How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure. If your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher,
you need to get it down! The good news is that many of the steps you
can take are painless, and some are downright enjoyable. You will need Potassium-rich foods Red wine
A pedometer Dark chocolate A pet and spirituality. Step 1. Consume less sodium, which contributes to
hypertension. It’s not enough to just put away the saltshaker
– check food labels as well. Many prepared foods, like canned soup and
frozen meals, are loaded with sodium. Step 2. Eat more baked potatoes – with the skin
– plus other potassium-rich foods like acorn squash, bananas, orange juice, and halibut. Dozens of studies prove that a potassium-rich
diet helps combat the blood pressure-raising damage of a high sodium diet. Step 3. Drink one glass of red wine every day, but
limit yourself to just one glass. Step 4. Lose weight if you need to. Obesity has been linked to hypertension. Track your steps with a pedometer. People who use them walk up to 2,000 steps
more, which can help them reduce their weight _and_ their blood pressure. Step 5. Get a pet. Not only does having one lower blood pressure,
petting them has been shown to increase levels of the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin
in their owners. Step 6. Eat some chocolate every day. The trick is to keep the portion small – say,
bite-size – and make sure you’re munching dark chocolate made mostly from cocoa solids. It should taste a little bitter. Step 7. Become more touchy-feely. Research indicates that people who hug and
hold hands are calmer. Step 8. Start praying. One study found that people who attend weekly
religious services have lower blood pressure than those who don’t attend at all. Did you know By 2025, 1.6 billion people worldwide
are expected to have high blood pressure.

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  1. Voted down only because of the "start praying" bit at the end. Advocating religious crap and making people dumber by telling them to believe in invisible deities is not a healthy way to go through life.

  2. My blood pressure vacillates from 108-65 to 155-90, and I'm a long distance runner at perfect body weight, have been eating dark chocolate most of my life, don't eat salty foods (I check food labels), have great sex at least 2-3 times a week, I have a dog, sleep good most of the time…….so why is mine high on occasion? I'm not going to start taking beta blockers or ACE inhibitors because you're on those pills for life.

  3. This is the most RETARDED method to lower blood pressure. 1. Salt doesn't cause high Blood Pressure. 2. Eating High Carb Potatos Will not help you lower Blood Pressure.

    Step 8: "One study Found" lol – Doing A Does Not = B, freaking horrible BRO-SCIENCE in the making here!

    Drug industry Lowered the "Normal" range of Blood pressure to get more of you to buy their Drugs. I can't wait for "Big Pharma" to get smacked for this. But may be 40 years from now, when we all died from Lipitor.. lol.

  4. How to lower blood presure
    You will need:
    A computer with internet
    Step 1-go to a howcast video ( more than one would be better)
    Step 2-read the comments
    Did you know? howcast is running out of ideas.

  5. 1.Normal blood pressure varies by age, gender and lifestyle. So get the target right first. 140/80 is a myth.
    2. Sodium-Potassium balance is key, get more potassium, low sodium is dangerous.
    3. Three common nutrient deficiencies that contribute to hypertension, Low vitamin D (over 70% odfUS higher in Northern areas) low Calcium and low Magnesium.
    4. Dehydration, common, thickens the blood.
    5. Lack of sleep/stress.
    6. Bad posture limiting oxygen.

    Hypertension can extend life in some cases.

  6. @rajeshkr206 IF U WANT TO REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE HERES AN EFFECTIVE WAY. Put onion juice into grape beer and drink about 50ml everyday. Worked for me! Try it! Reply back if it worked and don't forget to tank me!

  7. high blood pressure is the cause of strokes of heavy bleeding in brain. also it narrows blood vessels and causes heart failure and heart problems. and kidneys can lose their abilty to function

  8. Im 19, i lift weights. I went from 110 to 160 of lean muscle in a year and i checked my blood pressure today and it was 131 over 70 something. Is that bad?

  9. Your blood pressure amount should be checked by a Dr. or physical therapist. You would be surprised how many people think they are Dr.s or some such.
    In my opinion i think it can be delt with like mine was. Check food labels for added sodium/salt and all its other names in the ingredients list. Go fresh instead of caned or packaged as it isn't hard and you know what your putting in and how much.

  10. I got my blood pressure tested today, and it was 104 over 67. Is that too low? I'm 16, female, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds.

  11. It was about mid-day, maybe 2 or 3, I was doing errands at the grocery store with my mom and they were checking blood pressure free with the cuff. I've had problems with dizziness since about sixth grade, pretty much only when I play the clarinet or the flute, though. It's been getting better the last couple of years because I've learned to take bigger breaths more often, but it used to be during marching practice, everything went black and it felt like needles were stabbing my eyes.

  12. I'm pretty sure I've already told him, plus the walk-in people I have to go visit for physicals for school. My mom has always had low blood pressure, too, though, and my dad's is high. Maybe I just take after my mom?

  13. Very informative. I'll be using some of those facts. Especially going back to church as i havnt been for ages and ages. And i go out jogging alot on some days of the week.

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  16. Get a pet! Very silly advice… I hate pets, they are way too annoying. If you like pets, you probably already have one anyway.

  17. To the spirituality part:

    Prayer or meditation is shown to calm people down and lower stress thus reducing blood pressure. An alternative to non-spiritual atheists or agnostics is to do peaceful activities like strolling through a park, partaking in yoga or a form of meditation- mindful meditation for example.

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  19. Thanks for the tip. I confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. I pray, I believe Jesus will heal me. I just want to add one does not have to be overweight to have high blood pressure. Thanks again!

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    That Program Really Work. I Have Been On the Program For Two Weeks And My Blood Presure Have Went From 164/99 to 136/77.

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  22. Pray=meditation ,it lowers your blood pressure,have you seen the arabs with their beads in their hands,the chinese with their metal balls,christians with rosaries ,budist saying om ?we have forgotten the value of the old ways.

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  24. can any body tell me please what is the meaning of red wine,potassium pedometer dark chocolate spirituality and pet in urdu please i dont know proper english

  25. She didn't mention drinking more water. I say a gallon a day is about right. I'd also factor in your weight, activity level, average local temperature and I do mean water not watered down juice, diet or reg. soda and coffee. Herbal tea is ok but limit it to 1/2 a gallon.

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  27. Well, were you moving around more when you were working? If so, that's why your blood pressure became higher than it should be.

  28. I hate people that have high blood pressure because all they do is cause other people to have it by bringing their pressure up high and bringing them through a lot of stress and bullshit. I swear to fucking god. People who have high blood pressure have mental problems. They're so fucked up. They like seriously need to calm the fuck down. I hope that one day they all rot in hell. It's bad enough most of the are all overweight fat smelly slow cows.

  29. I hate people that have high blood pressure because all they do is cause other people to have it by bringing their pressure up high and bringing them through a lot of stress and bullshit. I swear to fucking god. People who have high blood pressure have mental problems. They're so fucked up. They like seriously need to calm the fuck down. I hope that one day they all rot in hell. It's bad enough most of them are all overweight fat smelly slow cows.

  30. Excellent Video, Thank You sharing this video!

    I was having 260 cholesterol and my daughters were very worried.

    My friend suggested me to use "cholesterol" mobile app which motivated and helped me to have good foods.

    Within 1 month, my cholesterol reduced to 220 now and my family is happy!

  31. You should never drink regularly. You open yourself up to all sorts of problems by regular drinking of even small amounts of alcohol..

  32. Agreed with most things except the prayer. Not everyone is religious. However, deep breathing, attempting to meditate and giving back are things that may help you spiritually!

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