How Sumo Wrestlers Stay Healthy On 7,000 Calories A Day

How Sumo Wrestlers Stay Healthy On 7,000 Calories A Day

Sumo wrestlers eat up
to 7,000 calories a day and weigh 300 to 400 pounds or two to three times as
much as the average adult. While that may not sound like
the healthiest lifestyle, you shouldn’t judge a book,
or a body, by its cover. Take a closer look, and you’ll discover that it really is what’s
on the inside that counts. Normally, people with
obesity store a portion of their extra fat deep
inside the abdomen, where it wraps around the pancreas, liver, and other vital organs. We call this visceral fat. It pollutes the blood with molecules that can cause inflammation,
and this is why obesity can lead to health issues
like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks, but sumo wrestlers don’t usually
suffer from these symptoms. So what’s their trick? CT scans reveal that sumo wrestlers don’t have much visceral fat at all. Instead, they store most of their fat right underneath the skin. That’s why scientists think
sumo wrestlers are healthy. They have normal levels of triglycerides, a type of fat in their blood, and unexpectedly low
levels of cholesterol, both of which lower their risk of heart disease, heart
attack, and stroke. So how did they hit the jackpot on fat? The secret’s in their name: sumo wrestler. Studies show that intense exercise may prevent the buildup of visceral fat. Basically, it has to do with how exercise increases a hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin guides
glucose and fat molecules out of our blood stream,
where they could build up as visceral fat, and instead
puts them underneath the skin. Mind you, sumo wrestlers
get a lot of exercise. At a sumo stable, or heya, in Japan, training starts as early as 5 a.m. and can last for up to
five hours straight, and it’s nothing like
what you’d expect to find at your typical group fitness class. For example, during an exercise
called butsukari-geiko, wrestlers take turns
repeatedly hitting and pushing each other until they
collapse to the floor from exhaustion. And then, of course, there’s the match, where wrestlers try to shove
their opponent out of the ring or force them to touch the
ground with any body part other than the soles of their feet. But as soon as the exercise
stops, so does its benefits. When sumo wrestlers retire, they have to seriously cut calories or they become at risk for cardiovascular disease. That might explain why retired wrestlers reportedly die an
estimated 10 years younger than the average Japanese citizen. So while the thought of
eating 7,000 calories a day might be appealing,
you probably shouldn’t. Unless you’re spending most of your day trying to topple a 400-pound man.

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  1. A sumo wrestler could bench press your entire family and run faster than most average people in America

  2. Is Wikipedia wrong?

    Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancybetween 60 and 65, more than 10 years shorter than the average Japanese male, as the diet and sport take a toll on the wrestler's body.

  3. This is bullshit. Its impossible. Have you seen a sumo belly. I cant believe they dont have visceral fat

  4. Now the dumb fat acceptance group is going to say they store fat like sumo, fat is healthy, and shit. Just realize idiots, that there's a difference between fat and big. Somos are big. YALL are FAT.

  5. They have big 100% muscles, when bodybuilders use a lot protein and when they stop using it they will loose muscles and sumos aren’t

  6. the video didnt even look at their diet, shame. they eat mostly healthy unproceced foods in huge quantitys

  7. Last I checked they have the shortest life span on average compared to other athletes. That's not exactly what I would call healthy

  8. This is true if we consider traditional sumo wrestler who eat mostly chanko nabe. American sumo wrstlers are just fat and they're disgusting and unhealthy

  9. The negative health effects of the sumo lifestyle can become apparent later in life. Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy between 60 and 65, more than 10 years shorter than the average Japanese male, as the diet and sport take a toll on the wrestler's body.

  10. Why didn’t you mention there diet? They eat healthy too unlike most obese Americans, eating nothing but mcdonalds and kfc.

  11. The only thing mightier than sumo is sumo's toilet able to flush huge donkey turds without clogging even the great Al Bundy could not overflow sumo's toilet!

  12. Sumo wrestlers consume excessive levels of alcohol which often leads to health problems after they've retired.

  13. Bruh, sumo wrestlers aren't a different species, they are morbidly obese and if you believe they are healthy because of this video you're a gullible fool.

  14. Ironically that to a much lesser degree is how I approached fitness. I never dieted, just worked out hard since wrestling in high school was intense. Coincidentally I did end up being the lightest I ever been in my life. Granted the exercise portion has been on and off since then.. However, next crack I get at consistent workouts, I'll try what I did before, no diet just working like a mofo and see what happens. I understand I won't get the sick abs but at the same time, life for mewouldn't be enjoyable under a diet

  15. Off course they arent healthy. Their hearts have to do tons of more work to pump blood for those 400lbs

  16. Healthy? They die on average 10 years younger than the typical Japanese man.. even with a lifestyle significantly more active than average. There's nothing healthy, attractive, or logical about being overweight. Nothing.

  17. It doesn't matter what you eat, either chanko nabe or not.
    When you overeat from whatever food source you put on weight. Sumos store it differently because they exercise. If you sit on your butt without exercise in your life then you will store fat viscerally, around your organs.
    If you noticed many heavy weight wrestlers have this belly that jingles. They eat a lot but exercise a lot. So they don't give the body a chance to store fat viscerally.
    Again it does not have to do with what food you eat. It can be just chocolates.
    There are of course people who sit on their butts and have a sumo-like body. Their body is just genetically constructed to store subcutaneus fat and not visceral. These people are very few.

  18. How many people right now are contemplating becoming a sumo wrestler just so they have an excuse to eat more?✋

  19. My classmate who is European youth champion says differently, recently she went under a surgery because of her weight. That body acceptance crap is all fun and games untill someone dies. She decided not to.

  20. You forgot to mention their diet, wich is super healthy. They eat clean carbs and vegie soups. No sugar. Most of them after the end of their career lose most of their fat and live a healthy life (those who can manage with the diet)

  21. Who else wants a sumo wrestler to same “Mi dummy thiccc I can’t hear you over the clap of mi ass cheakes

  22. I saw a sign at McDonald's that said ''Kids have to eat at least 7,000 calories per day and teen have to eat at least 14,000 calories a day, Is McDonald's trying to kill us or something?

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