How to deal with presentation stress and anxiety

How to deal with presentation stress and anxiety

For seven years I presented the news on television and every thursday I was
there in front of my camera and I heard the director in my ear saying:
Attention studio for life 5, 4, 3, … and every Thursday I felt my heart racing.
Every week, seven years… Now I tell you this because there is
this huge misunderstanding that experienced speakers they are not
nervous. When you see that speaker on stage and you say like like: “Well they do
it in a natural way” No they don’t. They are nervous.
But the difference to me between an experienced and inexperienced
speaker is that experience people know how to handle the nerves.
I want to give you this insight because it really helped me a lot to deal with my nerves. Because it all begins with the brain.
That’s where my explanation begins. Because you have to look at your brain as having these different antennas Your brain really wants to protect
yourself and it takes that job very seriously So as soon as the antennas perceive a
kind of danger a button is pushed.
It’s a button somewhere here in your head in your brain and it’s called the
amygdala. It has to shape of an almond the color of an almond. It is small as an almond
It is a very important button because as soon as the button is pushed
that’s what we call the fight or flight reaction You have all these sensations in your body
typically the things that you experience when you are nervous like a dry mouth Legs shaking, your heart really beating very fast your respiration is going faster and this is something that actually is there
to protect yourself because as it is a fight or flight reaction
imagine that there is this car nearly racing into you when you when you
cross a road. The fact that you have this Heart beat that is faster, it actually
prepares you to react and to run actually Now the thing is,
when you stand in front of an audience you cannot run. So the antennas they
don’t make a difference between real danger and a danger in your head. So what happens is when you in front of your audience you cannot run,
you kind of freeze but still you have these sensations so you
want to protect yourself now this is on a subconscious level what happens on a conscious level is that
actually when you stand in front of your
audience you want to protect yourselve actually by doing this now this is
overdoing it but to some extent that’s what speakers
actually do in front of an audience stand like that you really want to
protect yourself looking down looking very quickly from one person to another Now what does an experienced speaker do?
Exactly the opposite They on a conscious level They make themselves big in front of the
audience you could say that they fake it making yourself big what I mean with
that is having that posture in in front of your
audience that gives you a kind of a positive attitude.
Now to know what that is just watch television.
You can really learn a lot from it And I advise you to look especially at
people for example presenting the news but people standing because that’s the
most difficult thing to do have to stand in front of that audience what to do
with your arms what to do with your legs just look at how they stand and imitate
that because this is a good neutral position
same thing for the way you look tips that I have there is that you
actually look at your audience as if you pour them a glass of wine
because this will help you to stay with one person you look at one individual at the time.
The time it takes to pour them a glass of wine.
To avoid that you would either look away or look very nervously from one
person to another so the next time you experience these
nerves what I advise you to do is stand and look it a conscious way just watch
television to know what that can be and watch because on that website you have all
these presentations with PowerPoint without PowerPoint look at it without volume because it
helps you to look how they stand What I absolutely advise you to do is watch Amy Cuddy she’s an expert on body
language and this is exactly what she’s talking
about about faking it to just have a look, imitate, integrate and make it your own.

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  1. It’s so hard for me because I have social anxiety and I stutter so much. And I have to memorize it. Ughh

  2. I literally started crying today when I found out about a debate and we have to do it in front of the class. Man I’m such a wusssy

  3. I have a presentation tomorrow, I’m kinda nervous but I know once I start talking it won’t be so bad…I just want to get it over with already!

  4. What you have said isn't enough. I believe rehearsing is the cornerstone in any successful presentation. 2- you have to know your audience. 3- Prepare relentlessly. 4- leave no stone unturned in researching your subject. 5- families yourself with the tools,projector and the place. 5- take acting classes if you can. 6- take Dale Carnegie classes if you can. Finally remember this: you can't swim by reading how to swim only. Practice, Practice, and Practice. Even not enough!!! Perfect practice is what counts. Thank you.

