I Ran Through an Entire Country with Diarrhea

I Ran Through an Entire Country with Diarrhea

[Music] it’s very heavy yeah thank you very much when you look at the map of Africa you see all these huge countries like Algeria Ethiopia or South Africa what is harder to see is the Gambia the smallest country of continental Africa looking at the shape of this tiny West African country an insane idea popped into my head we begin our journey in the Gambia’s capital Banjul we took a ferry to the town of bara where we have to take a local bus to travel further into central Gambia where I wanted to execute this crazy idea [Music] we are at a local bus to the town of Farah penny should take around four hours you cannot imagine how hot and humid it is right now we’re just sweating think I’m getting dizzy but I really hope this is gonna be worth it because the plan I have in Farah penny I honestly think nobody did what I’m gonna do I wanted to record the countryside but it’s not possible [Music] so we are in front of any do you have a room with mosquito net is there any place in far-off any that has mosquito nets hey mr c a.m. RC we definitely need a room with mosquito nets it’s too dangerous to sleep without a mosquito net trying to find the a.m. RC hotel a MRSA guest home so I think it’s time to finally tell you what I’m doing here in the town of Farah funny you see Gambia is the smallest country of continental Africa it is completely surrounded by Senegal and it’s quite wide but it’s very very narrow the narrowest point is only 24 kilometres long it starts at the northern Gambian Senegalese borders then goes through the town of – II then it crosses the river Gambia then it crosses the village of soma and at the end it reaches the south or in Gambian Senegalese borders I have no idea how to cross the river and I don’t know if it’s possible to run this route during the rainy season but I’m gonna try [Music] this is going to kill us today that was so unstable after nearly getting killed by the ceiling fan it will stand for a little sightseeing in this sleepy little town the people didn’t understand what we were doing there but they were very friendly anyway after trying the local cuisine we stumbled upon a very important role this is exactly what I needed thanks to this I’ll know my directions tomorrow because I’m starting at the Senegalese border and I’m going to cross the river Gambia which is not here let’s let’s suppose it is here then I have to go to the village of soma and after that I’ll go to the souther Senegalese borders the plan was clear the expectations were high and the day was over tough day I was just told that the taxi driver that was supposed to take me to the border is in another town so I need to find the taxi in the morning not sure how the craziest thing of my life starts in six hours see you tomorrow so I woke up at 4 a.m. with a stomachache I had a diarrhea I cancelled my alarm clock it’s 11 a.m. and I’m still suffering I’m having stomachache I’m not hungry at all I feel kind of weak but I need to do the running even if it’s just walking I need to do it tomorrow so today I’ll just rest I’ll try to eat something I’ll try to keep it inside me and no matter what I’m doing the fan running tomorrow I’m doing it [Applause] I still feel like I’m ish my pants every second I’m still having stomachache that I gotta do the run today it’s now or never this is probably the most interesting most bizarre and also craziest idea of my life regarding my health conditions this may also be the worst idea of my life also I will not be bringing this huge camera with me and I’ll be recording everything on my phone the first thing that I have to do is find a taxi that would take me to the Gambian Senegalese borders there’s nobody on the streets it’s so so strange the streets are really crowded every single day every night but now there’s just no one I need to get to the border yes the Senegalese border [Music] [Music] every single person at the border is staring at me as if I was absolutely crazy so this is the border I think I will not be filming anymore at the border the police officers may have problems with that so I should get going just my running this is a phone I’m so lucky not to be arrested right now let’s go – ewwww [Music] bye-bye far off any moving on [Music] I guess that reaching the ferry services is what I needed excuse me how can I get to the ferry ha ha ha speaking of all running again and the unpaved Road begins well I can already see the Little Harbour in a distance almost 10 kilometers I just bought a ticket for the ferry I’m here [Music] all right we’re halfway there let’s make the second half quick and painless before the heat kills me [Music] there is absolutely no shadow and the heat is extreme Gambia Gambia you’re gonna kill me today oh no more videos until the village of soma because I have only 20% of the battery left and I need the phone in case something unexpected happens there is a chance that I will pass out so that’s why I need the phone anyway 10 minutes of rest and then straight to the village of soma hand to the borders hi mama do I’m doing great thank you how are you so mama do do you still have the the phone okay so if I send you the money I send you the money today okay so you will fix the phone and then you will send me the video okay okay thank you very much I will send it later today bye bye poor kilometers shy of the border my cell phone died not sure whether it was the battery or the heat but once I arrived at the border I couldn’t film to prove I was there luckily a young man named Mamadou gave me his cell phone to film the proof and he promised to send me the five second video he didn’t send it though he claimed the phone broke so we agreed I would send him money for the repair and yesterday Mamadou wrote to me that he sold the phone a long time ago and I should keep the money so I don’t have a proof that I’m the only person in the world who ran through the entirety of Gambia in three hours [Music]

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  1. This is what travel vlogs should look like….. Dirty, shit, realistic, no battery for filming, unexpected……
    Peter…..buddy….u did an awesome job…… And that intro was sickkkkk….no pun intended… I look forward to seeing more…..

