Kalanchoe Mata de hambre a las Células Cancerosas. Estudios |CharismaticCook

Kalanchoe Mata de hambre a las Células Cancerosas. Estudios |CharismaticCook

Hi everybody I’m Charismatic cook! Today we are going to talk about these plants called Kalanchoe If this is the first that you hear of them. I present them to you Mother of thousand,Bad mother but she it’s not that bad and Aranto this is Aranto the Back Bone of the Devil and many more names Just by coincidence We are partying because this new plant arrived Pinnata plant When shopping online it arrives in a small box It comes wrapped in paper and plastic This is the famous pinnata You see? I’m not going to observe her too closely I am going to let her rest a while she is a little nervous because of the trip We are going to let her rest a little then I am going to plant her with the others watch my other video if you are interested in knowing how to plant them Today we are not going to talk about this The thing we are going to talk about today is How these plants that are all over the internet And are said to be able to cure us? What I tell people when asked is “Eat them.They will help you!” They tell me to “Wait a moment” How can it help me? Something that is meant to help with cancer If I am someone with really high blood pressure? and besides- I have diabetes How will it cure me? This plant that you say cures everything?” Reading on the internet and looking up much research No one can really answer me and sure they tell me that it has several compounds that are really good. And they say that it is very good. But there never is any real explanation and I say that simple explanations are best like my dad used to say. I am going to explain it to you in a basic way. I hope that it is something useful for you and that you can see the good of this plant I base my presentation on all the research from many different countries and places and now you will hear about why people in other places or countries say so many the amazing testimonies of this plant studies first and second are the testimonies- It is true what the people say!!! First let me explain why we have Cancer? We have trillions of cells inside of our bodies the cells we have them from our parents all of our genetic material We have inherited this genetic information from our ancestors. All of the cells that we have in our bodies have been copied many times over. Very few cells are basically the same since birth, except for our brains, nervous systems, and heart. We do not have the original copy in really the majority of our bodies. The problem with this is when the cells are copied sometimes they aren’t copied right or copied a bad copy to start with These copies have been reproduced so many times that they become mutated or altered. Because they are mutated, they aren’t really of any benefit this happens with our cells each time it gets copied sometimes comes out distorted By the time we inherit from our parents these copies are not 100% pure. In addition, we have our genes and cells in our bodies and also have the genetic information contaminated with our actions and then we drink and smoke and do things that aren’t very good for our health and then we worsen our cells even more and then things get worse What is the cell? Why does the cell turn cancerous? Sometimes when we go to the doctor and he/she is giving you an explanation and you are there just smiling and nodding and then he/she asks you if you understand you and tell then, “uh….No” Right? A cell Why does the cell change? The thing that happens to the cell is it becomes a mutated cell it is the only thing that happens when a bad cell is copied over and over again and that is how it happens so simple as a bad copy multiplying – with trillions of cells, the odds are that some will come out bad we can just leave it at that and the result after a while of doing that so many copies have been made and copies of copies of copies, etc. I’m sure that at least one cell has not been copied properly and it is like a copy machine with a blurred copy. So what happens, we get a tumor and maybe cancer. well First, we have the cell and it has to go through a “copy process” G1, S, G2, and M. All cells have the same process when they involve mitosis. It is easy to imagine that there is an inspection done of the cells to ensure that only the best cells are copied and the bad cells are stopped. imagine that it is immigration or customs first they see that everything is fine and good and that everything is in it’s proper place and in synthesis the cell stretches and the genetic material is aligned G2 sees that the chromosomes are fine and this is making a mirror image with the nucleus and other cell components being doubled nothing is broken and in a sort of capsule M phase gives the blessing for mitosis and for the cell to be copied – divided and the original cell becomes two cells in our bodies let us imagine that we have two supervisors The first one is called Tumor Suppressor He always is checking the cells making sure that all are well and healthy so no unhealthy cells can pass through to be copied that tumor suppressor is actually a protein or TSG in the flow charts or a gene however, there is another supervisor that also works in our body named oncogene – proto- oncogen his job is to tell the cells to quickly be copied and trusts the first supervisor or TSG to pick out the flawed cells or stop the process- the oncogene also sets the cell lifecycle that