How do Hormones work? | #aumsum

How do Hormones work? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. How do Hormones work? They are laaaazzy like me. Not at all. In our body, there is an endocrine system
which consists of several glands. These glands secrete various hormones and
release them usually into the bloodstream. Now, our cells have specialized receptors
on them. A hormone will attach only if there is a receptor
for that hormone. Ensuring that just the target cells get stimulated. When the cells get stimulated, specific processes
in the cells increase or decrease. Thus helping us regulate our heartbeat, blood
pressure, body temperature, sleep, etc. Thus maintaining our health. For example, if blood sugar level drops, pancreas
will secrete a hormone called glucagon. Glucagon will attach to receptors of liver
cells. And instruct them to convert stored glycogen
into glucose. Thus increasing our blood sugar levels. Thus, hormones are super important for our body.

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