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hi I’m Loren Lockman in this short video I’m going to be speaking with you a little bit about hypertension and how you can lower your blood pressure without the very negative side effects of using high participation if you’ve got a problem with hypertension you probably already know that the drugs that are available can bring your blood pressure down often not enough to really change anything significantly in terms of your danger in fact statistically virtually no benefit is the Strongs in terms of the in sense of heart attack or stroke but more importantly perhaps just as importantly the use of the drugs themselves or grace the side affects the body we all know this every drug has its side of that sort of why is that that’s because drugs are toxic to the body and in fact every drug is only affecting the symptoms of the problem without ever addressing the cause of the problem this is a significant issue with hypertension because hypertensive drugs tend to do there’s number of different drugs on the market but the majority of them today work by artificially slowing your heart time if you understand that with plaque in the arteries the artery itself the artery wall gets smaller and smaller and also becomes less elastic the artery is designed to dilate when necessary as the heart is beating and that helps blood flow and that keeps pressure lower but when the heart beats and the artery has become hardened hardened arteries because of buildup of plaque first of all the size is actually the diameter is actually smaller than it was before and second of all the artery can no longer dilate in a longer stretch the result of that all those two things together higher blood pressure well it’s the combination of the amount of pressure in the system and the rate of your pulse how fast your heart beats that determines how much blood and oxygen and nutrients reach your brain and the rest of your body but when we artificially slow the heart down we’re changing that relationship artificially the body knows exactly how fast the heart should be given every level of pressure we take these drugs what happens is we slow the heart down and now we get less oxygen and less nutrients to our brain so what happens as a result of this well the number one reported side effect of most hypertensive medications and this is aside from the ones that were recalled because they were causing death and serious issues but aside from that the number one reported side effect of hypertensive medications is depression because as the heart rate slows down we get less oxygen nutrients to the brain we don’t feel the number one rip or side effect in my opinion of these drugs for exactly the same reason lack of nutrients and oxygen to the brain is a lower level of mental acuity you’re not going to think as well as you did before if you’re not getting the proper blood flow to your brain remember that if you’re taking this drug you’re not doing anything about the underlying cause of the problem if you’re on these drugs you’ve probably been told you will have to take these medications for the rest of your life every single day of your life you’re taking something that’s toxic to your body that has these very negative side effects and it’s absolutely doing nothing about actually increasing your level of health well the good news is if you’re willing to you can eliminate the plaque from your arteries you can bring your blood pressure down and at the same time you can create an amazing level of Health higher than you ever thought possible without taking anything toxic to your body and in fact eliminating toxins from your body how do you do that well for the last 14 years I’ve taken more than 2,000 people through extended supervised water fasts of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks when we fast the body is able to actually go into the arteries and break that plaque down the body is a self-cleansing self-healing organism just like every other species on the planet and every other species on the planet went sick enough or badly enough injured will lay down and stop eating when we do the same thing our bodies almost instantly begin to cleanse themselves begin to eliminate all the garbage inside that doesn’t belong there because the body knows exactly what belongs and what does it and because one of the most important things your body can do is create proper oxygen and nutrient flow to your brain one of the first things that begins to happen is the body begins to break this plaque down now the result of this is that over the last 14 plus years we’ve seen 100% success with hypertension 100% of our clients who spent four weeks here or more leave here with blood pressure that’s below normal now you may know normal blood pressure is 120 over 80 is this safe is this healthy no not really the truth is that normal only means average so in a society where most people are overweight where most people are eating relatively poorly where most people don’t exercise an average blood pressure of 120 over 80 doesn’t mean that’s healthy and in fact at 120 over 80 there’s still incidences of heart disease and stroke if you can get your blood pressure down to 110 over 65 or 70 there’s virtually no instance of heart disease or stroke and so far we’ve been able to do that 100% of the time with well over a hundred people who have come in here with hypertension there’s no reason you can’t experience exactly the same thing what does this mean to you well it means you can eliminate the drugs that you’re currently taking or have been told you need to take you will need to take nothing toxic to your body whatsoever and in the process of cleansing your body you’ll actually be eliminating toxins from your system the result of that the benefit of that is too much to talk about in the few minutes I have left because it actually covers every single aspect of your being but most importantly for your health because heart attack and stroke and hypertension which is often related to release of the number one killers in our society together even beyond cancer and so if we can completely eliminate the risk of heart attack or stroke your chances of living longer healthier functioning much better and being much happier are much much higher and there’s no reason you can’t do that because that’s exactly what’s happened with every single person we’ve seen in the last session we had a young man here from England and when he came in his blood pressure was about a hundred and forty seven over ninety or a hundred today it’s closer to 95 over 60 95 over 65 he feels and functions better than he has for many years this is a man who’s about 45 and is an athlete a competitive tennis player for many years but like many people hasn’t made optimal lifestyle choices for all these years the result of this is system stopped functioning very well today his system is literally functioning better than its function for decades for 15 20 or 30 years and every single person is willing to do what they need to do experiences the same results the good news is what you need to do is relax in a beautiful tropical paradise and let your body take care of the rest you don’t need to do anything you don’t need to take anything there’s no crazy routines involved it’s just relaxing as much as possible resting as completely as you can and allowing your body to cleanse and heal itself when you do that your blood pressure comes down you feel and function better and you’re out of danger and you don’t need to be taking toxic pharmaceuticals to do that so if you’ve got more questions I’d be happy to work with you I’d be happy to talk to you about any questions you have or any issues they may have all you do is contact us the email address you’ll see if we head to this video join our list if you’d like for more information and I want you to know that if you’re watching this video which means you’re still alive you can create the highest level of health and vitality you’ve ever experienced if that’s what you want for yourself there’s nothing stopping you from having it so contact us today let us help you let’s at least explore the options with you and tell you what – what it’s about because you can feel and function better than you ever have just like my friend James

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