How to Control Hypertension in 3 Steps – Lower High Blood Pressure 2019

How to Control Hypertension in 3 Steps – Lower High Blood Pressure 2019

I’m really excited to present you this video:
today I’m sharing with you my strategy to control high blood pressure and unclog your
arteries the easy way. Believe it or not, high blood pressure can
be lowered quickly just avoiding no more than 3 very dangerous and very unhealthy things. Watch this video so I can show you what they
are. Hello, how are your kidneys doing? this is
Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney – don’t forget to subscribe and tap the notification bell! Every time I see one of these videos on Youtube
about how to lower high blood pressure or one of those hypertension diets… I always end up with the same conclusion. You really can’t eat anything if you have
high blood pressure. But I’m sure there’s a better way. Today, I’ll show you a much better way, in
fact. There are just very few things you actually
need to control to never have to worry about your blood pressure again. And this is important because only in the
US, 75 million people are suffering from high blood pressure. And a lot of them are on medications. Some people may take two or three different
medications every single day just for hypertension. Each one of those medications has a very long
list of side effects. The problem with taking two or three of them
is that these sides are not just doubled or tripled. No, when you take two or three medications
per day the sides will multiply. I’m not joking, these side effects can be…
frightening. So if you know someone on hypertension medications…
share this video with them. Send this on Facebook or via the share button…
do them a favor. Now, I’m not telling you that you are going
to be off blood pressure medications just following this guide, but… I’ve seen people being able to stop needing
them. Because the right way of eating and a couple
of good habits can do wonders to control our blood pressure. Let’s see what they are. First thing to avoid if you want to drop blood
pressure is… Stress
In a stressful situation, your body is bound to produce a surge of hormones. Your vessels will narrow, you start to feel
shortness of breath and your heart starts to beat faster. Blood pressure skyrockets. Now, for a lot of people, just thinking about
something stressful like for example a traffic jam or having to wait to board a plane or
for an important news… can make you feel like this. So, basically, how do you avoid stress if
just thinking about it can make your blood pressure increase? How do you avoid all the stress your daily
routine causes you? Ok, don’t worry, there’s an easy solution. You don’t need to avoid stress altogether,
that would be impossible. You just need an healthy way to get rid of
it. Like physical exercise, for example. This bring us to the second thing to avoid
in order to lower high blood pressure: lack of physical activity. Talking about this always make a lot of people
mad. Yet, I have to insist on this one. Proper physical activity is a stress buster,
greatly reduces high blood pressure, fights kidney disease, reduces risk of heart attack,
manages body weight, lowers cholesterol and has many many other benefits. So now people usually ask. How can I exercise if I have this condition
or that condition that prevents me from going to the gym or from running or from playing
sports etcetera? Well, you don’t have to go to the gym and
lift tons of weight and you don’t have to start preparing to run a marathon. You just have to do some exercise every day. Whatever you can. Talk with your doctor and find something you
can actually do and that you like. Or just start walking every day until you
can do something more fun. Because that’s the best way to remove all
the stress you’ve been building up during the day. Yes, that’s it, exercise lowers stress and
high blood pressure. Physical activity also stimulates the body’s
production of endorphins. This substance will not just make you feel
good, will not just produce positive changes in your mood and in your overall health, but
it’s also the greatest stress reliever known by mankind. It will also improve your sleep, and bad sleeping
patterns is one of the worst thing you can do to your blood pressure. And your health. So exercise regularly. Ok, here’s the last thing you need to avoid:
a bad way of eating. A lot of doctors just tell their patients
to just stop eating salt. Everything you eat should taste like cardboard,
if it has some flavor it’s not good for you. This is what they’re saying, I’m not joking. Now, while reducing salt can definitely help,
unfortunately this approach only works to an extent. In fact, a lot of people on these no salt
diets still have to take blood pressure medications. This is because there’s more to take into
account into our way of eating than just sodium. There’s insulin. High insulin levels are correlated to high
blood pressure and inflammation. These three conditions together, high blood
pressure, high insulin and inflammation are bound to create a lot of damage. And we have to work on insulin levels if we
want to lower high blood pressure. So, how do we keep insulin under control? Avoiding eating too much sugary foods. Ok, this may seem like a lot to do, but for
a lot of people just removing all junk foods from the diet is enough to dramatically lower
their blood pressure. And eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. Eating more vegetables will make you feel
full, so you will feel less the need for snacks and junk foods in general. Also fruits and vegetable are rich in vitamins,
minerals and phytochemicals really useful to fight the inflammation and high insulin
levels. Want to know on what foods to load on to get
the best results? Watch my video about the 4 superfoods that
are proven to lower blood pressure, these foods are really great for your health. This is all for today! If you liked this video, please like and share
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  2. Thank you katherine for all your videos, I dont have a water restriction and I wanted to know if we could take magnesium, thanks again for all your help

  3. Hi , Katherine ! It is really Great that such a vast subject you have covered in three simple steps, which even a layman can understand and follow easily. Thanks a lot. God bless you !

  4. Hello from Canada 🇨🇦 my situation is diabetic both the shot and meds blood pressure is one of them and my employment is driving a truck for 12-14 hrs a day lots of sitting so I don’t eat big meals but I try at least 3 times a week to walk 40 – to 60 min in the morning before work I’m always in a hotel so I use the stairs a lot as well my blood pressure is awesome

  5. So cut out sugar AND🧂 salt
    So that’s why half of the people in Dialysis are Diabetics and the other half like me are sensitive to salt 🧂

  6. Hello, feel free to ask me anything down below the comment section, I will answer your questions as soon as possible, or in my next video. God bless you.

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