How Iran Approaches Tensions With The United States | NBC Nightly News

How Iran Approaches Tensions With The United States | NBC Nightly News

57 Replies to “How Iran Approaches Tensions With The United States | NBC Nightly News”

  1. I don't get the impression Donald realizes…
    just how vicious the dog…
    on the other end of the chain he just rattled…
    actually is…

  2. Maybe during war we should pull a South Park, and instead of wearing traditional army attire, the US should equip its soldiers with costumes of their prophet Mohammed, that way we won't get shot.

    Ok, I know, terrible joke. I apologize.

  3. Ah yes the sign of American National security is when you see another dangerous country burning your flag..

    Trump you are a moron

  4. What happens when the Iranians learn that the Hellfire missile that killed Qassem Soleimani used blades that sliced him into pieces like a slaughtered steer? "The Wall Street Journal has learned that both the CIA and the Pentagon have been using a variant of the Hellfire air-to-ground missile, the R9X (aka "Ninja bomb"), that deploys six blades moments before impact to cut through virtually anything in its path, including buildings and cars. The idea is to take out a terrorist leader or a similarly prominent target without risking the lives of nearby civilians."

  5. When Public Officials cannot accept ALL personalities without being offended, taking things to heart, or personally. Resigning is the only resolution that fits the norm. Enforce the resignation of the Public Officials in Oakland, Ca. who violated this position.

  6. I bet the Iranians are too cowards to take out Trump and would focus instead on American citizens. Trump didn’t focus on the Iranian citizens. Trump got to the point and murdered the leader.

  7. They approach the same way liberals approach Trump, success and the Constitution….with tantrums, hatred and violence.

  8. Is amazing how CNN only call Iran terrorist after they take a plane to America. That is hypocrisy and not journalism.

  9. Iran prime minister say in his speech he supports terroir organisation and support hammas. And iss. That Muslims support terroir organisation with blood oil money.

  10. Get ready dont be where alot of peoples going to be. It mate be abom thy coming and some already here waiting on the order to do so

  11. I would be fine with America nuking Iran. And I hope they do it early in the fighting. With Trump as president this might very well happen.

  12. President Barack Obama had the foresight to neutralize the Iran threat for the duration of Trump's tenure. But, trump is a troublemaker who simply cannot leave well enough alone. He thrives on chaos and turmoil.

  13. the Narcissistic sociopathic liar in the White House has no f**** idea what's going on in the world he has no idea the reactions his actions are going to cause there is going to be a war so why don't you Trump supporters the idiots the one-third idiots in the country go go sign up for the military and fight your War urec blind to what this Administration is doing the destruction in democracy that Trump is causing

  14. An eye for an eye??? Iran you can have Trump and his family and Grham and McConnell..then we are even….don't take it out on the US people who
    Condemn Trump and his cabinet…go after Trump and his us a favor! But if there was a plan in place like the POTUS said then by all means it's the right way to go but I'm not convinced yet…I dont trust Trump or his party with anything they say or do…

  15. I'm so sick and tired of you fighting and warring humans! How humble were you when you were nothing more than sperm inside of a testicle? How humble were you for 9 months in the womb? How humble will you be after your body dies? When will you humble ourselves? Humble yourselves; or destroy yourselves.

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