How to deal with stress: Good stress vs bad stress

Do you want to know the secret in
turning stress into a positive experience well keep watching and in
the next two minutes I’ll help you do just that Hi, I’m Leon Taylor — performance and wellness coach I’m here in Morocco and
I’m talking to you about stress because stress is bad for you I but I’ve also
been told that stress is good for you so I’ve been wrestling with this concept
and I’ve discovered that actually both statements are completely true the way
that I’ve been getting my head around it is looking at stress as two different
types you’ve gotyou stress which is the stress that you can recover and adapt
from a good example of this would be lifting weights in the gym and then you
put the weights down invest the day you get the adduction and then he banks back
stronger arguably a good stress and then you have distress which is as it sounds
not very pleasant this is where you feel you can’t get away from it it’s
overwhelming this is where you start moving towards unwellness now there
isn’t a clear objective list of you know good stresses and bad stresses wants to
go for one to a voyage and of course when you look at a distressing
experience one person can go through the same experiences another and come out
very differently so what’s going on there I’ve got a couple of tips for you
today a couple of ideas for you to try when you find yourself in a stressful
situation to prevent it from going into that distress the first one is to change
the way that you’re looking at things and the things we look at will
ultimately change a good example of this is a friend of mine recently lost her
job at very distressed experience for anyone and instead of going down that
negative spiral aware affected her self-esteem she flipped it and thought
great what an opportunity she’d had a her businesses you’d be trying to start
at weekends and in the evenings she focused all her attention on that and
now that business is up and running and she looks back on the experience of
stressful experience of losing her job as a positive one
the second tip is to take a breather literally and metaphorically so when you
find yourself in a stressful situation just by taking a step back in a few deep
breaths something as simple as that can disrupt that build-up of distress
and ultimately you can take it a step further by factoring in some time away a
half-day off for four therefore weekend a way to really take a breather and let
things calm down and the third tip is to give out hugs if you give out hugs when
you hug them when you release oxytocin in the system this is a mood boosting
chemical but also helps physiologically and start to repair some of the damage
caused by stress particularly to the heart so there are three things for you
to play with let me know how you get on look after yourselves and each other

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