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  1. Hey, quick question. I find that as I practice tricks the string tension builds really quickly. I have to stop every few tries and fix it. Like, literally every 3-4 tries. Is there something I'm doing that causes this, are there just certain tricks that cause string tension to build faster, or is it just normal?

  2. how about people like gentry stein, i dont think i saw them do it, but he has barely any string tension the whole time

  3. hey are you using unresponsive bearing on your looping yoyo? Kind of strange i thought u dont need to bind looping yoyo's

  4. Whenever I try this, the string spins in the direction the yoyo spins. How do I do it so it spins the opposite direction so that it can loosen the strings? Thanks.

  5. Does this also work for responsive yoyos or is this trick exclusive to unresponsive yoyos?

    At the beggining or the video you said I could do Sleeping Beauty or UFO or Loops, but I don't know any of those tricks.

  6. Dear yotricks, I enjoy your tutorials and learn something new every day! MY only request is that you could show the trick in slow motion, after you show regular speed,
    Thanks, Chris

  7. Where is a dumb video that DOESNT involve making it sleep because mine wont sleep for more then 3 seconds it just twists.

  8. I was wondering why my yoyo string falls off when i pull the string back. If that makes scene. Please help me. (The second one)

  9. anytime i try this the yoyo just stays on the mout for untill i pull the sting but then it just looses it spin and leans forward ..

  10. When I try to do this trick I do everything right but when I go to pull the string down if front of the yoyo it just turns sideways why is that??

  11. This never seems to work for me, when i manage to pull it off, it always makes my string tighter, and I am right handed, doing it exactly like the video. Any tips?

  12. I just found that if you do the "fast" unwind for a bit too long, the string end around the yoyo wil unwind itself too. So when I was practicing my plastic whip, and the breakaway with this unwind, all of a sudden, in the middle of unwinding, my yoyo (dv888 unresponsive) dropped from the string and shot through the room when it hit the ground.

    Is this actually because I unwind it too much, or am I doing something else wrong?

  13. HELP!!! I'm doing alright and all the steps for the first method, but it seems that when I do it, it seems to increase the string tension? I use the n11 Magic Yoyo and I'm using my right hand.

  14. Just got my Horizon in the mail today! Wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping time and for the super nice yoyo! Definitely recommend the Horizon to anyone looking to get a budget metal! And I also recommend yoyotricks.com for all your yoyo needs. Ordered on wednesday morning and got it today (Friday morning). Super smooth, no vibe whatsoever and very comfortable. Thanks again yoyotricks! I will forsure be buying from you guys again!

  15. when i do the first one, my string (mainly with self made string but also with kitty) flies of my yoyo when i do it short enough to not do that, it barely gets any tension out… tips?

  16. Hey!

    I recently got back into yoyoing and I'm starting to enjoy it.
    I can currently do the side mount, the brother mount, and the plastic whip. However, i'm confused as to what trick I should learn next. What do you think would be the next trick that I should learn?

  17. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! my yo yo keeps tilting i got a k1 magicyoyo and everyone i throw it down it does 2 things

    1: it doesnt come back up

    2:it tilts and then just goes out of control

    i just got this yo yo brand new please reply

  18. This guy sells bad yoyos. They feel amazing for about two days, then they wear out and become useless. It's a ploy to get you to buy more friction pads.

  19. im having some trouble doing this with my more organic shaped yoyos (particularly my n12) – the string doesnt spin around the side of yoyo and just slips across edge killing my spin. I can do this with my sharper edged yoyos…

  20. I have an easy time adjusting string tension, but how are players able to maintain string tension? My string gets super tight after throwing it once or twice. I use Kitty String if that can contribute.

  21. For me, the string gets looser and looser (might be because my yoyo hand is my left hand.) When I try this trick, it always loosens my string. Any trick to get it tighter?

  22. i have a problem,when doing this with n8 the string detaches from the yoyo and i dinged it twice because of that.
    is it too small or is the string bad?am i doing something wrong?

  23. This video was useless to me because I'm a lefty. When I throw my yoyo, it gets half a turn looser.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  24. I feel like this is a guide for people who are already yoyo masters because whatever I do, whether I follow the video to the letter or try to do it in a way that I find easier, nothing happens, I just get hit with the fucking yoyo

  25. This is the 2nd video. For beginners. "oh yeah, just do a flying trapeze and then flip it off to create this thing here, then do this other impossible thing"

  26. Hello! I don't know what's wrong with my throw or binds that after every 2 or 3 throws my string gets really tight and tends to form knots. I have to remove my string from my finger to let it loosen. I can't even do this trick as my string just wraps around itself and forms knots.. How can I fix this? btw I am left handed.

  27. My yo-yo string has just come undone so it’s like two strings and I have no idea what to do if anyone could help that would be amazing

  28. My string is super stubborn or something. Every time I try to bind or unbind, the string just bunches together into a ball. Like in knots.

  29. this is an awesome vid i never knew haha i kept taking my finger off the string to take off string tension now i can just wrap around till the tension is gone thx so much you guys are the shiz lol

  30. I've seen you just tug an unresponsive yoyo before and make it come up as if it was responsive. how do you do that? when I tug on mine it just bounces up then continues to sleep.

  31. you seem to be very easy but in reality it is very difficult… the movements are too difficult for me what can i do get used to this

  32. If you are dealing with string tension, that means you are starting to get pretty good. Congratulations! If you are ready to upgrade to a better yoyo, checkout our current top recommendations all in one place!

  33. I think the first one teaches up to tighten it not loosen it. Which is hard as hell to learn the loosen one when you don't show us how to put on our thumbs and stuff. Its opposite which is hard to see in head how to reverse your fingers in a puppet show format.

  34. My fucking teacher at fucking school is a bitch she gave me a yoYo and as soon as I used it it got tangled

  35. @yotricks I need your help. A lot of times when I bind, my string knotsup in a loop, and I can't spin it down all the way again unless i open the yoyo, loosen and remove the loop, and then do it again. Why does it keep happening? Happens most when i do a one hand bind

  36. im left handed, do i just do it regularly? because my string tenssion goes down every throw, do i just do it regularly (reverse from right handed people)?

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