How to de-Stress ♥

How to de-Stress ♥

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  1. I'm new to this channel and saw this vid. And will I have stress a lot from life but this is actually helping me thx😊

  2. I REALLY NEED to DE STRESS. I'm almost in y5 I gonna get lots of exams. My dad died to and he was soooooooo nice! He died when I was six. And today I was accidentally talked to loud and an old lady thought I said the f word!!!!! She called me and my friend RATS! Well she was the rat!!! Pour my friend was crying! Bless her a like for my comment is a prayer for me and my friend! 💔😬😬😬😁☺️😇

  3. Been watching this video everytime I feel so stressed. Thank you for this. You are just amazing. I love you.

  4. How to face dirty minded people and the people who are very cheap minded like stupid all time they gives bad expression . How to handle them

  5. I wanna cry all the time….my hair fell out i have no friends my mom & dad both died and im living in a apartment were i dont wanna live at i had to move out of my old apartment were i wanted to stay for ever but they raised the rent up on me & i was forced out now im in a place were i dont wanna be at …..but thank god im not living on the streets in my car i can be thankful for that…but other then that i hate all the stress that is on my mind……and the apartments that im staying in the deposit for any pets is five hundred dollars for an animal & $15 each month so the pets have to pay rent also …… i would never have a pet at these apartments that im living in right now

  6. You have been the best YouTuber ever! I miss your videos almost always 🎀 I keep watching all your old videos just to feel happy ♥️

  7. ilysm Michelle and wish you nothing but the best in life!!! you always calm me with your soothing voice. i read your amazing book and am so inspired at your personal journey to the beautiful woman you are today. Thank you for all that you did on youtube!! i hope that you are finding true happiness in your life 🙂

  8. I lost this video for a while, Michelle thank you for this, your voice is helping me more than you know. Life is tough and your video really really helps me. I could listen to you say everythings gonna be okay like every day of my life. Your amazing!

  9. This is actually super helpful. This year was a horrible year for me.
    I was hanging out with he wrong crowd, and making horrible decisions. And now I understand that I need to focus on my own well-being first. I want to re-start and do things in my life that I was born to do. Now I’m starting a podcast and start a book. I just need to relax ♥️

  10. I love the end of this video! It’s SO SO SO true that animals bring joy and relaxation. My cats are my ultimate stress relief as well. The moment I come home they all run to the front door to greet me. And in that instant my entire work day stress is gone. Sort of a bad thing when I see a customer I saw the next day and they ask if I remember them lol

  11. This video actually worked like a magic…^-^..really grateful.. I watch it when 8 get stressed and it really helps a lot~
    Miss you,Mitchelle♡

  12. this video used to be my favourite video ever… i was only 10, 6 years later and im still following these steps

  13. Lol,,,that cat vedio,,btw,,my way to destress every one,,,step back and try connect myself to everything around,,,not judging,only acknowledging,,,dassit

  14. Am I the only one here in 2019? We need a beauty/life guru like Michelle Phan in this era coz the beauty community has gone toxic

  15. Saw this video on my senior year of high school, a very hard time for me, still love rewatching it! That's how much this content impacted my life! These are the type of videos that should stay trending, because younger viewers truly need it.

  16. How do I destress?
    I watch this video.

    You know someone makes an impact when you see this video many years old, I've seen it a hundred times and whenever I feel not okay I still come back to it. And it helps every time. Every single time. Thank you Mish xxx

  17. I am rewatching your vids at 2019. I had watched them all when I was in college but I just missed you and here I am. 😍 you really are inspiration then and now. Mwaaah

  18. Incense is my shit. I love the stuff. I try to light it as often as I can, and just sit there and iNhAlE all that goodness.

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