How to Manage Stress While Preparing for JEE & NEET | Stress Management Techniques to Crack JEE Main

How to Manage Stress While Preparing for JEE & NEET | Stress Management Techniques to Crack JEE Main

Sir, we have seen a lot of students taking
undue stress And not necessarily the students. We have seen parents, peer groups and teachers also do the same. All these factors (social factors) amplify the stress a lot. These are like what, 15, 16, 17 years old kids. Right? Though you have answered this question just now. But we would like to ask you, how do students, during these intense two years preparation manage stress? Right? How to manage stress? What would be your advice? So, in this case, I apply break theory. In my personal life also, there is an intense stress level due to bulk assignments. We can say that it’s almost equivalent to
preparing for IIT exams. And that too, round the year. So, what I do is, I decide my breaks in advance. Suppose after 1 month…
as I am a travel lover personally. So, what I do is, I usually pre-book the tickets 2-3 months before hand. Now, during those 2-3 months, I can work without stress as I know that I am going for a trip after 2-3 months. Sometimes, I also schedule short breaks. For example, I usually book movie tickets
10-15 days in advance. And these are pre-decided and included in the time table. So, there is a short break and a long break
in 2-3 months gap. These are the activities which lowers down
my stress level and I give the same advice to my younger son who is preparing for IIT. You haven’t spared your younger son! Great! So, there must be many relevant questions
going on at home right now… Seriously, the thought is very good. So, how would you suggest the break theory you are talking about… how aspirants can apply this to their 2 years preparation? They can do whatever they like… Many of them would like to play cricket or watching movies. So, they should inform their parents beforehand, that they are going for a movie after a week. Or if someone has holidays after 2-3 months,
they should inform their parents in advance that they will take a break for 2-3 days. So, you will notice that work goes smoothly
in this way, because somewhere in your mind you are relaxed that you are going to take
a break someday. Anand, I would like to ask you the same question. How do you suggest these aspirants manage
stress of these 2 years preparation? So, I would quote with an example here. Again, a student… he was preparing for medical exam And he was doing good for, you know, almost one and a half years. And, Suddenly, I saw that his marks started dipping. When October came, when he was in 12th standard. And I tried to find out the reason why his
marks are going down, but I failed to find any reason why his marks is were dipping down. His hard work was increased, he was completing all his work, but his marks were still lowering down consistently, test by test. Actually, it was the first batch of medical
which I was teaching. So, I once jokingly told Vamsi and my another Co-founder, Pulkit, who teaches maths, that at least 2 students will make it to AIIMS
from this batch of 15 students. Pulkit told me that “ You seriously think
that 2 students from a small city like Patila will make to AIIMS? How is it possible?” So, for the first time, I was afraid as a
teacher that will I seriously be able to prove my words or not. Because as teachers, we become parents of
the kid and we feel stressed also. So, I tried to pass my stress to that medical
aspirant saying that “ You might be missing something, you should work harder”. So something similar happened to sir’s point. So, once we were playing cricket after class,
and I called him, “Amit, just come here and play cricket with us”. And he said, “No sir, I am taking a break
from sports, as I am totally focussed on studies And that was the Eureka moment! I thought that this is the reason why he is
lagging behind and he should play. I called his parents the very next day and
asked them why they were restricting him from sports? They told me that they asked him to refrain from sports so that he could crack AIIMS. I told them, “Sir, if you stop him from
playing cricket, he is not going to crack AIIMS at any cost.”, and parents were completely
furious.Because most of the time, I think, parents require counselling. So, I assured them to leave all the worries
to me and I will prepare him to crack AIIMS. Just let me do what is necessary. And then he started playing cricket for 1
hour, and suddenly his marks improved. And, finally he got AIR 7 in AIIMS. So, clearly, I would resonate with what sir
has said that If he wouldn’t have taken that break or changed his routine, then perhaps
he wouldn’t have cracked AIIMS. And as teachers, many a times we don’t find that reason, as it’s hard to find these type of reasons. And I think that taught me as a teacher a lot,
and from there I think, I have been following what sir has said. I try to find out what are the hobbies of
the kid, and try to ensure that they follow their hobbies in between sometime when they
are stressed out. Very interesting! So, you guys are saying that balance is critical. It’s not like leave everything during these
2 years of preparation and just concentrate on studies. Then you will lose your identity itself. It’s imperative that you should find that
balance, right? And that will make you successful and as well
as enjoy the two years preparation because enjoyment is also important. As Vamsi we always say that, I think, it’s the journey
which is more important than destination. So, I think, the journey is more important than the destination. So, you know, so, I think that’s critical.

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  1. my parents always use to say NEET ke xam ke baad duniya khatam nhi ho jaigi moveis aana bannd nhi ho jaenge … no vacation … no breaks…

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