How to reduce your cholesterol fast! Lower blood pressure!

How to reduce your cholesterol fast! Lower blood pressure!

nobody wants high cholesterol
what’s going on Mixonites I am Nathen Mixon with
and in this video I’m going to tell you how to reduce your cholesterol but
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like button major problems can occur we have high cholesterol that may just stop
you in your tracks high cholesterol can expedite the list of heart disease but
that’s the least of your worries because you can actually have a heart attack
waiting around the corner you don’t have to fret because there are
ton of medications out there on the market today that will help reduce your
cholesterol but why I spend all that time sitting in the doctor’s office
spent all that money on a medication that may possibly have side effects when
there are a few changes you can do right now that can mitigate that risk of high
cholesterol if your goal is to reduce your cholesterol without even having to
work out make sure you check out these three tip I got for you you can start
off by eating better fat both the red meat and also dairy is one
of the primary sources for saturated fats although dropping these items off the
menu is definitely definitely an option it doesn’t have to be the answer all you
have to do is just maybe reduce the intake I do love my steaks and I do love
my ice cream and things of that nature but even though it’s delicious it has a
possibility to erase that bad cholesterol otherwise known as
low-density lipoprotein or LDL the reason why it’s considered bad is
because it can possibly the clog your arteries treat you by like a
top-of-the-l ine high quality vehicle investing in only the finest cuts of meats
in you know using monounsaturated fats as fuel another thing you can do is
invest in wheys supplements not only does whey protein helps to
maintain the muscle that you already have but it also helps you lower your
LDL and your overall cholesterol when ingested and one more thing you should
be doing is even a lot more omega-3 fatty acids in actuality omega-3 fatty
acids has nothing to do with your LDL cholesterol levels my point is LDL
actually weakens the heart but omega-3 fatty acid actually strengthens it
utilizing high density lipoproteins which is also known as a good
cholesterol the reason why is considered the good cholesterol
is because it takes all the cholesterol from your body and filters
it out through your liver the goal is to reduce the triglycerides which are also
known as fats that’s inside your blood and this process actually reduces your
blood pressure omega-3 fatty acid can be found in things like almonds and also
dez nuts (joke) if you like fish why don’t you try the salmon and in the description
below I left a list of things that may contain omega-3 fatty acids so make sure
you go check that out right now also that that pretty much concludes the
video so I hope you like what you heard today if it helps you out make sure you
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turned on alright Peace you think I love my steak I love my my
dairy products but at the same time it also raises bad cholesterol also known
as LDL or maybe low density

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  1. Sir could u plz release ur video with english subtitles … Im from india ..i could not not understand this video much ..😥

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