– Is that boy in love
with the other one? – I think the heart loves him. ♪ (playful music) ♪ ♪ (soft piano) ♪ – (gasps) This is “In a Heartbeat!” – Oh, I saw this.
Okay. – “In a Heartbeat.” Oh my God, this might
make me cry. – Is he trying to hide
from somebody? – Maybe it’s trying to show
that he likes him. – Why’s he trying to hide from him? – Wait, are those two boys? Is that boy in love
with the other one? (heart beating)
(shushing) – Tried to keep quiet and his
heart’s ruined it for him. ♪ (happy music) ♪ – Oh my God, his heart! – It’s funny! It’s like the heart is like
(eagerly) “Heh, heh, heh.” – I don’t get it. – (laughs) – Oh!
(laughs) – I guess his heart really
likes that boy. – (inhales) – What’s happening? – (laughs) – (gasps) – Wow. – It’s not that they’re
best dudes. It’s more than that. Basically, love. – I feel like when I see a guy
that I think is cute and I’m like,
“Uh-oh, don’t go over it.” I’d trip and fall and then be like,
“Okay, it’s okay.” – I think it’s awesome they can
portray something so amazing without
saying any words. – I think the heart loves him. – No. – What’s the matter? – Those pieces of crap. Don’t look at them like it’s weird. – Okay, why’re you guys freaked out? Like, they just–
he just likes them. – I love how they made it funny
but also serious. – The heart is breaking! – Ah, don’t. – Noooo, no! – It looks like a heart
just got broken. – That’s just sad. ♪ (sad music) ♪ – This is sad!
It’s so sad! – So it’s a boy liking a boy? – (groaning)
I’m trying not to cry. – Aww. – Oh wait, does that mean
he likes him now? – So cute. The heart is
just so cute. – It’s like they’re in
love with each other. – It’s very heartwarming. – This is an awesome–
this is awesome. (heart beating) – I liked it.
It was cute. – It goes to show that the heart
always gets what it wants. – That’s just weird. – (FBE) Why do you think it’s weird? – Cause, it’s not like you go
walking around and you see two boys literally
staring into each other’s eyes like “I love you” or so. – (FBE) But if you did see that,
do you think it’d be weird? – Maybe. – (FBE) So that was a short cartoon
which came out recently. Can you tell us what
the story was about? – I think love. It’s just a heart trying
to follow the boy. – It was kinda weird how it begins, cause you think it’s a girl
liking a boy. But instead, it’s a boy
liking a boy. – He has feelings for the other guy. And his heart– so his heartbeat’s
like, “Go after it,” and he’s holding himself back
like, “No, no, no, no, no.” If he was to show that in front
of other people at his school he would be judged about it. – I enjoyed watching it. It was really well made. It’s just basically trying to say
that there’s nothing wrong with liking another guy
if you’re a guy. – A boy, and then he was
in love with another boy. And it’s about–
and then his heart comes out and the heart keeps chasing
after the boy that he likes. And so, in the end,
they become friends. Or more.
(dramatically) Dun, dun, dun! That’s why people want a movie. – (FBE) So in this story
there’s a boy in school who has a crush on
another boy in the school. What do you think about that plot? – That’s just new. Because a boy has a crush
on another boy. – Kids these days, they just think,
“It’s not that big of a deal.” – It might teach some kids
that people– some boys can be with boys.
Some girls can be with girls. – It’s really progressive
for our world. It’s awesome that we
could have a story like that and people are okay with it. – I’m pretty sure that this is one
of the first ever gay short films in a very long time. So that’s amazing how they
decided to do that and it’s just really nice to see
how that’s happened. – If you were a guy and you
wanted to marry another guy, I feel like it’s be in
a hard situation ’cause in some places, people
will just hate you sometimes. And thinking that somebody
doesn’t like you just ’cause you like the same
gender as you, it’s sad. – (FBE) So can you think of
any other cartoon or kid’s movie that featured a character where
a boy liked a boy or a girl liked a girl? – Nope. – No. It’s just not a typical thing
that movies or animators put in. – Out of all the animes
or any of the cartoons I watch, I’ve never seen one. – “The Loud House” The main character’s friend,
his parents are gay. And then one of his sisters
has a crush on another girl. – I don’t think it’s out there
because a lot of people still won’t really approve of it. And a lot of people still don’t
really like it or understand it. So when they don’t understand it,
people are gonna judge them. But, honestly, if they want
to go do that and they want to feel
that way about it and want to make a movie
about it, then go ahead. – They’re just afraid that
they’re gonna get hate. And of course, every show
gets a little bit of hate. You’re gonna get a lot of love cause you were brave
enough to try it. – (FBE) So in life, there are
boys who fall in love with boys and girls who fall in love
with girls, and they live life just like everyone else. So if there are some people
who like the same gender, why do you think people
don’t makes stories about boys with boys
and girls with girls in cartoons or shows
or movies for kids? – Because it’s new. It’s not something that’s
normally done on TV, so when it is done,
it’s cool. – They just want to show
the normal kind of relationship not really the other kind
of relationship. – (FBE) Okay. Do you think it’s important though
to show people who are different? – Yes. – (FBE) So why wouldn’t
you want to show these people who are different? – I have no idea. Some people don’t really
understand, like me, I don’t really understand.
What happens just happens. – Some parents are like, “Oh no, I don’t want my kid
to learn about that yet.” So they’re like, “No, I don’t
want you watching that.” – It bothers a lot of people
who are still very close-minded. The people who make films
and movies, they have to make it so no one gets offended or anything. There’s no law saying that you
can’t put a guy liking a guy or a girl liking a girl
in a movie. – It’s really nice to see more
cartoons like that and I want them to make more
because then they can know that it’s okay to be gay
or lesbian, because that is fine. Because it’s the same thing
as boyfriend and girlfriend, but it’s just two of the same
gender liking each other. – Kids are new to stuff. They don’t know that
they could be gay. They don’t know who they are,
or some do, some don’t. And so, I feel like
sometimes they don’t want to push a kid to do something. But in all actuality,
that doesn’t happen. – (FBE) Finally, part of why
people love this cartoon is because it is showing
what a lot of people believe in, which is love is love, no matter
what gender you love, and that you never really see
that thing in cartoons or things for kids, and that they
think it’s good to finally see this. – Right. – Yes, it’s good for me,
’cause I don’t know much about it! – (FBE) On the other hand,
some people have gotten upset, feeling that they don’t
believe in that. Or feeling like when you were
young you shouldn’t really know about this yet
and don’t want kids to know that people of the same
gender can be together. – Well, that’s their belief, they don’t have to
show it to their kids. Just because they don’t want
to see it, or they’ll get offended doesn’t mean they have to watch it. – Boys can like boys.
Girls can like girls. Who cares about those people? We just want to be ourselves. Doesn’t matter what people
tell you what to be. You can be whatever you want. – (FBE) So adults will feel
one way or another what they think is best for kids,
but you are a kid, so what do you think? – I’m half-and-half. – It’s pretty educational. And I didn’t even think about that,
’cause I had no clue. – Kids should be exposed to it. You should have a conversation now. – You should let your kids know
’cause then if they get older, and they still don’t know,
and then they’re like, “Why are they doing that?
That’s weird. Are they allowed to do that?” So you should let them know,
and then if they see somebody doing that,
they’ll be like, “Oh, hi.” And they won’t be like,
“Ew, what are they doing?” – They should be exposed
to it when they are. Don’t force it onto them. Like, if it happens to come up,
don’t change the channel. Just let it happen. It’s just a good step
forward for humanity. ♪ (happy music) ♪

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