How to Control Blood Pressure | Tips by Dr. Farzeen | Juggun Kazim | Health

How to Control Blood Pressure | Tips by Dr. Farzeen | Juggun Kazim | Health

I hope that you are enjoying my videos. And you are commenting on them, which I am really enjoying. So please, remember to subscribe to my channel and of course, like and comment. We are very lucky today, because today we have with us Dr. Farzeen Malik, she’s a doctor and along with being a doctor, she is an internationally renowned dietician and nutritionist. And because you bomb me with questions regarding diabetes, blood pressure and what not So I thought that today we will go on with one specific topic. Juggun: Asslam o alaikum doctor! Doctor: Walikum assalam. How are you Juggun? I am fine. Thankyou so much for taking out the time. I know you’re very busy. Today I’d like to talk to about blood pressure. Specially high blood pressure. But first kindly explain what blood pressure actually is? Doctor: First of all I would like to clap for you For putting up this thing, because alot of people suffer from blood pressure and they don’t know the main things about it, so they keep asking about the type of diet during high blood pressure. Juggun: No, they say I have blood pressure. The other day Dr. Farzeen said something very amusing I told her that my mother got blood pressure, she said be thankful that she has blood pressure because blood should have pressure. But how much should it be is a separate issue. Doctor: Yes, you’re very right. We mostly talk about high blood pressure. And it is called ‘hypertension’ as well. So people usually get worried, if you ask them, whether the have hypertension, and they say no we don’t have any sorts of tension. So whenever, someone says hypertension they are referring to high blood pressure. And Juggun this is one of the main causes of deaths in Pakistan and all over the world. Because we don’t address high blood pressure So you can think of it as the red line, which is the silent killer. And people are not addressing it. Juggun: So how does high blood pressure happen to a person? Doctor: You asked in the beginning what blood pressure is. So, blood pressure is the force with which your blood is going to all your vessels. By vessels I mean, arteries, veins, capillaries, everything. So that is called blood pressure. Now what is high blood pressure. It is when you heart has to beat alot to build that pressure. Cardiac load of the heart increases in this. It can be that your vessels are too narrow, because of which the heart has to put in alot of pressure, whatever the case is, due to high blood pressure, arteries of the eyes are affected arteries of kidneys are affected The small capillaries in all your organs including your skin are affected. Juggun: When we ask elder people at our homes about their high blood pressure they say we’re taking medicines it’s okay they don’t realize how bad it is. Doctor: It’s very unfortunate Juggun. Whenever someone goes through anxiety or anger they go and get their b.p checked and if it’s high they ask for the medicine. But after that they don’t monitor or get it checked again. They think it’s okay to forget to take the medicine. Although, it’s important that if your doctor puts you on medication for high blood pressure, you don’t have to miss a dose or stop taking the medication Until you get your doctors intimation otherwise. Juggun: I think one of the most important things that we’re trying to say here is that a doctor who is not relevant to it, as in you would not go to a liver doctor to get your heart checked. Go to a proper relevant doctor, take the medication they prescribe to you. Doctor: Juggun, I’d like to add that usually people ask about which doctor should they go visit for it. So for this, either you go to your general practitioner or a physician or a cardiologist. So that’s why, there are hospitals just for heart problems in Lahore and Pakistan. So, if you are diagnosed with blood pressure problem, go and consult a cardiologist. Now talking about the diet. Juggun: Because now, say, when people face high blood pressure issue I have noticed that doctors prescribe medication to them. Atleast in western world they give diet plans along as well. I’d find it rare in South Asia that a diet plan is given. So if you could guide a bit about what to eat and what not eat. Doctor: At the early stages of blood pressure, which is called border line hypertension and if it happens at an age below 40 or 45 so it can be reverted to some extent. If you introduce a few things to your lifestyle. First is sodium restriction. Use less or no salt. At times when blood pressure is very high, doctors instead of no salt that is sodium chloride give potassium chloride and sodium is kept from entering your body. Juggun: But that too, you have to use properly and with consulting your doctor. Second, is what we call dash diet. In dash diet you have to do salt restriction. Which is directly approach to salt restriction for hypertension is called dash diet. So this is a good way to finish your hidden sources of sodium as well. Like people add salt to wheat flour, or when cooking rice or even when making a fruit salad they add salt and sugar in it. So these things should be kept in mind. The second approach is, that you have to reduce your weight. The more you will reduce weight the more your blood pressure would go towards lowering. Juggun: That’s so interesting because when my weight was 30 pounds more than what I have now, and then i lost the weight. My blood pressure used to be 110 to sort of 70 or 80. Now my blood pressure, constantly stays at 100 60. Doctor: Yes, which is a perfect blood pressure for you have. And see that reducing weight has helped blood pressure so much, that the cardiac load reduced. Because, obviously a body has a strain of fat on itself, so the strain of fatty tissue is so much that your organs have to do double the work. Now, the third thing is the exercise. Recommended exercise, from the American society. The American heart association They say that you should walk for 30 to 40 minutes. There was a time when people said to walk briskly, people used to brisk walk like crazy, but now you have to keep a make and break pattern. Slow and fast. Juggun: Interval training. Yes, like interval training. And you have to do walk. But, Juggun, when you tell people they have to start exercise. They start exercising vigorously. And after a week or two its wades off. You have to be regular in exercise. Do something sustainable. I’ve seen people get hyper and out of excitement they put in alot of effort in the first week, then they slow down a bit in the second week, and in the third week they run down completely. So, its better to keep a balance. Too much pressure on your heart or letting it go completely, are both very dangerous. Doctor: And let me tell you, if high blood pressure is not controlled, it’s complications include different eye problems, there is a danger for stroke or foliage other then this cardiac failure, kidney problems. So please be very careful and do address it. Juggun: Okay, in closing, what message would you like to give to people out there, because when people hear about high blood pressure, their family gets worried. The one who is suffering from it feels like their life is over. This is a condition. It becomes life threatening when you mishandle it. So, what would you say in the end? Doctor: At the end, I’d say that if you have high blood pressure and you are on medication as well, and if you operate the three things I have told, in your life. So to some extent your medication would be less, And your body can naturally overcome this. The good news is that you can finish this thing as well. If, you get hold of it on time, and start treatment as well as the things I have told, all on time. And get closer to natural diet. Juggun: Thankyou so much Dr. Farzeen. Doctor: Thankyou. I would request you all to please share your feedback with us How has your experience, with high blood pressure, been Or any of your family member. And of course, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. I hope you like my YouTube channel. And are subscribing to it. And sharing your comments. But, I have a great opportunity for you now. You can share your comments with me on this number

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