How To Make a Glowing Heart of Te Fiti Candy (Moana IRL)

How To Make a Glowing Heart of Te Fiti Candy (Moana IRL)

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop in the past we’ve done some fun experiments with candy and today I have a new one. I want to try. I want to see if we can make some glowing candy That’s right. Candy that actually Luminess is in all of my research I wasn’t able to find any foods that actually put off light on their own So I’m going with the next best thing and I’m going to see if I can make candy that glows under a blacklight Edible substances that glow under a blacklight are also fairly uncommon and actually I was only able to find two one of them is quinine which has a horrendously bitter and Overpowering taste so I didn’t want to use that the other thing I found is vitamin b2 also known as riboflavin a little bit of reading tells me that riboflavin is Non-toxic even at fairly high doses which we aren’t even going to use in this recipe So I’m going to see if we can use this vitamin to give some bright backlight glow to our candy I figured if we’re going to have some candy that glows under a blacklight We might as well pick something that looks like it should Glow so the goal today is to see if we can make some glowing green candy that looks like the heart of Te Fiti stone From the movie Moana the first step will be to make a heart of Te Fiti Stone that we can then mold to cast our candy in to make our stone I have this yellow sculpey brand polymer clay, which you bake in the oven to make it hard And I also have this same two-part silicone mold rubber that we use to make our thumb molds unfortunately I don’t have a lot of tips on how to sculpt something to look how you want Except to look up pictures of what you want it to look like and then squish it until it’s in the right shape The stone in the movie is not quite as wide as a person’s palm So I’m going to try and make it one and a half maybe two inches tall I think this seems like about a good amount of clay If I start forming it and it’s too big or too small I can add a little bit more or take some off Squish it around a little bit to get it kind of soft roll it into a sort of a ball Not like a really good ball, but kind of round That’s sort of round now. Let’s flatten that out a little bit And I want a tapered edge going around rounded edge, nothing sharp All right, I think that is a pretty good approximation of the size and shape of the stone We can see it’s not quite as wide as my whole palm But it’s still got some good sides to it so now. It’s time to start carving in the decorations on the front of the stone Lightly marking in where all my lines to go All right there we go we have our nice Carved out heart of Te Fiti I’ve tried to match the patterns on it to the movie as well as I could It’s probably not a hundred percent, but it’s pretty good. I think now we need to bake this in the oven at 275 Fahrenheit or 130 Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes All right, I think our clay is ready to take out of the oven let’s see how it’s looking You really use tools not your hands to pull it out, but foil is so thin. It doesn’t conduct all that much heat Let’s let that cool down for a minute. Okay. I think our stone is now cooled down pretty well. It’s looking good now Just to get rid of any of the little scuffs or burrs I left on the surface I want to hit this with some sandpaper to really smooth it down now It’s not very rough and doesn’t need a lot of changes, so I’m gonna hit it with some 800 grit sandpaper Which is fairly fine, and then some 2,000 grit sandpaper, which is actually very smooth I’m hoping for a little bit of a shiny look on it Did get a little bit of cracking along the back as it baked but Pretty minor it’s on the back. I’m not worried about it Of course I don’t want to sand so much that I lose any of the details. I carved in But it’s a pretty fine grit sandpaper, so I’m not very worried All right, that’s with the 800. Let’s move on to our mm Mm. Grit, sandpaper, it doesn’t even really feel like sandpaper. Just kind of feels like normal paper. Honestly, but It does make a difference There we go I think our heart of Te Fiti stone is now complete, and I think it’s looking really good So let’s use our two-part silicon mold rubber and make a mold on this stone Now to make sure that we are able to pour our candy into our mold I have a little bit of this modeling clay that I’m going to attach to our heart of Te Fiti stone to make a pour spout So that it’s not just completely closed up once the whole thing is covered in silicone There will be an opening where this bit of clay is that’s where we’ll be able to pour in the candy so now We’ve got our two-part silicone. It’s just two putties that look kind of like silly putty really a couple of blobs there’s a blob of purple a Blob of white those look about the same size, maybe just a smidgen more white now. We need to squish those all together Let’s just knead this until it’s all one uniform color with no more streaks in it there We go that looks like one smooth texture. No more streaking no more marbling. Let’s apply it to our stone Smooshing it down because I want a nice smooth flat surface that I can press in to really pick up all of the details of Our little part of taffy tea here If you recall this stuff can actually do really good detail on the thumb suckers We were able to pick up Grant and my fingerprints in the thumbs So I’m hoping that the level of detail in the stone will be no problem for it Alright, it’s nice and enveloped And I’m just gonna stick that down onto the counter and give it a nice flat spot Hopefully that will make it so that we’re trying to pour candy into it it will hold itself up nicely I’ve also added a little bit of a thicker Ridge on this side That’s where we’ll cut in the mold open to be able to pull out our heart of Te Fiti stone master and the candy once We’ve cast it in there Our silicone mold should only take 15 or 20 minutes to cure before we can take out the yellow heart of taffy D stone inside it and while it’s doing that we’re gonna get started making our candy as I explained we want to use some of the Coloring in the b2 vitamins in our candy to make it so it will glow under a blacklight So let’s take out a few of these tablets and grind them up into a powder That will hopefully dissolve into some water. You can see these are pretty bright yellow colored although They don’t look like they’re anything really spectacular. It’s just sort of yellow tablets I’m going to start