How To Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication Fix Sleeping Problems | Best Way To Sleep Better

How To Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication Fix Sleeping Problems | Best Way To Sleep Better

Finding it difficult to fall asleep? Waking up early and can’t sleep again? well here are my top tips to get a better night’s sleep without the use of medication did you hear that Anne, without the use of medication
“I did, sounds good” so the majority of causes of insomnia are due to life events rather than physical illness like stress, anxiety, smoking and drinking too much, watching TV and playing on our phones before we go to bed and these are all the kinds of things that can trick our bodies into wanting to stay active rather than going to sleep I see so many patients who have insomnia and most of them want these, sleeping tablets but actually most pharmacists, GPs and nurse practitioners tend not to recommend these & here’s why firstly they can be addictive, secondly they don’t promote restful sleep and thirdly they’re not fixing the root of the problem so here are my top tips let’s begin with daytime habits first set a specific time to wake up and go to sleep everyday I wake up at 6 a.m. every day and I mean I don’t really like it and I feel tired when I wake up but because of this when it’s nighttime I fall asleep almost straight away and it’s because your body it loves a cycle exercise in the day so you’re tired before you go to bed and I was planning on filming this whilst I was jogging but it’s really really rainy outside don’t work in your bedroom so keep it just for sleeping and don’t take naps throughout the day now let’s move on to bedtime habits try not to watch TV or play on your phones whilst in bed or before going to bed because what it does is it reduces the melatonin we produce which is the hormone which makes us feel more sleepy avoid big meals before going
to bed avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking especially in the evening as these are going to stimulate you so you won’t fall asleep it’s also worth mentioning that some prescribed medicines can also interfere with your sleep so if these symptoms have suddenly come about and you’ve been prescribed something new then speak to your pharmacist and they can check this for you and if you have a lot going on in your life which a lot of people do then try these calming techniques which I’ve left a link in the description below I think they’re really useful and it should help you sleep better and lastly let’s move on to the bedroom environment which I find is often overlooked have your bedroom at the right temperature and the best temperature has been found to be between 15.5 to 20 degrees use thick curtains to block out any morning sun or any light coming from street lights and this is the bit where I need some curtains to draw but we don’t have any here and lastly use the right bedding for the time of the year if you’re still having trouble sleeping after using all these tips then have a word with your GP, pharmacist or nurse practitioner and that’s it for this week’s video thank you for watching I hope you found this information useful and as always please help spread the word like, share and tag friends who will find this information useful hey guys thanks for watching here’s some bloopers from this week’s video make sure to hit that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos so the majority of causes of, so the majority of, majority of causes of insomnia it’s insomnia, insomnia is a
difficult word to say isn’t promoting restful sleep and thirdly I can’t remember what thirdly was beep, well it’s a shame that this doesn’t work

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  1. Please Google Dr Fagelman assault (youtube). I endured a Running punch to my head a hole in my retina since then I can't not sleep. That was over seven years ago. After September 11 I have insomnia sometimes I'd have it from the stress of being an activist but when I was a medical patient and I became a human punching bag for another doctors employee and employee who was not fired and employee came out followed me Menace me me believe me and I let Shane her boss took it to the Internet gaslighting lying and then into the deposition room they both committed perjury and that I'm not alleging they committed perjury and that's the truth. I stay up I can't fall asleep I fall asleep I wake up I cannot get back to bed I also worry about neurological problems. I'm having problems with going to the bathroom now I know I have a ton of fibroid tumor's but could it also be tied to the brain and the neurological system and my body is having such trouble specially because I can't sleep so I can't repair mind-body. In New York City in the USA I pay over $1000 for health insurance and it seems like the worst care terrible rip off in New York State and New York City protects corrupt MD as if they're pedophile priests and deserve to be above the law. Every step of the way I go about my place in New York and see signs if you were salt this person or that person or taxi driver but there's no protection for if you assault or violate a patient. Why is that? The violence the Buse the violations of my body my patient rights running punched my head she also shook my head back-and-forth via my hair pulling me and created a ton of floaters in my eyes besides the whole she punched in my right now then I don't sleep my eyes are so dry they hurt I'm stuck in fight and flight because they lied and lied via their representatives online from yelp to my own YouTube channel so I feel I have to monitor stay up I'm stuck in fight and flight adrenal overload and I had gained a ton of weight which is put more pain on my already messed up joints. I have such severe neck pain and degenerative disease in my neck as well as bulging herniated disc's. I became so hopeless I gradually started gaining lots and lots of weight.

    I had to become an oil free hope plant-based person to start healing I'm not 100% but I'm moving in that direction as close as I can at each day hoping it will help me heal so many problems I have in my body that are even more exacerbated by lack of sleep and I do not have sleep apnea

  2. The last time i slept very sweet was 7 jun 2017 after i depressed i lost my sweet sleep and am still on my sleep medication

  3. I’m a very heavy sleeper I’ve woken up 2 times ever to a alarm in my life I take 20 mg of melatonin but it never helps really

  4. I’ve tried all of these suggestions & still can’t manage to stay asleep the rest of the night 😭 I feel so frustrated by now, that’s why I turned to YouTube for help/tips. I go to sleep at 11:30 and wake up at 3:30 am! Uggh 😣

  5. im sorry but that doesnt work for me i always set a schedule for a painter so im busy all the time but can got 3 days with out sleep then a night of sleep because my body shuts down… then back to no sleep for few days then a night of sleep… i stop tv phone etc.. any where from and hour to 2 hours before trying to go to sleep and still doesnt work..I was prescribed ambien it worked once out of a full prescription..I HATE it when people just write off sleep issue when it really is a [email protected]#$^[email protected]# problem… it makes me a bit mad that hey your phone or tv or this nooo man im an adult i know when to set things aside for sleep..But its not even anything to do with that

  6. I live in a corner house in a neighborhood that is quite loud and bright throughout the night.
    The only solution I can find if I'm not extremely tired is to take 10mg of melatonin. :
    I have blackout curtains for the windows, but the lamp posts around here are really really bright.
    They are so bright that the light creeps under my bedroom door.

