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  1. I love working at Starbucks, just got partner of the quarter, and I want to bring my art to a real cafe but there aren't any in my area. Starbucks won't pay the bills.

  2. man you should make10 second videos showing ONLY how to pour and do the art.. there's hundreds of videos out there saying how to foam, which milk to use, how to grip, how high you should start, etc etc. but you're good at doing that art, so show us how!!

  3. I'm doing cert 2 in hospitality and we're learning to make café style coffees and this is super helpful. Also I just love seeing cute design on things so double thanks.

  4. Oh my goddd. This is the third video I've clicked into now and I'm getting impatient. Thought this was a latte art video. Why am I watching you make the entire espresso. Just show me the art. He spends forever talking about what he's going to do but takes forever to actually do what the video says. May as well watch you heat up the machine for half an hour too. Biggest waste of my time lol.

  5. He’s too messy. We did this in the 90’s, and were taught by people that did it in the 70’s. We also did a lot of different designs. Old news

  6. Coffee love to
    A favorite drink is that it be whipped cream and espresso no no no I left McDonald's

    cappuccino frappe

  7. I know is this old but did this guy seriously just say steaming the milk properly is an important step, only to not explain his steaming process looool

  8. Legend has it this barista is still slinging coffee at the same shop, just with a stronger glasses prescription.

  9. I really liked how not pretentious he was, I felt like he was a really friendly guy who would be a great person to get trained by

  10. For anyone wanting to pour latte art without espresso machine is that you can heat up some milk, pour it into a french press, froth it up using the filter. And pour into instant espresso, or chocolate syrup with hot water. It's not as aesthetically pleasing, but it gets the job done.

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  12. The shots are dead 😵 you did not add the milk fast enough. The espresso shots are in only good for 10 secs.. they get bitter after that.

  13. I always need dat cup o caf in the morning or I dont feel myself at all. That and some music that gets the pipes going like Enter Sandman by Metallica, Wasted by Delta Parole or Everlong by Foo Fighters! Then my day can start.

  14. I’ve been a barista for a couple months now. Sometimes I do better than others, but in general my milk looks pretty good.. but aside from a couple lucky times, my latte art is just atrocious. Lots of practice to go!

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