In A Heartbeat (Animated Short Film) | Reaction

What’s going on everybody? This is a little bit different, but I’m seeing enough requests where it must be interesting or good or something But this is in a heartbeat the animated short film. I don’t know anything about this I really don’t but I know that it’s getting a lot of buzz because Well it’s got 17 million views also because people have been recommending it like crazy so let’s check it out man. In a heartbeat What’s he running from? Just got an apple and a book *chuckles* Daaaamn, he’s a baller! Whaaaat? Ok! Okay, so his heart. It’s telling him to go after him. Hahahaha oh! Hahahahaha! Yooooo Hahaha, this is awesome, so far! What where’s the apple? Is he not worried about that? Damn that heart is going to town. *internal breakdown* No, don’t manipulate my emotions like this! Come on! Come on now… *shaking my head in disapproval* (trying really hard not to cry) Yooooo! Okaaay *claps* Yeeeaaaah! You went and made me teary-eyed for a second here. Four minutes man four minutes and they managed to get this much out of me.Damn this was beautiful. Oh! Well first of all just from like how it just the animation looks so good. And there’s no words too! It’s all just music and sound effects. I love what they do man. I love where he’s chasing the heart around and its heart is always just getting him into trouble, but a good kind of trouble you know? It’s pushing him to do things that he didn’t otherwise want to do. He wanted to hide behind the tree. But he followed his heart and it end up, I mean at first it ended up broken. That’s the risk you take when you follow your heart. You know it might end up broken and it might end up torn too. However, there’s a chance that if you follow your heart it’ll lead you to good places, so I like yeah I like how the the message of this behind this too – and all those judgmental assholes in the hallway that see it and they’re like “Mmm these motherfuckers over here.” I’m sitting there like fuck you guys. Fuck you. You’re the reason that hearts are broken come on. He dives into the trash can. Anyways, I love that. That’s like my favorite part, dives into the trash can, guy walked by like *waves hand* Okay, the animation on this looks fantastic as well like even when you the heart was going over and he touched the top of his hair that looks so real, I guess real in an animated sort of way. But it did look really realistic. I’m looking at the comment section one of the top ones is more gays equals more free girls I guess straight people should enjoy that you know? More girls for them right? You really can’t control your heart. I mean That’s that’s what this whole thing is is getting at is you can do so much to try to keep your heart intact. Or in your chest but your hearts, you gotta let your heart lead you and it’s gonna end up in great places although like I said it might end up broken, but you gotta follow it. This was great man! Thank you guys for recommending this, I’m like do you guys want to see more stuff like this? I might do it if you guys want to see it. That’s going to be it for this video. If you enjoyed it hit the like button, subscribe, and I will see you guys in the next one.

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