How to Use: TM-2441 | Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor from A&D

This is the ABPM TM-2441 package overview. In the package, you will find a blood pressure recorder, a regular-sized adult cuff, a large-sized cuff, cuff covers, and a Data Manager software CD. There is also a carrying holder and accessory belt to fit the recorder to the patient, a clip to fix the cuff, a USB cable to connect to PC, and activity record sheets. Device Overview On the upper surface of the recorder, you will find an OLED display, START/STOP switch, and EVENT switch.
The OLED display indicates the state of settings and the measurement value of ABPM. The START/STOP switch allows you to measure the blood pressure manually anytime other than the pre-set measuring time during ABPM.
The EVENT switch has functions to shift the mode of ABPM. The air socket to connect the cuff is also on the upper surface. On the front surface, you will find a LCD panel and START/STOP switch below the panel. These are used for self blood pressure measurement and office blood pressure measurement. By pressing the START/STOP switch, you can stop measurement immediately. At the bottom of the recorder, you will find a micro USB port to connect the recorder to a PC.
Flip open the cover of the USB port to connect the cable. On the side surface of the recorder, you will find the AUTO slide switch to shift the operation mode easily between ABPM and self blood pressure measurement. This is a key feature of the device. Slide the AUTO switch up to “ON”, after which the ABPM mode is on. Use the LOCK switch to prevent the AUTO switch from moving to “OFF” accidentally. If you slide the AUTO switch down to “OFF”, the self blood pressure measurement mode is on. You can measure the blood pressure with the START/STOP switch below the panel. On the backside of the recorder, you will find a battery compartment with a battery cover. Remove the battery cover and install 2 LR6 (AA size) or rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries. You can measure approximately 200 times with these 2 batteries. Be sure that AUTO switch is set to “OFF” and the batteries are correctly installed in line with the direction symbol.
As the device does not have a power switch, it turns on immediately after installing the batteries. Wear Correctly First, attach the right size cuff to the patient. Check if the cuff size fits properly by measuring the mid-upper arm circumference or attaching the cuff. Wearing a thin shirt under the cuff does not influence the accuracy of measurement.
Attach the cuff so that the artery position mark is over the brachial artery of the patient. You can check the cuff size with the range mark on the cuff. Wrap the cuff so that the ring is within the range. If it is out of the range, please choose a smaller or larger cuff. The cuff should be attached so that the lower edge of the cuff is approximately 1 cm above the inside of the elbow.
Attach the cuff cover if needed.
The cuff cover can be easily attached using the Velcro tape. You can use the clip to fix the air hose on the patient’s shirt in order to prevent the cuff from moving. After the carrying holder and belt as shown. After attaching the cuff, position the air hose behind the patient’s shoulder and connect the air plug of the cuff to the air socket on the recorder. The air plug should be tightened firmly until it does not turn any further. Slide the AUTO switch to “ON” on the side surface, and set the LOCK switch to “LOCK”. The ABPM mode is now ready. We recommend to run a test measurement. Press the START/STOP switch of the recorder to check if it works. If you see an error message, please check the cuff or other parts to see if they are properly attached. Put the recorder into the carrying holder.
Now, the ABPM set up is complete and you can instruct the patient to continuously wear the ABPM for 24 hours until the measurement cycle is complete. This is the procedure to set up the ABPM measurement software.
After installation of the ABPM Data Manager software, you can set the measurement mode by connecting the recorder to the USB port of your PC with the supplied USB cable. First, set the AUTO switch to “OFF”, and open the micro USB terminal at the bottom of the recorder to connect the USB cable.
Second, connect the USB cable to the USB port of the PC in which the analysis software has been installed. Click the Data Manager software icon to start the software. Click the Recorder icon on the home screen. Select the ABP tab to set the interval time of the measurement.
This screen shows the sample setting – the interval time of 30 minutes from 8 AM and 60 minutes from 10 PM. Click SAVE, and the clock setting screen displays. You can set the clock by synchronizing the time with PC clock. Finally, slide the AUTO switch to “ON”, and set the LOCK switch to “LOCK”.

The device starts ABPM at a pre-defined interval time. You can set the starting time and operation time as you like. To set the starting time, specify the time on the “Auto Start Time” on the screen. If you would like to finish the measurement automatically at a specific time, set the finishing time on “Operation Time” on the screen. How to use the Data Manager software Remove the recorder from the patient after the 24-hour measurement.
Take the recorder out from the pouch, and slide the AUTO switch to “OFF”.
After that, remove the cuff from the patient. ABPM data is transferred to PC. Confirm the AUTO switch is “OFF”.
Connect the included USB cable between the recorder and the USB port of the PC.
Confirm that “ON” displays in the lower part of the LCD panel.
Start the software and click the “Download Data” icon. Upon completion of downloading, the “Patient Info” window displays. Input the patient information.
Also you will need to input “Sleep Time” as necessary information for analysis.
Save the data after inputting.
The acquired BP data is automatically screened and any data judged as an error is automatically excluded. You can open data files stored in the DB from Common>Open. Click “Wave” on the data list to view the waveform data. Summary data can be confirmed in “Views” tab on the menu bar.
“Day” shows the daytime summary, and “Night” shows the night-time, (i.e. sleeping time) summary. And you can see the record in other chart formats including the trend graph. The data list can be exported from View>Export You can customize the reporting format using the “Layout” menu to print or output in a PDF format.
Check the desired items in the various checkboxes and click “Apply”. The design of the format will be updated.
After confirming that the data is safely stored in the DB, we recommend to delete the data from the device by clicking the “Erase” icon in order to prepare for the next ABPM measurement.

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