How Much Carbon Fiber Is Too Much?! | From The Gallery EP.41

How Much Carbon Fiber Is Too Much?! | From The Gallery EP.41

(upbeat music) – You’re probably going to
have to talk loud, by the way. – Mic check, one two, one two. – Louder. When you’re–
– Louder? – Yeah, like that, like that. (loudly screams) – Not like that, do not do that. (laughing) – What is going on everyone? Gels from Fitment Industries
and I am here with… – Dakota from Fitment Industries. – And? – JT from Fitment Industries. – Debut. So JT is one of our social media reps. He just started not too long ago, so if you’ve been
commenting or messaging us, JT’s probably been– – He’s been firing back. (imitates gun shots) – Taking care of a lot of those. – So we are back with another
episode of “From the Gallery” where the rules are simple. We grab some cars that have been uploaded to the Fitment Industries gallery. And if you want your car reviewed in an upcoming episode
feel free to drop it. (clapping) Oh, double, oh God. – Oh, Greg’s going to get pissed. – Greg’s not going to know what to do. (laughing) And then email us at
[email protected] with the subject line, “Review My Car.” Maybe say please, get some
bonus points, get added maybe a little farther down on the list. Never know. All righty, so, first up
we have a 2003 Lexus IS300. On some ESR Sr08 18 by 8
by 8 and a half plus 30. All around on some
Pirelli All Seasons 235/45 on some BC Racing Coilovers. Now this is AnonymousIS300’s IS300. – This IS300 looks frickin dope. I really like it. The stance, to me, is
perfect for an IS300. It’s not too out there, but it obviously has mods done to it to make it look good. The SR08’s fit really good
nice affordable wheel. That’s one of the top sellers that we see a lot of people
going with the SR08s. The lip on there looks real good. I like the grill delete. I think that looks perfect. Kinda gives it more of a mean look. The rear is really doing it for me. (laughing) I think it’s a nice simple,
clean build that has some tasteful mods to it. – I would agree with Dakota. I think it looks like it has a super aggressive stance to it. The tails, I’m more of a fan
of darker tails or an all red. And I think those wheels
don’t do too much. They don’t over do it. – Yeah.
– Right. – Yeah – The color of the car is so… – Cool. Ya, I think it’s super clean build. I always love seeing these cars especially when they are
so clean for being a 2003. Especially up here in good ‘ol Wisconsin we don’t see a lot of clean examples. Either just filled with rust
holes or could have been smoked into one too many poles. Hey, it’s a super clean build. I love the lip kit that
he has going on on it. The Fitment is super good. Like, it is very very on point. Yes. I think it’s a cool car. – Give her a rate? – Ya, ready to rate it? One, two, three. – [All] Eight. – All righty, moving on to the next car. We have a 2013 Hyundai Genesis
Coupe on some Weds wheels. (laughs) The suspension Nankang Ns-20s. You’re looking at set of 18
by 10 plus 15 in the front. 18 by 11 plus 19 in the rear. So some big ‘ol boys. What’s his instagram name here? – His Instagram name? BAGDBK2’s Hyundai Genesis. – Classic. – Well, first of all, this thing is basically on the ground, so, love that. Looks really good. (releasing air) I’m a sucker for this body style. I think it always looks really clean. – [Gels] Fan of the Genesis? – [JT] Ya, absolutely. The only thing I would
change on a Genesis, I think, is get rid of that ugly Hyundai
logo on the steering wheel. – Oh. – It is massive, they’re like this big. – They’re proud! – Give me a quick release
or something like that. (laughing) – They’re proud of it. – This thing is super clean man. – These cars break necks. They do. They’re good looking cars,
Hyundai really killed it. However, though, the resale value on these things tanked and ’cause I think– – I feel that, ya. (laughing) – They’re fairly slow stock, they don’t… it’s still a Hyundai. They have their creeks and stuff on the interior and all that good stuff, but they can be done up to look so good. The Fitment’s perfect. I like the lip on there
that he’s got going. The blacked out emblems looks really good. It’s kind of another one where it’s just a simple, clean build,
lowered, it has the lip. It has exhaust that kinda
sticks out a little bit. I actually like that, I
think that looks good. – Ya, I think it’s a clean build. The wheels are a solid choice. I actually really like
this style on this car. All right, ready to rate? – Yep.
– Yep. – All right, on three. One, two, three. – Eight.
– Eight and a half. – Next, we have a 2010
Acura TL on some SSRs. – [Dakota] Oh! – 20 by 9 and a half plus 18 in the front with 20 by 10 and a
half plus 30 in the rear Some Lionhart 245/35s and 345/35s Ait Lift performance suspension. – Air Lift baby. – Staggered setup on the good ‘ol Acura. So I absolutely love the look of this car. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s low and the Fitment is just perfect. I love the style of the wheel choice. It looks like he’s got it just a little bit of a lip kit going around. Just a super clean build. I don’t know if anything was debadged in the front or it was a different bumper in the front or something like that, but it just looks very shaved almost. – [Dakota] Smooth. – Ya. So I really dig it. I think it’s a cool car. TLs are awesome, the community loves them. You see ’em everywhere. – So it’s nice to see a 4th gen that’s done up and looks this good. I love SSR wheels and these