  5. I don't get it out my teacher never wants us to speak but she gonna give us a grade when she wants us too

  6. Who looks at a person while pouring a glass of wine, you need to focus on the glass! Just joking, good video

  7. Before I start presentation, my mouth become so dry and cannot perform well due to dry mouth and my heart also fast beating

  8. I literally have stomach cramps and feel like vomiting before giving a presentation, but once I am actually standing in front of an audience I feel fine for some reason

  9. Tomorrow my presentation in french class will be emberrassing. And what do we learn out of this situation? Next time you should start earlier preparing your presentation. Also, fuck you brain. Why don't you just don't give a fuck?!

  10. i dont why when im reporting/presenting in school im really nervous and im really really scared what will they think…

  11. My fear of social anxiety drives me to miss life-changing opportunities that really could have helped me become the person I always wanted to be. I really need to be brave so that I can end up happy.

  12. It's a big help for me really because im going to present this Saturday i felt shy and nervous because i never stand and speak infront of people😕

  13. When I go in front of the audience.. My heart starts jumping. I start shivering. I feel a lump in my throat and the voice that comes out of my mouth sounds like I am about to cry. How can i stop that thing? The other person who was supposed to the same thing is speaking out with no crack on his voice while he was as nervous as I was at the same time. I saw his hands shivering but there wasn't any affect on his voice but in my case the words just don't come out of my throat. It will be great if you can reply and help me out. 🙂

  14. whenever i do a speech i get VERY quiet, even to mself i dont sound clear, as soon as my teacher says go, i forget my entire speech and I just stutter throughout the entire thing..

  15. I'm not even doing a presentation but I'm just worried my teacher might just throw a presentation at me that I have to do it with people I don't like and don't want to work with and don't want to present in front of or WITH. The worst feeling ever.

  16. I don't think i will be able to fake it. I'm just really bad, i have this one presentation that i need to deliver it in fully english ( i'm fluent in english but i don't have the confidence to talk in english infront of people, cuz i live in a country with a lot of judgemental head ass, my confidence already gone since i was 7yo), and when it comes to my turn to present my heart started beating real fast I can't even breathe properly, but i still push my self to try, and then my hands started to shaking same goes to my legs, suddenly i lost my words, i looked up into my lecturer's eyes she looks so confused cause why would i stop in the middle of the presentation (?) because i can't think well so i started to skip the whole part of my presentation just so i can finish early. After i finish my presentation, i went back of my other teammates, i sat down nearly wanted to cry but need to hold cause i'm in the class, i'm thinking that "what the hell did i just done?". After my gr. finish the whole presentation i went out for fresh air ( at least that what i told to my friends) but actually i went out and sat alone and cry until the class ended cause i felt so terrible i'm such a loser. I cannot do well because of my anxiety and panic attack that always strikes when i had to do something important in my life. I also suffered depression for the last two years and it reached it peaks when i was in my second year of college student, i started to have sleepless night, cry a lot, wanting to die ( i even tried to cut myself and jump out infront of cars) and being rude to a lot of people also i isolate my self. Guess what, my final result of second year college went downhill from a dean list student to the average student just in the blink of eye. I tried seek for medication due to my mental health condition cause i'm afraid that i might really cut my self off, and then i went to individual consultation which it does help me a little but after i done with that i found my self goes back to that dark side. So it was useless, right now i don't know what to do and how can i get away it. This anxiety and depression really affect my life. Not forget to mention that i was 7 when people judge me about my horrible english, actually the "people" i been talking is my own family. That's why jt really affect me, i also experienced other people judging my english. Till now if i take any English examination i would only get the highest is A- and i just can't speak well if it infront of people. I feel so small standing besides people that can confidently speak in english (eventho they got the grammars wrong, but still I don't judge them i praise and salute them). I also bad at grammars infact i dont really know what it is, i do learn about it but my mind can't seems to remember it.
    I don't know what to do no more, i had alot of presentations need to be done and also need to prepare for my final year project which i suppose to present infront of my faculty dean and other profs and Drs. I wish i can get over this thing real soon. Thanks for reading my shits and excuse my grammars cause i'm not a native English speaker and english is my second language so yeah bye bye