    Also…..I can officially say….. U r replacing Casey Neistat as my go to vlog Entertainment…..

    Just dont let it got to your head….

  2. you are amazing and crazy at the same time! 😀 and I totaly believe you I don´t need any more proves 😉

  3. Well that was disappointing?! Achieving something really incredible but having no proof for it 😬

    Cheer up mate you did an awesome thing running through Gambia.

  4. 4:03 that gesture means fucking fascist or pig in the UK.. I wonder what it means in Gambia 🤔

    Also thumbs up for the Forrest Gump project 👍

  5. Dude, you're tougher than me. The first time I got diarrhea eating their bad food and drinking their nasty water I'd be finished with that country. Not to mention the malaria you caught. Majte sa! ( Rozumiem po slovensky ale nepisam).

  6. Oh we trust you .. you don't need any proofs for that .. love what you are doing here !! Keep up the great vlogs

  7. Is it possible to reverse the playlist, so I don't have go back everytime for next episode, I mean the oldest episode on the top and the newest at the bottom?
    Pst: I'm from Czech Republic, I have no idea, how did I discovered your channel but I love it, keep up the good work, man! 😉

  8. Algeria is actually the biggest country in Africa and I'm proud cuz I'm from ALGERIA🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  9. Hi peter, could you give me the name of the song at 7:10, id be super grateful!

    And super videos my friend, I give me spirit to travel the world!

  10. Peter your videos are seriously cool

    I m thinking of making travel videos but iw ould never be able to film so much and all these nasty conditions you have been hrough!

    You are REALLY cool.Keep it up!

  11. Your vlogs in Africa are better than Drew Binsky's. He just goes to the major cities and tries to advertise the country by only filming his positive experiences. Your different.

  12. 100 % of comments: Wow nice adventure
    0 % of comments: You got luck that the african soldier didnt shoot you for western spy

  13. this is a Persian medicine that works within seconds. You should drink Mint Arag, taking small doses at a time it heals you within 10-30 seconds if it comes back keep drinking it

  14. A simple tip for you im living in brazil is a tropical place for this kind of situation you can try to drink mineral water 300 ml, half lemon juice and a big spoon of cornstarch mix all and drink this will stop the dia….. until you find a place to stay. Repeat the dose if was necessary, is natural .

  15. A simple tip for you im living in brazil is a tropical place for this kind of situation you can try to drink mineral water 300 ml, half lemon juice and a big spoon of cornstarch mix all and drink this will stop the dia….. until you find a place to stay. Repeat the dose if was necessary, is natural .

  16. thanks for the laughs I woke up my wife laughing in the scene you probably know the one I'm talking about I miss travelling I go to Southeast Asia every year first 3 or 4 months I'm going again in a month and a half I discovered you because I was looking for travelling videos

  17. 5:42 wow i can’t even shit in public toilets and he’s brave enough to fart and shit in front of thousands of people 😂 that’s what i call brave

  18. i know its like a year ago and you survived it, but take off your hat when you're warm mate 😀 your head needs fresh air as well.

  19. Mann!!!u do a lot of good stuff but its disgusting to see how much u complain.Probably the reason why inspite of having top class content u havnt grown so much as a channel.Comparitively thr are othr content creates who are nowhr as good as u but manage to get tht way with viewers by just unerstanding and giving into what they have taken up(travel to totally different places away frm home).U have to undrstnd ths isnt europe.These are poor countries who have a lot of prblms.

  20. honestly… you go to Argentina and get food poisoning… you go to Peru and have food poisoning… you go to Togo and get Malaria… you go to Gambia and get diarrhea… I don't believe in a god, but something is telling you that you shouldn't travel to exotic countries man.

  21. Amazing! Didn't knew that you were a runner, nice one! When I heard that it was 24K I immediately thought about how cool it'll be to run a country!!
    Edit: OMG FUCK NOOOOO…dudeeeee >///< We know that you've done it!

  22. This series is the best I've every seen in travel vlogging. It's 2 am and I'm binging on these incredible, gritty experiences. Love the great work you put into these.

  23. You could save a fortune by staying in a sewage works in the Czech Republic instead, in fact it would probably be cleaner too.

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