with just two of them and see how much powder we get out of that two of these tablets into our mortar Starts pushing it up pestle I think this one’s the mortar. This is the pestle but maybe I have that backwards That grinds up into a powder very quickly Our candy recipe calls for 3/4 cups of water, so that’s how much I have in this little pot here I’m going to now pour our powder into our pot Now let’s do a test with our backlight to see how much this water and riboflavin mixture will glow Whew We’ll give that Without the backlight with the black light That lights up beautifully It’s such a good bright color. I’m excited. You can see everywhere That’s flashed onto the counter, so we’ve got our mixture, and that’s blowing really well But it has a lot of this thick yellow powder down in it And I really just want the water to be glowing on its own So let’s see if we can filter out all of the yellow powder, so we’re just left with the dyed water We’ve got a coffee filter here and a mason jar without the covering part of the lid I have the ring, so let’s just stuff the coffee filter down in most of the way Hold it over the lip And screw the ring over the coffee filter this way It’ll hold all the liquid and I don’t have to try and hold the filter on with one hand while I’m pouring It’s just better alright here goes It’s so bright that looks like just straight highlighter ink straight out of the world of Avatar or something just like straining out Concentrated magic now. We have some essence of b2 vitamin, and it glows beautifully in a black light Let’s use this to make our candy one thing I did talk about how I didn’t want to use quinine because it’s extremely bitter Riboflavin doesn’t taste all that great either, but I’m hoping that Diluted like this and mixed in with all of the sugar in the candy it’ll be pretty good and just as a small test I’m gonna take a sip of this and see how it is It’s not great it does have a little bit of a bitter taste to it and a little bit like dirt I Guess but it’s pretty mild I think it’s a flavor that could easily be masked by all the sugar and the flavorings we’re going to add to our candy We’ll see once we’re finished. Our candy recipe if you don’t remember it is two cups of sugar 2/3 cups of corn syrup and 3/4 cups of water And as our water we have our neon glowy juice Now let’s throw this on the stove and stir it until all of the sugar is dissolved There we go, I think the sugar at this point is just about dissolved, so let’s put in the candy thermometer and let it go 260 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to add some food coloring I’m just gonna add a little bit of green to try and match the color of the movie We don’t need to stir the color in the bubbling action will do that for us Right at 300 remove from the heat We’re going with a nice lemon flavor today lime maybe would have matched the color better, but lime flavoring is a lot harder to find While the candy is cooking on the stove, let’s de mold our heart of Te Fiti stone And see how it turned out pop this clay right off? Take a razor, and we’ll carefully cut along the edge of it Pull that out It’s looking pretty good in there see quite a bit of our carved in details I like that let’s actually just use a little bit of electrical tape wrapped around this to hold it closed Now I’m quite sure if I try and pick up the whole pot and pour it into that little spot, I’m just gonna spill Everywhere, so I’m gonna try scooping up some candy in this spoon and drizzly get in a little bit slower That looks like a spoonful of Ninja Turtle ooze And I’m still spilling it all over so Imagine how much worse it would be if I use the whole pot I think that is full Okay our mold has cooled down I think so it’s time to see how our candy heart of Te Fiti has turned out take off this tape little shards of Candy that dribbled on the outside come on more shards So far looking good Oh yeah Beautiful, I’m just gonna break off a little pour spout stuff on top, but that has some pretty good details in it. It’s not Perfect, but you can tell what that is that looks a lot like the one in the movie That is really cool now It does have a little bit of a frost and texture that we often get from the candy So I am gonna try hitting with some heat. I’ll start on the back and see if it’s working there I’m just gonna use our little wind resistant lighter here See if I can clear it up just a little bit Yes, just like that Beautiful Now I actually went ahead and made two other molds as well so that I could produce Multiple of these Hearts of Te Fiti at once so let’s see how these ones turned out beautiful three Hearts of Te Fiti. One of which is a lollipop. That’s pretty excellent. It’s gonna taste some of these little scraps here I’m really good. I can’t take any of the bitterness from the riboflavin I’m just getting sugar and lemon that’s really good well There’s one more very important test and that’s to see how well these hearts glow in blacklight I’m excited. I think they’re gonna glow really well. Alright here goes. We’ve got our backlight. We’ve got our heart. Ah HA! Oh that looks amazing Look at that glowing Oh even better glowing green Heart of Te Fiti stone There we go our heart of Te Fiti candy glowing under backlight stones turned out just the way I was hoping they would they’re Translucent, but not a hundred percent clear like the ones in the movie They’re made of candy not like the ones in the movie, and they glow under a blacklight, which is just it looks so Cool the b2 vitamin tablets that we use to get the color and the glowing effect did not affect the taste negatively You really can’t taste the bitterness at all And it just the glowing is phenomenal and that was just with two tablets for this whole batch of candy it working really well This is a very fun project You can sculpt kind of whatever shape you want and mold it and then make your own shape of candy We’ve done something similar with our thumb suckers of course, but I really just wanted to try the glowing aspect of it I’m very happy with how it turned out Thanks for joining us for this video and remember to come gear yourself up with products and merch at the king of random dot com see you there Good See you’ve coated a banach bio luminescent algae as a distraction Hey guys, if you are on twitter come follow me on twitter at the king of random It’s a great place to connect with me one on one That’s all I’m gonna say about that because if you want to you will and if you don’t you won’t

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