ones go perfectly with this car. I really, really like it. Like you were saying,
the Fitment is spot on. I think with this red color, again, I feel like I’m repeating
myself every time, it’s like a theme with these cars. They’re all lowered, look
really good on some nice wheels. But I’d like to see some carbon fiber. Carbon fiber goes well with a lot of colors and red’s one of them. They contrast well. Overall, yeah, I think it’s pretty clean. – Cool. – [JT] Ya, like I said, I don’t
know if you’d be limited to kind of your simple mods,
like we were talking about. Some custom work would
be kinda cool to see but, I don’t expect you to go
absolutely crazy with the TL. – [Gels] Yeah.
– [Dakota] Yeah. – [Gels] It gets a little expensive. – [JT] Yeah. I don’t know man. It looks like a really nice daily driver or whatever he’s doing with it. – All right, on three. One, two, three. – 7.5
– 8 and a half. Okay, all right. So, we have a 2007 Nissan 350Z on some Leon Hardiritt Ordens. – [Dakota] Okay. – [Gels] However you want to say it. 18 by 10 and a half zero in the front. – [Dakota] (mumbles). – [Gels] (laughs) 18 by 13 negative 37. – Jesus. – Classic 350. – Is it a wide body 350Z? – Deep, deep pizza right there. – Here we go, some… – Ya, wide body. – Toyo proxes 4 plus. – That’s insane. – 255/35, 295/35 in the rear
and some Air Lift suspension. – Some tilty boys. – This thing is insane. – Man would I be (beep) scared
to air out on them fenders. I tell ya that right now. His Fitment is, it’s right on point. You got carbon fiber
fenders, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber hatch, carbon
fiber side skirts, holy crap. – Dakota is gonna need some new shorts. (Gels laughing)
– This is insane. So his Instagram is OKIE_Z33. – Pardon. – If I’m gonna nit pick, I guess. – Nit pick it. – I guess the hood is a bit much. – [Gels] (groans loudly). – There’s a lot of vents going on there. I do like the carbon fiber. I love the smoked headlights
make it look really aggressive. The rear tails blacked out, look good. I could go on and on, I really like it. – Are you going to let us
talk about this thing or what? – Ya, ya I’m sorry.
(laughing) – It looks good, but I do think it looks like it’s a little bit
over designed, kinda like… – [Dakota] There’s just a lot of vents. – [JT] It’s like a Civic
type R rear end, like when… – [Dakota] Oh damn. – When did you stop, when should you have stopped designing it? – You have to reply to these comments. (laughing) – I love the front fender, like
the look of that kinda gives me a little bit of like 370, with the car. – [Gels] Yeah, definitely. – [JT] It updates the look a little bit. Front bumper looks really nice. These wheels are crazy aggressive, but ya, man would I be scared to air out. – That’s what I’m saying. – I’d just be terrified to
drive that thing in general. – I just think I’d explode my fenders. – Right. I think the way that this car is executed is absolutely phenomenal. Like, not only is it very high-end parts, but it also looks very good. Like everything fits
well, from what I can see. (loudly grunts) I really don’t have anything
bad to say about it, at all. I guess if I were to say one thing, carbon fiber is super cool. It just looks like you have
different body panels on it, but it’s because you do
and it’s carbon fiber and you paid for the carbon fibers, you don’t want to cover
up the carbon fiber. – You could probably
just lift that car up by with your hands at this point. – You guys ready to rate it? – Yeah. Yeah. – All right, who’s calling this out? – All right, three, two, one. – [All] Nine. – Woo! – Nine across the board. Hell yeah. Cool. So, thank you everyone who has submitted their car to the Fitment
Industries gallery. It helps us out a ton, it
helps other people out a ton. And then we get to look at ’em and– – Review them and talk about ’em. – Talk (beep) about them. – No! – And all that kind of stuff. (laughing) – I liked a lot of these ones today. – That’s good. If you want your car rated
in an upcoming episode don’t forget to drop
it in a gallery over at
or you just click the link below and then shoot us an email at [email protected]
with the subject line, “Review My Car.” Say please and thank you. (slap) There you go. – She gone. – All that kind of good stuff. But that’s gonna wrap it up for today. Don’t forget to subscribe to
Wheels, Tires, Suspension. I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota. – And I’m JT. – We’ll see you guys later. Peace. – Peace. – Bye. (gentle vibe music)

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    Then you factor in the power to ratio and structural rigidity and what not.

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  3. JT welcome! Hope you're fitting in well. These cars were a good choice boys. Didn't see any Euro which is upsetting but I had to say the Z33 was pretty dope. Not all for that raw carbon look but the vents added a bit of technicality to otherwise a more simplistic build.

  4. Haha the Lexus -IS 300 showed up to our Discrete C.C meet event last night. Cool to see his car made it on Fitment Industries.

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  8. I think it’s funny when people take a car and buy a ton of carbon fiber parts… but don’t spend a dime on performance.

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