How to Deal With Stress in Life – Jocko Willink

How to Deal With Stress in Life – Jocko Willink

imagine imagine what Eugene sledge that
we talked about tonight imagine what he went through on Peleliu
and the tens of thousands of Marines that suffered that unimaginable horror
and then imagine hackworth who he talked about here who
wrote about face assaulting enemy positions in Korea and he was wounded
over and over again on the line and still went back for more and then he got
Alan Seeger the poet who in World War 1 went over the top over and over again to
make his rendezvous with death and there’s been thousands and hundreds of
thousands and millions of warriors that have been in very stressful situations
and faced evil and faced death much worse than the situation I’m in or
a year in that we might consider stressful and I even did this when I was
overseas when I was on deployment when I was a combat leader I was feeling stress
and you know what we took casualties and it was awful and it was heartbreaking
and but there were other soldiers and warriors throughout time that had been
in much worse situations Gettysburg or vicksburg or the Battle of the Bulge and
in all those horrible situations they proved really that humans can withstand
almost most unimaginable stress which meant to me that I could to and
you can and and the first step for me is doing that taking that look to gain some
perspective and then in order to gain perspective you got to do something that
we already talked about you’ve got a detach you’ve got to detach from the
problems or the stress that you’re experiencing so that you can get that
perspective of them now there’s a couple different types of stress now if it’s
something that you can control that’s causing you stress well why aren’t you
getting control of it generally it’s a lack of discipline so you gotta have the
discipline to grab control and make it happen
and when I say you need discipline for that what that means is these stresses
that you’re avoiding they’re not gonna go away if you avoid them so take the
discipline to face the stressful situation and get ahead of it don’t be
afraid of it now there’s also stress that’s caused by things that you cannot
control and if you remember talking earlier about artillery and how horrible
that was and what made it so horrible was that there’s no control over so if
you can’t control something and you can’t get control of it you have to at
least embrace what you can and I’m not saying you’re gonna embrace artillery
shelling but I’ll tell you what when it comes to things like artillery or for us
in Ramadi was IEDs and we could do everything we could do to mitigate that
risk but eventually there’s only so much you can do and you cannot completely
eliminate it but you can’t control it so why you gonna worry about it why you
gonna stress about it if there’s something that’s completely beyond your
control you cannot you’ve got to detach from
and not let yourself get stressed about it and on top of that if it’s something
that you can’t control how can you look at it in a different light how can you
see it in a way that you could actually take advantage of it how can you take
that stress and make it into some kind of a lie you know the the chaos of
combat is something that I couldn’t control but I had to embrace it so I
could try and figure out how to take advantage of it so when it comes to
stress don’t fight it turn it on itself and use it use it use
it to make yourself sharper and more alert and use it to make yourself think
more and learn more and get better and use that stress as a catalyst to make
yourself better

100 Replies to “How to Deal With Stress in Life – Jocko Willink”

  1. i think we have too learn has humans with everyday life how too stay in the moment ,not worry about what happened yesterday the day day before but set goals and fucken attack them bit by bit all while staying in the moment in the present all while staying in the realm of good.

  2. Jocko changed my life. There is a realness in his testimony that is haunting and reaffirming that it comes from a real place. He makes me want to be a better MAN

  3. are every seal like this ? imagine 100 or more of theas bro science seals doing their stuff i woudn go near dude

  4. I am new to Jacko. I have not listened to a lot of his podcast yet but this video was actually really helpful to me during a time I needed things out into perspective.

  5. Jocko is intense and he doesn't try to be intense. this dude has help me control my resolve so much thanks

  6. Jocko thanks for all the podcast and information you give to your listeners. It definitely helps my daily life. Keep doin what your doing and thank you for your services. m/

  7. Okay, first off, I'm sad af now, realizing that you don't have that many subscribers compared to some people. You should have at least a million! Like gosh, your videos, just amazing, you talk away about the things people do not talk about, about ways to work through it. deal with it. And I appreciate that. I really do. such a great guy.

  8. Hey Jocko, could you guys please do a video on young men struggling with what to do with their future in regards to college/work-life?

  9. well said, Jocko! Also, if there is an absolute hell on the Earth, those heroes have gone thru that, incredible people:

  10. I just watched this after having gone through a stressful incident at work.  It was all my own creating as I allowed a breakdown in communication with my boss.  I took ownership of it and used the incident to refocus my communication skills both up and down the chain.  Now that I own it, I am much less likely to allow it to happen again, so a win for me personally as I relearned a critical management skill.

  11. Detachment…totally agree. But how does one actually do that? I mean I can do it most of the time when I need to, nowadays. But when I was younger this would have been a mystery. So, how would you teach someone to detach? Tricks, cues, etc.? Thanks!

  12. Jocko, How do you all deal with narcissists, especially youths age range 17-20 who have no parents/parenting growing up? Thank you.

  13. I've been stressed because of all my court/ legal troubles.
    I put my self in this position.
    Its nobody else but me.

  14. These videos are game changers no matter where your at mentally in life. Wow I happen to be letting my issues pile up for last 2 years. Weyfhubg on me hard. While trying to finish last 10 percent of the grind I kept slipping back down wrong path and boom another issue piled on now I got two mountains to climb at once. Thank you for reminding me I still have the right tools to do this. I don’t need to find new ones. I’ve been living and hiding the truth from myself. Thank you thank you. Serious.

