Is too much Fiber Bad for us? | #aumsum

Is too much Fiber Bad for us? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Is too much Fiber Bad for us? Dude. Let me concentrate on my two burgers. Alright. Fiber or dietary fiber is a plant-based nutrient
which is essential for our body. However, consuming too much fiber can be problematic. Firstly, we cannot digest fiber. So, if we consume too much fiber too quickly. The bacteria in our large intestine will break
it down. Producing excess amounts of gas, thus causing
bloating and cramps. Secondly, excess consumption of fiber can
lead to deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, etc. Now, fiber is either insoluble or soluble. If we consume too much of insoluble fiber. Then it can accelerate the bowel movements. Reducing the absorption of excess water, thus
causing diarrhea. However, if we consume too much soluble fiber
and don’t drink enough fluids. It can slow down our digestive process, thus leading to hard stools or constipation. In rare cases, it can even cause intestinal blockages.

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