Ketogenic Diet: How Long Does it Take to Get Into Ketosis?

Ketogenic Diet: How Long Does it Take to Get Into Ketosis?

Hi, guys, Dr. Berg here. I want to answer the question, “How long does
it take to get into ketosis?” That’s fat-burning, right? It’s a good question. A lot of times, people expect it to happen
in two minutes. It’s not going to happen that fast, right? I want you to really understand you’ve been
living on sugar your whole life, okay? Now, we’re going to switch over to a completely
different fuel source. Yourselves have to build new machines for
fat. They have to build new enzymes to break down
a completely different source of fuel. That takes some time. Now, if you’re really healthy, it could happen
in maybe a week. On average, it’s going to be about a month
to six weeks of completely switching up, so your body is going to change. You’re going to feel different. The question is, “How do you know when it’s
starting to work?” Okay? First of all, when you are satisfied after
you eat, you can go long periods of time without eating and not being hungry. You don’t have sugar craze anymore. Your brain is more cognitive. You have more focus, less brain fog. It’s basically better blood sugars. You’re remembering sharper, less urinating
through the night. Those are all factors to look for, but in
the process, you might have any one of these symptoms right here. Those are good things because your body is
just making the adjustment and you’ve got to do it. You can’t make the keto adaptation halfway. You can’t do a diet with some sugar everyday
and expect it to adapt. You got to bring that sugar down to zero to
really make this work. It’s like all or nothing, because in the presence
of sugar, your body will always burn that, it will not go after the fat. We’re training your body to adapt to fat-burning. Once you get there, you will never go back
because you’re going to feel so much better and, of course, you’re going to lose a lot
of weight. Here are some things that you can do. Fatigue, if you have fatigue, all that means
is you’re deficient in a certain B vitamin, B5, pantothenic acid. It’s really easy. Just go ahead and start taking some and your
energy will come up. Why? because B5 is like a helper for these
fat-burning enzymes to work. If you don’t have enough B5 because you’re
stressed, you’re going to get tired, so you have to feed it what it needs. Start getting cramps in the muscle, that means
your deficient in potassium. If you’re following my eating plan, you’re
on about 7 to 10 cups of vegetable per day. You’re not going to have a problem with that,
but you cannot do a ketose diet correctly if you’re not consuming vegetables. It’s not in sufficient quantity because potassium
is needed not just to flesh out all this fat from the liver, but to help you with the nervous
system and the muscles. That’s an electrolyte, because with ketosis,
you’re going to dump a lot of fluid weight, so you need to retain some of these electrolytes. Also salt, that’s another one. If you get muscle weakness, you need some
salt. Bloating, bile salts, purified bile salts,
that’s my gallbladder formula. Here’s a mistake that people make. They start the ketosis, but they go too heavy
on the fats too fast and they bloat up the gallbladder and it causes right shoulder pain. You just can’t handle the fats. You want to start small with the fats and
gradually increase it so you don’t feel too heavy in your digestive system. Sleep issues, that’s a calcium, magnesium
issue if you’re going through this. If you’re not sleeping, you’re sleeping is
worse, add some calcium, magnesium, boom, you’re going to sleep. I just wanted to explain that give it some
time, be patient, it’s going to work, it always does, but just increase your expectation of
the time it’s going to take and don’t think it’s going to take a day or two and then,
all of a sudden, it didn’t work so you quit. I’ll see you in the next video. Hey, guys, thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Please click the share button below and I
will see you in the next video.

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  1. I felt all of these good things the day after I went Keto and I have had nome of the negative effect they speak of. I might be freak but I'm loving it. I feel great

  2. Then why do bodybuilders say they fast 16 hours and call it intermitted fasting and say the benefits is because of fatburning and ketones in the blood which is ketosis. Shouldn't they fast for a longer amount of time?

    Also I think counting sleep as fast-period is cheating. If you eat a last bite at 8pm. Thr food might not be gone from stomach when you go to sleep. And when you sleep peristalsis is slower. It could be if your meal was heavy. The food will sit in your stomach til you wake up. This will spike insulin which needs to come down becaude the stomach was still processing food.

    I start fasting after I wake up and feel my stomach is empty. And I only drink water.

  3. I had a seized up rotator cuff in my shoulder. Couldn't lift my arm up past my hips or stretch all the way. Been on diet 5 days and my shoulder is healed, no more diabetic shaking, my joints feel great, and my speach became faster because my brain fog is gone. I feel there is hope for me. By the second day I felt like i was no longer dying. Carbs, grains, fruits and most veggies were poisoning me!! Also, TMI, BUT…my girly area smells normal after years of thinking I constantly had infections but Dr finding nothing. It was my grain and fruit intake eating messing with my reproductive system.

