How to Spark Romantic Tension Instantly (ABC Nightline Filming)

How to Spark Romantic Tension Instantly (ABC Nightline Filming)

I just saw you and I just wanted to come
over and say hi so this is kind of creating a moment it’s creating a lot of tension because
I’m holding her hand she’s like imagine she’s just a stranger i’m holding hands
with a complete stranger like if she pulls away pull away that means she’s
just not comfortable but someone will be comfortable somewhat and if you can hold
that tension it’s going to be more powerful because it’s going to be sexual
tension showing your intent it away not having to hide it not
feeling ashamed of your attraction for her and just being outright and open and
honest honesty is another thing that women find
very attractive a lot of women have been burned at some point been lied to by men
or cheated on right away you’re showing your honest you’re not hiding anything you’re just saying hey listen this is
why I’m talking to because I’m a man you’re a very attractive woman and I
wanted to unapologetically talk to you hit on you approach you compliment you because it shows your confidence just
the fact that you walked up to our shows confidence but doing it this way is
going to show a lot more confidence this shows that you’re not hiding
anything goes honesty she was courage courage do you know the definition of
courage being afraid of something or having some fearsome hesitation but
doing it anyway going forward anyway that’s what we’re
doing here right so giving a genuine compliment is going
to work much better than using something indirect at nine out of ten times or
even more because the other reason is people are in a hurry women are in a hurry during the day you
go up to her like hey I need your opinion on something my friend his girlfriend just cheated on
him and should he take her back and you’re just making up some something
whether it’s true or not but usually it’s probably not going to be true something you read online to do or say
you’re wasting her time she’s just like what why is this guy talking to me why is he
asking me out of all these people it’s just it’s weird it’s awkward instead cut to the chase don’t waste
your time don’t waste your time either you know there’s more women for you to
talk to you don’t waste time talking to one woman having this 10-minute
conversation when it turns out she’s got a boyfriend you hit your interest so she didn’t tell
you that she had a boyfriend and you have this long interaction with her and
it didn’t go anywhere better to find out within 30 seconds is she in a relationship yes ok well
let’s keep going to look for somebody else you know so during the day people are
doing things women are busy they’re usually not just sitting there waiting
for a guy to talk to them is that right is that right yeah so we want to acknowledge the situation
i call it acknowledging the reality because if you just walk up and let’s
say she is walking really fast and you say hey you’re cute what’s your name she’s probably going to acknowledge you
and and talk to you but there’s a good chance you could just be like ah thank
you but can’t you see I’m in a hurry people are doing things during the day
so you just have to acknowledge what they’re doing instead you said hey I know you’re in a
hurry but I just had to tell you something so what else could women be doing during
the day sorry shopping so how would you acknowledge
the reality you you know if you’re going to go ahead and
complement that how would you acknowledge the reality
what would you say is your shopping exactly that is just say it it’s so easy just say what she’s doing
it right what else well it should be doing on the
phone ok so what did you do there what would
you say hey I know your phone good work good now the thing about the
phone though is it can be a little bit rude even if you acknowledge that she’s
on the phone hey look i know you on the phone but I want to come say hi it’s still a little rude isn’t that
isn’t that right so you want to acknowledge the fact that it’s a little
rude to interrupt somebody on the phone so you acknowledge what she’s doing but
you can also acknowledge what she’s thinking or feeling now we’re not mind
reader’s but you can assume in certain situations right like on the phone okay
that’s a little rude just acknowledge it she’s not going to think it’s rude if
you say it first should be checking her voicemail you
don’t know now she’s like yelling on the phone oh you know ok i probably wouldn’t
approach them you know there are some situations like that but generally
speaking if she’s doing something where it seems a little bit inappropriate as
long as it’s not like completely inappropriate like she’s getting married
him right then and there and you’re like a real quick before you get married come on I’ve seen youtube videos of you
know stupid people doing stuff like that so the other reason you want to
acknowledge the reality is because it takes more time so if i say hey you’re really cute how long from the point that I got their
attention did I say the compliment how long did
that take well together hey you guys are cute but
one second two seconds something like that ok so notice that vs hey real quick this is really random and I know you two
are busy I know you guys are eating is so rude
but I i just saw you when i was walking by and I had to come over and say you’re
absolutely adorable I want to introduce myself something
like that right how long did that take from the moment I got their attention to
the moment I came up the moment I gave the compliments about 20 seconds maybe
15-20 seconds much difference why did you guys see the difference you can feel the difference it’s a big
difference so what happens there is some tension
and create some tension that pausing because if I don’t do that it’s kind of
like it’s like a comedian who doesn’t build up the joke and then like maybe
you see comedian on stage and you try to tell your buddy the same joke and he’s like well I don’t get it that’s
not funny it’s because you didn’t create the attention you didn’t have that same
build up right so what we’re doing here is we’re
building that up building that tension she doesn’t know what you’re going to
