How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

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  1. My dad doesn’t get much sleep. I think he’s been getting 3-4 hours for years due to his job. I’ve only seen him sick once in my 14 years of life and he wasn’t even that sick.

  2. Less antibiotics, but … everytime I have a disease, my doctor gives me prescription of antibiotics, hmmm?

  3. How I avoid?

    I just cover my nose and mouth whenever someone coughs or sneezes with the top of my shirt.
    People hate me for it but I never get sick 😄


  4. As a person who is usually has a mild cold allllll winter this year I developed an obsession with honey sandwiched I’d have 3-4 a day! I loved them and I wasn’t getting sick like at all until now because I have not been having my honey sandwiches hahaha

  5. Lol. You all worried about getting sick in the winter and I'm over here living in summer all through the year (South India is hot. Hot. And I mean hot)

  6. Doc do you know if these advises apply to people with over active inmune system. I have lupus. Thank you 🙏🏼

  7. I have a question. For medical people who works many hours in the hospital, is it recommended to still do exercise even if sleep deprived? Thanks

  8. Doctor Mike is usually known as just this hot doctor but in reality, he's quirkier than we think he is hahahah

  9. Listen Doctor Varshavski, jamaican grannies are never wrong when it comes to home remedies. And white rum cures all.
    Put it in your coffee for the flu, and mix it with honey and lime for a cough.
    Sop your body with it for a fever.
    I'm telling u, idk about other liquors. But jamaican white rum cures everything…. everything

  10. More sex?? How many times in a week, you didn't mention. By the way I will follw trace of you.

  11. I got sick 3 times in the span of 3 months. I'm talking getting sick for 2-3 weeks, going to the doctor to get a Zpack, getting better, then getting sick again the next month. It was awful and I was getting really concerned as it felt like I couldn't ever make a full recovery. It was my final semester of highschool and we had a policy that if you kept your absences down you wouldn't need to take your exams. I was kicking my ass off studying for my AP classes and trying to not miss school so I didn't have to worry about more exams.

    The last visit to my doctor, she prescribed some more antibiotics and told me, if I wanted to get better, that school needed to be but on the back burner and that stress and lack of sleep was preventing my immune system from recovery. We had also had a lesson in my psychology a few weeks prior about the pros and cons of stress and how when it becomes too much it can affect you physically. I decided at that point that the universe was trying to tell me something and prioritized sleep. I was able to finish my semester strong without getting sick again.

  12. Every time I got the flu shot my arm turned red and became hot and excruciatingly painful to move or touch. Then I'd come down with a fever of 104 within 24 hours. It would take 2 months for my pain to subside and at least one month before I could lift my arm more than 6 inches from my side without recoiling in pain. I got the flu shot four times with the exact same result each time, now I refuse to get them. My left arm nearly has a permanent knot in my bicep where they were all given. So I depend on others to get them and for those who are sick to stay the heck home.

  13. I agree with everything, but the flu shot. The flu virus is always changing from year to year, and therefore, is not that effective.

  14. I find that not eating sugar keeps me away from Doctors offices 🙂 I like the sock tip though! Great list!

  15. The making of is awesome!! You're so funny😂😂😂. Too happy that there are doctors like you, who prevent good health and not just remedy. Pleaseee, make more videos like this when you can 😊😊

  16. So helpful—thanks!

    Regarding the power of human touch, I get massage therapy every three to four weeks because of my scoliosis. I know it helps my mental state almost as much as my pain levels! Glad to know it may be supporting my immune system, too!

    And you’ll be happy to hear that I walked into the kitchen and drank another big glass of water thanks to your video. 😁

  17. Never had the flue shot. The only thing wrong with me is, I bleed "down there" what seams to be all the time, I had a sinus condition one time to ware I thought I was dieing.

  18. I got sick before then I went to the hospital for injection to check if I was sick but I was sick because my ((daddy father)) checked it if I was sick but I was scared for injection I almost cried kids are scared to get sick and go to the hospital for injection i will subscribe to everyone's video if a get 4,99K likes on this comment love you I didn't subscribe because I didn't have 4,99K likes on this comment please give 4,999 or 4,99K

  19. Flu shots are bad , they are chemical toxins to your body . The first time I got the flu shot that was the last time
    I got sick after flu shot and I still got the flu . When I don’t get the flu shot I don’t get flu . It’s the big business for pharmaceutical companies and it’s toxic to your body . Is it true md don’t Learn nutritions in school ?

  20. I would like to be a doctor , I started medical school in my country, it’s been 3 years now since i moved to USA and because of the English I feel so insecure and scare to go back to it

  21. Agua, comer sano, sexo (más en invierno), ser limpio… ejercicio, no estrés, miel…ommmm omm. Dormir. Gracias desde uruguay

  22. These literally are all examples of things my parents always taught me but my friends never believed me. 😂😂Who is laughing now?

  23. eat right and wash your hands. mic drop …… honey?!?!?!? no thanks Diabetic I eat no sugar except the natural sugar in non root veggies

  24. I was hoping to see this: Don't touch your face, especially not in public. It just spreads your germs to others and vice versa.

  25. Had literally no idea you could get the flu jab if you are a young adult. Relatively cheap and easy in UK. I get very badly affected by the flu so this could change my life lol

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