  4. It was 5 days for me but I'm over 70 maybe youngsters will get there quicker. I think everything has improved after 6 months.

  5. 1 week I’m down 6 pounds yes! I know it’s not a lot but I’ve tried a lot of things never lost 6 pounds in this short period of time

  6. I am on day 2 now, first day was no hunger but a headache. Today however i was extremely weak in the morning. I am also urinating alot, not sure if it’s because of the fluid intake or the amount of vegetables that I’m consuming in a day.. any idea what is happening? First time in my life I’ve gone cold turkey on sugar and bad carbs.. big changes are happening atm but not sure it’s keto

  7. Hey Dr. Berg, I just want to say I love you so so much…..since i was kid, i loved to have high fat diet, i love coconut oil, olive oil, oily nuts, oily fishes and my Mum, my cousins, friends were too much worry for me…i can not take surgar, i vomit whenever i take pepsi, coke, sugar, etc and tired when i eat so much rice, bread, etc…(i am not a doctor so i dont really know about this) …. My mum tried to hide fatty foods away from me. She thinks i have some serious problems that i m not fat at all by eating so much fat. even my husband thinks i am crazy …. i try to search something to show my husband and mum and i found u….Love you so much

  8. See I been fasting for years and I’m not really that high in body fat so trying this out should be easy. I should reach it within that one week…

  9. Hi
    I'm diabetic and last one month in ketosis bit confused bc that
    (If your cells don't get enough glucose, your body burns fat for energy instead. This produces a substance called ketones, which can show up in your blood and urine. High ketone levels in urine may indicate diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a complication of diabetes that can lead to a coma or even death.)
    Pl explain

  10. My gf and myself started keto diet 5 days ago, on day 3 we were both having keto flu, but that passed by day 4. I think we can keep this going permanently. We've been doing great, hunger feeling is decreasing. Despite us being a little high in protein and a little low on veggies, but we're working on that. iam feeling more calm and rested already. We just need to find some foods/recipes we can easily bring to work.

  11. I do 16:8 intermittent fasting and only do keto 4 days/week. It takes about 24 hours to start showing ketones in my urine again after my carb days.

  12. Thank you very much for this video Doctor. I was ready to quit but after watching this video you gave hope. God bless you

  13. A big Thank for your time and effort In helping us in need of a great ketosis diet All the Information you give Is a big plus . thanks again…… DR Berg..

  14. I'm in my 2nd week of KETO DIET and my last craving for toasted bread happened during my lunch but I ate a lot of natural butter plus cabbage sautéed with onions garlic and tomatoes! I slept for 2hours since then I didn't even crave for any kind of food i didn't even ate dinner anymore until 11pm

  15. Ok my question is how long do you stay in ketosis? All the time or off and on?

    Eating 7-10 cups of veggies is the divided into lunch and dinner?

  16. I am trying a sensible diet plan. Keto just does not seem right as far as long term health. I have been on sensible diet with a traditional balanced diet and have lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks. The way my body is burning fat….I will be at my goal weight of 189 in 3 months. I have cut out bread but I eat healthy carbs…moderate protein and moderate fat. I hope folks are trying a balanced approach before getting on this keto diet. I also eat an apple and bannana and sweet potato everyday!

  17. How did I know, this guy's a Chiro, just stop it! crunch bones leave actual health and medicine to the rest of us. You are not an MD

  18. First of all it don’t take no month I did the Keto diet and it took me about 2 weeks to get into ketosis but even u consume no carbs at all it happens in even less time … I was on it for 2 months and I went from 164 to 140 and I’m really happy where I’m at I can give u guys meal plans and I know exactly how to get the body into fat burning and it’s real simple

  19. hate the cramps and bloating. the first thing that happened to me in 2-3 weeks is losing the bloating feeling and better hold of the nerves the cramps starts hitting. This really depends on the age and sex as well, different between someone in 20-30's , 40's and ladies. Simply means different hormones and metabolism

  20. The body can only store a two-day supply of glucose in the form of glycogen, so after two days of consuming no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates, most people go into lipolysis/ketosis.

  21. Can i get into ketosis by not doing keto,but just doing a low carb diet? How long is so? I'm doing 20-25g of carbs and 10 or under in sugars. Higher protein. I'm not eating real sugar, pretty much keto diet w/o the high fat.

  22. Ive been eating poultry cheese veggies strawberries watermelon and berries and yogurt its day 3 will i feel a difference?