say up into that . she might be thinking that you’re going to ask for money hopefully you don’t look like somebody
that would ask for money but you might think you’re trying to sell her
something she might think you’re gonna ask you to do a survey right as always
people selling things and doing surveys she doesn’t know why you’re going to
what you’re going to say so it creates tension because you’re a man she’s a
woman especially if you’re close if she’s sitting down is less tension but
if she’s close then I’m gonna we’re going to do some
examples later then it creates sexual tension that’s what you want that’s not
going to be a friendly conversation with that kind of interaction you’re not
going to end up in the friend zone but it lets say she’s eating right same
thing the same as I think hey listen I know you girls are eating and it was
really rude to her up somebody whether whether eating but I just had to tell
you and then whatever it is that you have to
tell them whatever that you wanted to say the compliment
the genuine sincere compliment after the games that their reaction whether you
like to continue talking or we like one that will you make a decision of what to
do that what do you think i think i’ve stayed too long before and the so good .
it during the day people are busy you got to see what they’re doing also notice the reaction if she seems
really busy she’s like on our way to work if she
tells you like hey listen I got to get to work in like two minutes then you can
keep it very short but if you ask somebody up to right now she says oh
nothing i’m a taurus I’m just walking around I’m nothing to do all day and you
don’t have to think okay I better go that makes sense she’ll give you that
indicator she’ll give you that indicated that
makes sense but it is indicates the way couple people have been real so if you’re going to stand with us it’s
two girls having a meal if I’m standing and they’re sitting this situation isn’t
very ideal because i’m less comfortable than that right you two look pretty
comfortable I’m standing I’m less comfortable ok if
there’s nowhere to sit and I have to stand the whole time then
I’m going to keep it very short i’m going to be very sure i’m not gonna have
a 10-minute interaction not going but I’m a five-minute interaction we keep it
two to three minutes max maybe not even that long if they’re like obviously like
in the middle of eating like their food is already there i’m not i’m probably
gonna say look I saw you here I know this is totally rude but I had to come
over and say hi to your friend here hi nice to meet you listen I gotta run I would do a quick qualifier which we’ll
get into in a second and then get her phone number and go that’s it would be
like a minute so you should cuz it was because of the
situation now there’s somewhere to sit that could be totally different i’m
going to gauge the reaction if they’re like oh hi where are you from if they’re asking me questions then
that’s an indicator that they want to stay the indicators that there that are
really interested in you and they want you to stay are really obvious usual now if you’re not getting those in
indicators that doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you that just means the
situation isn’t ideal for you to stay like the girl could be really attracted
to me but she’s like met up she’s having breakfast you’re having lunch with her
mother or something like that you know and just want to be rude and just like
talk to me for 10 minutes ignore her mom right she could but she
could be really attracted me so many keep it really short does that make sense the indicators are
very obvious it’s not like you know the old if you
guys read like mystery method were like oh she touched her hair and you know you
touched your elbow like things like that those don’t mean anything don’t worry
about those talk about obvious things make sense like she’s asking you questions or she’s
touching you or she gives you a really long handshake things like that they’re pretty obvious and also time
constraint ok you guys know what time concerning is
just say hey real quick that’s a time constraint I gotta get
going just saying I have to go in a second I’m not going to take up too much of
your time okay so start hey real quick and then acknowledged whatever she’s
doing whatever she could potentially be thinking I say this all the time and say
this is totally random because it is for her it’s not random
for me at all that is random for her I guarantee it doesn’t happen women
don’t get approach during the day very often it’s it’s pretty rare if they do it’s not the way we’re doing
it it’s like a really indirect way really
cheesy way or it’s like damn girl like things like that damn beautiful it’s not
an approach it’s just like she’s walking by and they they look at her in the yell so this is very random or you could say unexpected if it’s in a
situation that’s a little awkward i’ll give you some examples she’s with a
big group she’s in a lingerie store she is what
else would be awkward I don’t know not that many things are awkward but
let’s say let’s take the lingerie store you want to say you want to acknowledge
that hey look this is really awkward right hey real quick this is totally awkward
but I was just walking by and I had to tell you then the compliment you’re
absolutely beautiful kick myself by and say hi you can also acknowledge your reality to
what could your reality will notice in that example I was just walking by and I
noticed you that’s my reality you can also
acknowledge the way you’re feeling which could be nervous or it could be i don’t
usually do this if that’s true don’t say that if you’ve been doing this
over and over again I did that one time I said I don’t usually do this the girl says I can tell you do this a
lot and I got called out called me on my bullshit ok so if you’re feeling nervous it’s
much better to acknowledge it much better to say it then to say hi i
just saw you here and I wanted to say hi just say look I don’t usually do this
i’m actually kind of nervous but I had to come over and give you a compliment

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