footage of monster inc or frozen?

    Is either they weren’t allowed to show those world Or they haven’t finished the game at all

  26. Unpopular opinion:
    I like Kingdom hearts III more then II.

    Especially looking forward to the remind DLC for some more story & especially post game.

  27. Guys I need help, I have a choice to get kingdom hearts 3 or hyrule warriors definitive edition on switch but idk which one to get, any ideas on which one?

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