  17. I have tried to deal with it and nothings working I just take 2 shots of tequila before every presentation it helps me with anxiety and its just enouh make me look sharp

  18. I’m actually so scared I will be doing my first presentation in college next week !! I literally can’t ! I’m so nervous I can’t even sleep I’m always thinking about it 🙁

  19. I can talk and interact with people freely at a bar or anywhere in public with ease. As soon as my speech is COMPELLED out of me though (as in I am required to speak, present, or share my thoughts), I get unbelievably nervous.

  20. "It's there to protect yourself" well what am I protecting myself from? The teacher who wants to hear what I prepared?? Brain, what are you even doing.

  21. Honestly once I became a senior I’m not scared of presenting anymore. For some reason though when I hear my teacher say “You will present this” I still get that horrible feeling in my stomach at first, but after a few minutes I’m fine again. I’m not lying to when I say I was scared of presenting. When I would go up I would be shaking a little, my voice would be shaky too, and I would be sweating so much. It sucked! Hopefully once you guys get older this all goes away because it makes life so much better.

  22. When the people stare at you
    When you keep doing weird movements with youre hands
    When youre done
    happiest ever

  23. I don't get it because my class has seen me do more embarrassing things than present and it really annoys me that even though I want to present and know its no biggie but my body wont allow me.

  24. why can I find thousands of people online that suffer from anxiety and it makes me feel great and that I’m not alone, yet irl I can’t find one single person suffering from anxiety and everyone else presenting in my class is so confident. W H Y

  25. The teachers say “go up in front of 30 people and remember this..” and they do nothing for the kids who literally throw up thinking about it.

  26. For me , the worst part is standing still because I shake like an earfquake. Whenever I'm having a presentation the only thing that helps me is wearing a hoodie and kind of pinching one of my fingers with the nail of my thumb until it hurts badly in the pocket thing (not a Native speaker but yknow what I mean).

  27. Am I the only one that gets super nervous when we present but when you’re done presenting you low key feel like presenting again and you don’t feel nervous anymore like what?

  28. Last time i gave a presentation i cried and collapsed… the teacher made me do it again and again until i got it… it took 30 minutes then she took points off for my presentation being "NoT iN tIMe RaNGE" i was in 9th grade..

  29. I enjoy giving presentations, and small projects. But when it’s a bigger presentation i start getting serious anxiety.

  30. For some reason when I see others going to speak in public I kind of feel nervous for them. I'm like literally shaking instead of them shaking 😂

  31. I go to a welsh school but as you can guess hardly anyone speaks it. We’ve got a welsh presentation tomorrow and I’m so nervous! I can’t pronounce Serrano letters and I stutter and shake. My face goes bright red and I find it super hard to stand up straight. I’m extremely self conscious and have the worst anxiety ever, WHAT DO I DO. Also I have been told it has to be within 4 minutes – 5 minutes and mines 3 minutes 30 seconds, my friends told me to slow down but when I’m up there I just want to get it over and done so I speak super quick so I can sit down sooner. I’m so nervous righ about now..

  32. I have a presentation in a couple days and reading these comments and watching this video helped my overcome part of my fear because I realized that other people feel the same way💖👍💖if you have a presentation coming up don’t worry you’re going to rock it!!

  33. I have 3 presentations this week. The first one is in a few minutes… though, this video and the comment section make me feel better.

  34. Before I present my heart beats really fast and after I’m done I start crying quietly and hope that nobody sees me but after that I feel way better

  35. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and spoken word performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  36. I was prepared good for my presentation all was going well until my heart beated like crazy , but i was calm , yet my heart not , its like my heart was a total different person and i hadnt control over him, so i spoke like they were my last words 😪, like i even have known those classmates for like 5 years,

  37. I want to cry when i have a presentation People use to laugh because i use to mix words and my voice shakes a lot… I truly cant do it

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