  15. You can't do Shi if your cortisol levels are high, get them under control and breathe .man breathe

  16. damn my stresses seem so insignificant to his but in reality my stresses are real and I need to pay the bills or I'll be like his comrade asking for money on the street the truth is everyone is not so mentally there.

  17. Take Gideon. After driving after the mideonites, he still goes after them. He says he is exhausted, yet pursuing.

  18. He's teaching the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism. An unbelievably powerful philosophy that slaves (Epictetus) and Roman Kings (Marcus Aurelius) used to create abundance in their lives

  19. "playing Jockos clips from his podcast soon as you get up in the morning will give you a boost more than 10 cups of coffee. 💯✌🏼✌🏼

  20. Look what the germans went trough on the eastern front. That shit was unreal. Even lying in carcases of horses. U could barely take a shit, they made like a cut in the pants they wore under it.

  21. Mr willnik thank you for speaking the truth. For showing some flat out common (or now uncommon) sense. Seems like 2 or 3 near death experiences changed my out look, my attitude to my self and my life, the way I see and deal with others. It was a new perspective, it was looking honestly with in my self, learning some old truths.
    Taking responsibility for my self.
    Life is fatal, resistance is futile. So live work give love.
    Find your foundation stand firm on it. The rest is pure zero BS.

  22. This guy brings up some key points that Sebastian Junger wrote about in his book Tribe. Humans, when banned together and fighting for a purposeful cause, can withstand almost any physical and emotional stress. Studies have shown that it's the alienation of American society that leads to increased PTSD rates and not the traumas of war. Our culture causes stress because it divides its citizenry and breeds an every man for himself mentality. People in the military learn very quickly that you are part of something much bigger than yourself and teamwork is essential to getting things done. This is why brotherhood is very strong amongst veterans and the actively enlisted. When soldiers get back in country they lose that fraternity and brotherhood that they had while deployed and depression usually results. We, as a nation, need to re-examine our values and priorities if we expect men and women to risk their lives for a country that doesn't give a shit about anything but maintaining the status quo and following the agenda of the ruling class.

  23. Wow, you guys didn't get shelled on an almost daily basis in Iraq? We did. Arty and IEDs. I guess we had it pretty rough. I had no idea.

  24. Your words are inspiring. I recently had a set back at work and am finding your words and work ethic something great to focus on. I have started to share your podcast videos with my high school senior English special education students, many of them males and use them as writing prompts. Thank for putting into words the motivation and tough talk we all need to hear.

  25. So I have a very stressful deadline this wednesday and I have been working hard to finish my project. It's a lot of data to go through but the good thing is, no matter what happens or how much i complete, i am better than i started out and I can now get up at 4am to work on ANYTHING. it puts all of my previous problems in perspective now that I have more time in the day to work on stuff.

  26. Jocko – I would love to know the number of lives you are changing with your message of self discipline.. I have no doubt that the numbers are staggering. A man amongst men! Thank you sir!

  27. I have to keep busy, if I sit for more than 10 minutes without anything to do i’m fucked. I have not been able to sit there and enjoy a sunset for a few years now. When you have your mates around going through the same things it’s a lot easier than being by yourself. I go through periods where nothing can hurt me and then 20 minutes later i’m trying not to cry. I used to drink every night and my weight ballooned. I have started to exercise again to try to get back some positivity and get out of this rut. I’ll get there eventually.

  28. Might not mean anything to anyone, but I listened to this in my headphones while "Drive" by Incubus played in the background and it really made me feel some shit.

  29. What happens to me is that I don't know when I'm stressed I feel normal but the doctor is telling me that it is taking a toll on my health

  30. Sometimes you can't control it and it still makes you weak or even breaks you. Thats the point when you need help from someone else.

  31. I really can’t understand Jocko’s message here. How does someone else’s considerable stress make my stress less stressful?

  32. What if that stress is because of a rare illness that effects your daily life and inhibits you from doing the things you love? Having no other desires to become other things except for what you want to do but are limited because of physical limitations brought upon by the illness.

  33. Jocko, this video and other clips of yours got me through an abusive phase of a previous relationship. It let me use the verbally abusive rants as a way to practice my clarity is assessing what was being said to me and have the discipline to take responsibility for what I could and free myself of the rest which wasn’t about me or in my control. Your lessons really kept me going, knowing that through this I was growing and learning while my ex was losing to his ego. Your lessons let me get out with confidence in myself and the knowledge that I can handle difficult situations and take them on. Anyone reading, I would never recommend staying in an abusive situation because you think you’re growing though. I could have learned those lessons through adversity that served me, instead of letting my resources be wasted on that looney toon and still having his critical voice in the back of my head years later… Not worth. Anyway, thank you.

    Edit: typo

  34. he is talking of stoicism, to know what is under our control and not under our control and be wise to know the difference

  35. Which we all know through your Instincts if anybody listening to this to pay attention what is Reading off the strip because he's written this documents down so he can express it with certain coding in a script he has realised that he is just manipulating and Conjuring massive amounts of people in the motivation

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