  23. I'm sooooo confused now. Weeks to a month to get into ketosis?! 2nd day on my keto diet and test strips are reacting with a moderate ketone level. I dialed back the carbs a few days before starting induction, but I've taken as long as 4 days to show a reaction in the past. So what am I "in", if not ketosis, when the test strips are reacting? I've heard the body can store 1700 Calories of glucose and my BMR needs more than that in a day… so what am I using for fuel waiting that month for my system to switch to fat burning after my glucose stores are used up in a day?

  24. Okay so how do you get your sugar down to 0 on keto? I get confused because vegetables have sugar to, and you have to consume a lot of veggies on keto. I know they have fiber as well. But What if I’m having 21 g of net carbs but around 9-11 g of sugar but all of it is from the veggies. If someone could answer this, it would help me out a lots. Thanks In advance

  25. The second day I felt relaxed and better than in a long time. The stomach was absolutely calm. In my case that's unusual. Lips a little dry. No idea if this is ketosis but it feels good. I haven't eaten anything the last two days than some meat, eggs, coconut oil, onion, broccoli, pesto, peanuts and cream. Four hours ago I had two eggs and don't feel very hungry.

  26. HIIT makes those glycogen deposits burn away. Fast. So you become a fat burning machine (especially if you eat high fat and moderate protein after you work out)
    Thank me later 😉

  27. Is head pressure, like headache but not quite that bad, one of the symptoms? Question for everyone who's experienced ketosis? I switched to this form of eating about a week ago…

  28. So the body may start producing significant amounts of ketones within days or a week but depending on the initial health of the patient it can take quite a bit longer for the cells that will use these ketones as fuel to adapt to burning them. The differential between available ketones and the ability of the cells on the receiving end to burn them as fuel can manifest as feeling poorly or low energy in the initial weeks or months of adhering to a very low carb diet. Does anyone know if I have misunderstood this? Would you expect to see greater amount of ketones excreted in urine during this initial phase than say, 6 months down the track?

  29. Glad i saw this because im bot eating ebougb vegetables at all . Today for instance i had none. So yea i have to eat more vegetables

  30. All I did was eat under 20g of carbs per day and lost 10 pounds in 4 day (Probably just water weight but still)

  31. Fat isn't "a new source of fuel". Everyone eats it every day. The way you talk it's as if people are consuming fat for the first time. Are you saying that before ketosis the body doesn't utilise any consumed fat?

  32. Question if I do the OMAD 16-18 hrs a day.. Will that help get me in Keto & burn fat…I eat vegetables and baked chicken… Cutting carbs & soda

  33. I started the diet 3 days ago and i sweat profusely. It is hot in the factory i work in as well. I limited myself to 0g of sugar and <20g of carbs a day. I weighed myself Tuesday and just weight myself today and i have lost 10lbs already. Believe it or not its true. 50 lbs more to my goal. I was also told that being on the Keto diet long term actually is not good. I have been drinking more water and limiting my coffee. I only drink it black btw. I have not done the intermittent fasting as of yet.

  34. Took just over a day to get into mild ketosis. I have lost 9kg – 20lbs in 12 days. Only issue was slight constipation, chia seeds and flax/lin seeds sorted that out 👌

  35. I am 10 lbs down in less than two weeks. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my inflammation is down 100%. I have loads of energy , mentally and physically.

  36. It’s been1 week and I already lost 3 pounds. It’s incredible what sugar and too much carbs do to your body.

  37. Really needed this info. Today is day two and I’m craving carbs and sugar really badly. Yesterday I was involved in a minor car accident which was my fault- I was very dizzy and my mind hazey- then last night despite how exhausted I felt I could not sleep, felt very anxious kept having bad nightmares and woke up choking 😳 I’m praying this Keto flu phase is over real quick!!

  38. Dr Berg can you come to Australia and be my doctor? not enough good doctors that explain things like you do 😁

  39. Regarding bile salts… What if you don't have a gallbladder (was removed), but still experience bloating?

  40. Thank you for not sugar coating this…sounds difficult but at least I have a realistic time line to follow now

  41. what do you mean sugar to zero… not your glucose (ie glucometer) and i thought Keto diet included some carbs

  42. I have been on keto for a week and i belive to be on ketosis because i don't have cravings anymore and i have bad breath and i can do 18 hours intermiten fasting without feeling hungry and i have lost 8 pounds these week

  43. I don't have a problem doing the work. For example, low carb and exercise. What I really really really struggle with is having the patience to see results. If I go extreme, I expect to see significant results in a couple of days. If not, I usually quit. That's where I fail every time.

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