How To Lower High Blood Pressure : High Blood Pressure – VitaLife Show Episode 174

How To Lower High Blood Pressure : High Blood Pressure – VitaLife Show Episode 174

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m doctor Janine Bowing and today’s topic is all about high
blood pressure how to lower your blood pressure naturally the key is
that there are natural ingredients natural things that you can do with diet
and exercise to get your blood pressure down without need for the drugs and if you are
medicated the good news is that you can do these things along with the pharmaceuticals to really
help to naturally bring down your blood pressure sure to stay tuned to the end of the
video so that you get all the great information and I’ll be
sharing today am sure to Subscribe to our channel as well so first and foremost when I talk to my
patients I always discuss stress so stress whether
it’s good stress or bad stress it really does have a lot to do with your blood
pressure measures so be sure that you have a nice calm day you calm your mind you have a
positive attitude as soon as you start to have a negative attitude about things unfortunately it will cause you know
those negative thoughts to be one after the other and raises up that blood pressure which
is something that’s completely avoidable train your mind to be more positive and
you will see the results you can measure it every day with your blood pressure and you’ll get back to me and you’ll say
no thank you so much because that was the one trick that I was missing in my daily routine so really do pay
attention to your thoughts many of us have negative thoughts we
don’t even know it. Next thing is detoxification so not something that a
lot of people talk about when we’re addressing your high blood pressure but
heavy metal toxins especially so things like mercury things like barium arsenic works both all these things in
our diet in our water in the air that we breed and it does play a role in the toxicity
in your body and unfortunately no blood flow and in our
blood pressure going out for detoxification is key actually formulated a full body
detox you can check it all out at is called the
VitaDetox to get out all those toxins in all the internal organs thereby decreasing those blood pressure
levels now my favorite mineral in terms of
decreasing blood pressure is Magnesium so here at VitaTree we formulated a special
type of magnesium to decrease blood pressure levels
completely naturally the funny thing is about the blood
pressure drugs unfortunately is that they actually deplete your magnesium source and so you’re
always having this domino effective of low magnesium taking the drug and you have you know the high blood pressure again
more need for the drug more deficient magnesium it goes on and
on and on so let’s get right at the root cause
let’s supplement with the right type of magnesium in a
natural way to address that high blood pressure and its remarkable in as little as you
know a couple months you can really
drastically see your blood pressure improve taking the right time magnesium
so do check that out at as well now another little trick that I love
which I’ve used over the years with my patient it’s called still point therapy
this is from craniosacral therapy and this is something I’ve done for
years and years and basically what you can do is get two pairs of socks are
very soft balls and you know the squishy balls that you
can use and put them together and you’re gonna lie on this at the back
of your head so back it at the high point in the
back in your head and this will cause you lying this on this on a pillow this will
cause you to go into what’s called is still points so its briefly stopping the flow the
cerebral spinal fluid calming it down and this sort reset your nervous system
and helps to lower your blood pressure so you lay these balls you know for about
10-15 minutes try not to fall asleep on them but this
will put you naturally into that still point mode which is remarkable again at decrease blood pressure so
thanks for joining me today leave your questions and comments below be sure that you try all those tricks and
I want to hear how your blood pressure is doing report back to me and also be sure to click Subscribe
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well so if you click up here all about detoxification why it’s really
important that you do detoxification in the right way click here for varicose
veins this has a lot to circulation in this can affect your blood pressure as
well if you have poor circulation in the
extremities especially in the lakes this can affect your blood pressure
so you wanna check those out out these videos down here all about
facial exercises and these are so fantastic very popular here on the VitaLife Show
you’ll absolutely love them

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  1. high blood pressure is a must if some of the artillery get narrow. there is no point reducing the blood pressure. first you must clear the blockage..

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