is his job but one day The first supervisor didn’t come into work! for some reason he didn’t go to work he got sick The cells that come after so many copies don’t come out the best or mutated and instead of stopping the process in G1- they go forward The mutated cell becomes two- then four- then eight, etc. The TSG is not able to stop the oncogene from making more. This is why cancer grows typically much faster – 10 to 12 times faster. He has the confidence that the first supervisor is doing his job right and doesn’t question the cells that arrive so he tells the cells to divide and multiply Go go go! The process of the Cancer starts here After you get Cancer the doctor tells you we are going to take a scan or Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) then a biopsy, chemotherapy and maybe surgery radiation and its a very long process and for those of you who have had Cancer you already know what I am talking about and I know because I had breast Cancer Not a pleasant experience but well I had to go through it it turns out that they are going to give us chemotherapy… 🙁 and all you can do is say “okay” How does this work? They explain the process to you all over again and you nod again and they ask if you understand– and you don’t. well I will explain the way it was explained to me later in the most simple way and the way it was explained to my family if you have already had Cancer if you currently still have Cancer or you have just found out that you have Cancer Let’s imagine that there is a concentration camp full of Arnold Schwarzeneggars and that they are in good form and running around training and then they are told that their work is to go into the body…. to find and kill all the cells that divide quickly remember that good cells divide so it has to be the cells that divide quickly but the cells that divide quickly those are the ones that have to be eliminated well what is it made of? Components and things that are really strong I don’t know if you have heard but the chemo is much like poison – it is strong chemicals that target those cells that grow quickly… They bring this group of Arnolds and they enter your body they inject it into an IV into a port or into a vein in your arm.. after a chemo treatment you will find that you are without energy you are very tired and all you want to do it rest but apart from the good cells what else dies? the cells that divide quickly include the ones for your hair your eyebrows and eyelashes and we have some glands right here in our mouth. When you have chemo a lot of times you will have a terrible taste in your mouth almost like iron or a metallic taste that is like sucking on a rusted pipe right? if you are taking care of someone with Cancer and they don’t want to eat because it tastes bad know that for them it does taste bad. Awful! Everything tastes terrible- really awful.. It’s not that they don’t want to eat it is just because it tastes terrible to them. They continue the chemo and at last they finish A question for you- guys “Why for example my Cancer that had a level of 9 that means that it is aggressively growing Why didn’t the doctor give me chemotherapy every day? why instead of coming in every three weeks why didn’t he treat me everyday? If the Cancer you have in the kidney or in the pancreas Why don’t they give you chemotherapy everyday? No? If it’s going to help you? The answer is simply that they can’t do it They can’t do it because they are injecting you with something very powerful and so they need to let you somewhat recover so it can become strong enough to take another dose They give you a shot after the second day of chemo – you may have heard this. It reduces the risk of infection by almost 90%. Basically, that helps your bones produce more white corpuscles. These are infections fighters.. I think that you have all have already heard this They inject you with that and must let you rest right? They give you a round of a certain amount and you finish and then you get operated on or get radiation.. it doesn’t matter what the doctor says. Well it does matter The process you take doesn’t matter the aim of it is that you recover and no longer feel ill and get better Good We have heard that these plants work and they can help you with Cancer that is the question that we all make and then on the internet they say that it also works for diabetes and for high blood pressure I told you when I started the video that I was going to tell you .. that I was basing everything on studies and testimonies for the why I am going to tell you the first….lets start with high blood pressure.. In 2014 there was a study in Cameroon Africa, in which they where there were two groups of rats two groups of rats and the scientists gave both a lot of salt to elevate their blood pressure so much salt varying amounts for measuring their responses they did this to see how high their pressure would go for their blood pressure incrementally and they saw that the blood pressure shot to the sky and then they brought the kalanchoes- Specifically, Kalanchoe Pinnata.. and as it turns out the group of rats that were given kalanchoes to eat Guess what? The plant actually helped lower their blood pressure and then there they realized that these plants worked for blood pressure as well. Do you have high blood pressure?Try the Kalanchoe because based on the kalanchoe study it works. The conclusion was made that Kalanchoe can be used to treat hypertension. in 2017, in Luxembourg