How to inject insulin as an adult | Diabetes UK

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m going to show you
how to inject insulin simply and safely Your insulin type and dosage is
something you’ll agree with your healthcare team and here’s what you’ll
need First thing you’ll need an insulin
pen. This could be disposable or reusable. A disposable pen already contains
insulin whereas a reusable pen it will last a little bit longer, but you’ll
need to fit the insulin cartridge yourself. Next up your needle. Your
needle is small and thin because insulin only needs to be injected underneath the
skin not into a muscle or vein, and you can’t reuse this. So, after your injection,
you’ll need to dispose safely of your needle. If you’re out and about you could
maybe use a needle clipper or if you’re at home just pop it in your sharps bin.
All these items are available on prescription from your healthcare team
and once you’ve got everything you’re ready to go First you need to wash and dry your
hand Now you need to choose where you’re
going to inject so you’re looking for fatty tissue so the main sites are in
your stomach in a semicircle below your bellybutton the side of your thigh or
your bum. It’s important that you change injection site every time. You need to
leave at least one centimetre, or half an inch gap between each site otherwise
hard lumps called lypos can form and that stops the insulin absorbing or being
used properly in the body. That’s why the three main sites cover large surface
areas so you can rotate and inject between each.
So, next you need to attach your needle to your pen. You need to remove the outer and inner caps and dial up two units of
insulin and then point the pen upwards and press the plunger until you see
insulin appear from the top of the needle. This is known as priming and it
helps regulate your dosage by removing any air from your needle or cartridge. Now you need to dial your dosage and
make sure the area you’re injecting in is clean and dry. Insert the needle at a
90 degree angle, and you may be advised to gently pinch the skin before
injecting. Press the plunger down until the dial goes back to zero and then you
need to count to 10 to give the insulin time to enter the
body before you remove the needle. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. All that’s left to do is to dispose of
your needle. You can use your needle clipper or your sharp spin, and your
health care team will let you know how to dispose of it safely once your sharps
bin is full. So, just remember check your kit,
wash and dry, choose a spot, prime your pen, inject, count to ten, and clean up

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