    I'd rather not put blackout curtains all around the house.

    Thinking of moving due to the noise problem.

  7. I found that weed and beer before bedtime, get me to sleep like a rock… I get up the next morning, happy, hungry, and with a powerful erection that won't go down even after I pee. It takes at least 30 minutes before it decides to go down… I don't know if it is the combination of them, or one of them is the wonderful cause of the restful night sleeping, my hunger in the morning, and the erection…When I don't take them before bedtime, the next morning, I am irritable, not hungry, and IT is flaccid, sad, looking down. Is there a doctor or a pharmacist that can explain that? I know weed makes people very hungry, but why the combination of them is making me sleep like a baby, and at 50 years old, my wife has never been so happy when it comes to the "bara bin bara bum".

  8. Do you have a video on sleep medications? My concern is my poor sleep is due to a neurological disorder. My mom suffers from insomnia also so it most likely has a genetic basis in my family. Lot of sleep medications impair REM sleep which causes drawbacks in finding the correct treatment. I am going to a doctor soon because at this point I am developing suicidal ideations.

  9. no mention of shift work. I work a graveyard schedule and getting decent sleep is near impossible. I won't sleep for days and then my body/mind finally gives and i'll binge sleep for 10-14 hours. Miserable.

  10. if you got problems going to sleep it's very easy to cure the problem take small doses I marijuana small hits and believe me you're going to go to sleep everything's going to pot Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings

  11. Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Roanayla Aries Apocarpous (google it)? It is a good one off guide for discovering natural health remedies minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got amazing success with it.

  12. My insomnia started Year 2017 and it’s not a chronic insomnia it would be gone for like months and be back again though I hate suffering from this insomnia😢

  13. Hey Abraham, i have watched your video on How to Cure Insomnia without medication, i too uploaded new video on Beat Insomnia Sleep Fast. Please watch the same.

  14. I am a 12 year old kid who goes to school when I go to bed I can't sleep so I go on my phone and I stay up until 2 AM and I wake up at 6AM or 7AM is there a way for me to not go on my phone when I'm in bed and sleep better?

  15. I've been an insomniac since I was a preschooler and I'm 39 now. It has wrecked my life and nothing I've tried works and sleeping pills are just a lousy bandaid and doesn't solve the problem. None of my friends of people I talk to can comprehend what it's like. Sure I mess around on my phone but if I didn't I would become depressed from hours of boredom night after night. 4,5,6, 7,8,9 even 10 hours laying in bed before I fall asleep. I would Litterally go crazy. I had a job for 2.5 years where I had to get up at 6:30 every morning and I was always screwing things up and putting myself and others in danger because I was always exhausted.

  16. The last 2 weeks I have been staying up all night falling asleep around 6am 8am and waking up at 4-5pm. Should I take Melatonin? Or do I just have to fix my sleeping schedule.

  17. also I've been to the doctor many different doctors about my problems and they don't help me or they give me medicine that's for anxiety which I do have but doesn't help me sleep

  18. Has anyone ever been cured from insomnia? Because i have never heard of anyone like that. Sending greetings from 4:30 am 😫

  19. Hi there. When I was younger I could fall asleep in a minutes or two. Jump forward to years later after a job that took me around OZ & the world. I retired a 70yrs. Still active doing jobs around my complex as committee chairman. Stuff like security cams, 16 so far, maintenance in the home, hobbies like making my own booze, travel around the country and international visits, active most days. But NOW over the last 6months or so regardless of what I do even though I'm in bed by 11:30pm I still wake up between 6am & 8am I no longer sleep well. There are times that I'm in bed by midnight latest but will lay awake tossing & turning for anything from two to five hours. Without some sort of help like alcohol, pain killer tabs, Dozile I stay awake. I am mildly diabetic but been that way for years. I'm not doing anything different for years, food, meds, working, activities, the only difference is AGE, now 77yrs! Is there any thing can do?

  20. Alright guys I got it. Just don't sleep. Stay up for the night and next day. Keep yourself busy with a hobby (prob not on phone). You can't sleep since you aren't tired. So don't force it.

  21. Wait until he reaches 70 he might have a sleep problem, then he will realize that all of what he has mentioned doesn't always work.

  22. My grandpa had insomnia and my dad as well. I think I have insomnia as well I could go 4 days with no sleep. I’ve done everything you said and nothing. I really don’t want to take medication but I might have to. This is effecting my life.

  23. I was born with insomnia. Nothing has worked for me so far. Some nights I get amazing sleep then I’ll get 30 min of sleep total in 3 days

  24. I wake up early, work construction all day, go to the gym, and still can't sleep. I need meds, sorry. Addictive, so what? It's back to my Nyquil and Benedryl cocktail tonight. I'm not going through this again.

  25. I share my room with 4 person one of them tell me today that I talk during sleep every 4oclock in the morning well this is natural so I can't do anything if anyone has a Better way to get rid of it so tell me here my work is so restless and gives me stress so I don't think that there is any other ways

  26. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor with insomnia, but i have all the symptoms so yeah I ended up here

    Edit: blocking out light doesn't help me. I have big eyes, and well how that works the bigger the eyes the more light gets let in. Well thats how it works for animals. But humans ARE animals so i see no difference. So I can see pretty well in the dark.

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