Europe Near France they did another study with sodium and potassium, specifically the NA+/K+ ATPase cycle or Sodium/Potassium pump… and a few other things This was connected to the metabolism of the cell and the transmission of elements through the cell despite the higher concentration. and they studied how the cell metabolized energy The cell eats as well and it grows larger and stronger for what? so that it can divide right? If you don’t eat you don’t grow what do you tell a child to do to grow big? If you don’t eat then you won’t grow! The cell is the same and eats too or metabolizes energy – or eats to grow eats potassium and sodium and eats a variety of things to grow big and multiply and the study made in this country- Luxembourg they studied a few plants with Bufadienolide- a steroid-like compound, Bryophyllin A- amoung others They realized that compound what it did was prevent that the cell be able to eat potassium and sodium or be able to transmit through the cell wall and a few other things and elements/compounds and other energy it covered it so so the cell would not be able to eat and what happens then? It dies Remember that the cell has to go through a lot of processes to be able to multiply but even if it divides it still needs to keep eating or metabolizing in order to continue Then, Let me explain what other people have already asked on the internet that no one has really been able to answer This investigation was one that took a lot of time and research from watching a lot of videos and I want to thank the guys out there that have made Kalanchoe videos and worked hard because you too have had to read quite a lot and have done your investigations and thank you so much for the support I honestly think that we are going to become a big group and help quite a lot of people but today I am going to say what the kalanchoe does the answer that everyone want to know is How does it work and how is it going to help me? How is it going to save me? Explain it to me as simple as possible Here is the answer the answer is this cell that has already mutated to become Cancer or pre-cancer What does it need? Needs what? Needs to eat of course… to survive and what does it eat? sodium, potassium energy many elements so it is looking for it’s food looking around the place then comes the kalanchoe and here comes the star of the day The kalanchoe arrives and She comes…. and the thing that she does is not going to stop but prevent the cell so this cell is blocked the cell that wants to eat can’t pass to the other side or import into the cell… from outside the cell membrane where the protein, potassium, sodium and all that is located everything that it can eat and grow the Kalanchoe becomes a barrier it stops it in its place it can’t pass. The cell looks for all the different ways so it can sneak past and eat food to grow but to no avail we are talking about millions of cells the kalanchoe won’t let anything pass by it and since the cells can’t pass it by what happens? of course! It dies! That is what this plant does and this is what scientists have discovered She blocks and she kills the Cancer cells by starving them to death and so when you kill the Cancer cells – it can’t reproduce itself or divide to make more Obviously, it is can’t grow- it enters apopsis or cell necrosis.. The Kalanchoe also enters and helps your immune system to become strong! it carries oxygen and comes to clean everything and that is why when you have Cancer in your kidneys, in prostate everywhere the Kalanchoe comes to kill all of them! and then this one enters to starve the cells to death and so when others say to take it and it works to do because it does! These are the studies that have been out there for several years and that there are even more studies out there that have used a few cells or a few organs different components with other studies that it helped with the heart with the heart rhythm instead of going very quickly it slows down and beats with more force- It has Cardiac Glycosides and then they noticed by adding the components of both plants that with other components guess what? They cured or helped with tumors and for Cancer and i’m not talking about now. I’m talking about the studies made about these plants for at least 50 years since the 60’s! Right now all the information about the Kalanchoe is coming out now but a lot of studies have been made from as far as 50 years ago but I wanted to share this information with you because I was happy to be able to find it i think a tear fell from my eye to see if you have heard that someone say that this plant does work now you know why. She will come and she will block and will starve all of the cancer cells Happy tears were shed to know what happens in our body and now we know the kalanchoe starves the Cancer cells and so thank you so much for being with me! Good morning, Good night! Thank You! Bye Bye!

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  24. Charismatic Cook muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia con el Kalanchoe! Benditas plantas sagradas que nuestra madre tierra nos heredó desde tiempos ancestrales. A muchos médicos y en particular la industria farmacéutica no le conviene este tipo de información, pues saben que han lucrado con la salud de la humanidad. Damos gracias al padre universal del cosmos y a los seres de luz que nos han abierto la consciencia mental, física y espiritual.
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