How to take an arterial blood gas (ABG) – OSCE guide

How to take an arterial blood gas (ABG) – OSCE guide

hi there my name’s one of the family of medical students could I just check your name and date of birth please sure it’s changed Alexander 13 to December 1989 nice to meet you James today I’ve been asked to do a procedure called an arterial blood gas this involves taking some blood from the artery in the wrist I’m going to use some local anesthetic so it shouldn’t be painful but it might be a bit uncomfortable is that okay sounds fine can I just check before we begin have you ever been told you have problems with your circulation okay do you take any blood thinners such as warfarin 19c okay and have you ever been told that you have problems with clotting know.brilliant can also check James do you have any allergies at all 19 brilliant I’ll just gather my equipment you James I’m just going to do a quick test to assess the blood supply to your hand could you just make a very tight fist for me and hold it there I’m now going to press on each side of the wrist keep your fist as it is and relax you gives us the end of the procedure thank you very much you

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  1. 1. You do not need, and will not be able to, in clinical practice, give local anaesthetic before doing ABG. they are done primarily in emergency situations and when venous sampling is unsuitable and 2. You should engage the needle safety device by pushing the cover against a surface; definitely not with your finger as theoretically this increases the risk of needle-stick injury.

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  4. Very helpful video. Only thing that always worries me when taking ABG samples is the possibility of injury while removing needle and applying firm pressure immediately with the other hand. Is that a thing?

  5. Kindly Explain the No. Of Guage Used during collection of sample and further process after collection of sample !

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