Is Anyone Really Happy | Why Bad Things Happen to Good People | Part 4

The fact is in this world
nobody is truly happy. Think about it! Ask yourself are you really happy and
satisfied? Impossible! Veda Vyas says in the Bhagwatam -quoting “Shrimad Bhagwat” quoting “Shrimad Bhagwat” only two kinds of people are Suki (Happy) one is the
God realized saint who is risen beyond miseries & dualities that person is happy and the second, is
the mad man. The mad man is also happy. Because the mad man has removed himself from all the miseries, like you take a bottle
destroys the intellect now you find your neighbour lying in the gutter in front
of his house you say, my dear neighbor why are you lying in the gutter go and
lie in your bedroom. He says I’m lying in my bedroom The intellect got it
destroyed he is thinking this is the bedroom,
similarly if somebody is a madman he can say I am happy, if somebody is a God
realized saint he can say I’m happy Everybody else has to admit we are not
fully happy as yet. Because ultimately from light of the divine truth we’re in the world of maya, the world of the material energy. this is like the prison house of
god were those souls are who have their backs to him. We all have our backs
to God so we are here in this prison house, in the cycle of life and death
now we people make our prisons, have you ever been to jail? No! I’ve been many times. Not to get
admitted to give lectures, so the first time I went to jail, you know I was young person who just started giving these
lectures and the jailer of the district used to come, he said Swamiji can you
please come to jail now this was my first experience. He put me in front of
these thirty prisoners and said speak to them. None of them was even looking up
they were all looking down as if embarrassed to see me in the eye. Now
what to speak to them. So involuntarily I am blurted out, I
said are you all unhappy? Suddenly they came to life yes yes yes started moving
their hands and looking up and they thought maybe this Swamiji has got some
magic wand, he will move it and we will become happy. I said you are unhappy, very good. What very good?! this Swamiji at
least he should have a compassionate heart we are saying we are unhappy and
he’s saying very good he’s putting salt in our wounds. I said what is the purpose
of the prison house? To keep you unhappy if you became happy in the prison house then when the government released you you will say what to do so I can become the government’s guest again. There is a
reason why the prison house is a place of some extent of hardship and if you can get all that you want in the prison house it doesn’t serve the purpose
similarly, this is the prison house of God and the material energy Maya ensures
that until you have your face to God until you have surrendered to God you
cannot be happy. “Quoting from Ramayan”, the Ramayan says fire may emanate from the ice but vimukh (disinclined) of Ram nobody can be happy. Now everybody knows that they are not happy
but what you don’t know is that the others are also not happy if you did
you will become detached, oh my God I’m running in the wrong direction but the
problem is you are thinking millionaire, billionaire must be happy you know my
wife she’s a avatar of ‘Chandi’, his wife he must be happy and if you came to
know that all husband’s and all wives are unhappy then you’d say Ram Ram Ram. One man
he would always complain to God my lord you have written all miseries in my life
everybody else is so happy. So God said let me reveal something to
him, the reality of the world. God came at night and his dream and he’s spoke
he said take all your miseries and put them in a bag, bring the bag to the
‘Comfort Inn’ I shall meet you in the hall there he woke up, he said my my what a dream,
there are dreams & there are dreams invariably they have no meaning, then once in a while
some dream comes along where you say my God this was so vivid, there is something to it,
God was actually speaking to me. So he said take all your miseries, okay let me
obey he took his miseries put them in the bag
put the bag on his shoulder and he walked out of his house. It was four in the morning. It was dark as yet, he found his
neighbors are also coming out with one one bag. He said what, they are doing
the same thing, so did God get the same dream to them as well and they also have
their misery bag, I thought they are very happy. This guy has got this big car
and this big house and their bags are even bigger
than mine, I wonder what is in his bag and what is in his bag. All the neighbors gathered in the Comfort Inn with their misery bags. God
started speaking, he said I have dug the nails into the walls, hang your bag from
the nail any nail and stand by the side of your misery bag. Observe the other
misery bags, you can take your pick The lights are going to go away for 10
minutes after 10 minutes the lights will come back. Within that interval whichever
bag you have selected you can go and stand by the side of it. When the lights
come on whoever is standing by the side of whichever bag can pick it up and go
away. It will be a fair exchange everybody looked around. The lights went off
after ten minutes the lights came back the astonishing thing found was that
everybody was standing by the side of their own bag. They said you know I choose my own bag
let’s play it safe, at least I know what is inside it I’ve got a little bit of
knee pain and my child is giving a little problem and mortgage is a little
difficulty put the other guy’s bag, you know nowadays this Zika virus spreading
and the swine flu hasn’t gone away completely who knows what is there in
his bag! Even Ebola had reached Dallas my my my so each person they took their
own misery bag and they went off and the illusion they had I’m not happy the
others are happy was dispelled. Nobody is happy here, so don’t develop
these wrong paradigms that you know good people bad things are happening and the
reverse of this why are good things happening to bad people. Keep it in the
proper light.

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