100 Replies to “How I Fell In Love With My Coworker”

  1. Anyone get Jim and Pam vibes when they were talking about how Aria went to Europe and came back and how that separation ultimately led to their romantic relationship?

  2. I feel like I just lived through a movie watching this video. And I loved it

    It’s nice to know they’re happy with each other because they both seem like good people and they both deserve happiness ❤️


    There's still hope for me then!😂

    P.S. This video made my day

  4. I'm literally squeeing and giggling and awwing at this video like a teenage girl 😍 I'm so happy that the ship is real ❤
    Also Fernando is a mood 🤣

  5. Omg this is so cute! I’m going on a date with my coworker who I’ve realized I have a crush on not too long ago. We’re such a great team and I was so scared of liking him like that cause I didn’t want to ruin this great thing we have. And even our coworkers have been trying to get us to date! But I just always thought I couldn’t possibly be his type! And that he was just being friendly. But he asked me out yesterday for ice cream and movies. I’m so nervous for today but I trust him.

  6. This just called me lonely in so many ways 😭 I cried they are so perfect for eachother 😭😭😭😭😭🥳🥳🥳💗💗

  7. I like sarcastic banter but damn… all these people seem to ONLY do that. It’s nice to be genuine and kind on occasion.

  8. At 13:00 her “awakening” was nearly exactly the same thing that happened with me and I boy who liked me my junior year of college. We’re married now.

  9. This was kind of like me and my girlfriend. She was super flirty. I was flirty back. This went on for about 2 years. I wanted her she didn’t want me. I would tell her I wanted more she tried to break off the friendship so we didn’t hurt each other. I didn’t want to. I eventually told her she needs to just give it a real shot and now it’s been almost a year.

    Their coworkers: “I effing hate being around them. They are so annoying. They NEVER work!”

  11. It would be hella awkward for the cameramen to be up there on the hot air balloon with them just flirting with each other

  12. please let there never be a vid that says "How I broke up with my Coworker"….
    or hey i would never mind a vid "How i knocked up my Coworker"

  13. I just got off of a 12 hour graveyard shift and I should be asleep…but here I am…watching this entire thing…TWICE.

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