HOME REMEDIES FOR HEADACHE PART-1 II सिरदर्द के लिए घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

HOME REMEDIES FOR HEADACHE PART-1 II सिरदर्द के लिए घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

Welcome to health care at home Today we are going to talk about the most common disease i.e Headache. Do you know there are 3 types of headaches? First is Tension headache means headache due to stress. Second is Migraine headache In migraine headache sometime you feel nausea or vomit. You get irritated with any kind of sound and even any kind of light as well. Thirdly, Cluster headache This happens repeatedly means today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow Now what are their causes ? See, it happens due to psychological changes Construction of blood vessels Or due to oversleeping causes headache. People often take pain killers in headache Even taking lot of pain killers can also cause headache. Headache also forms due to excess smoking and alcohol. Drinking lesser water or if your body id de-hydrated, it leads to headache. If you have eyes or neck strain that too is one of the reason of headache. What to do when you have headache? One of the simplest remedy, Use Basil Leaves It has calming properties, it works as muscle relaxant It has K-anti energestic effects How to use basil? Crush some leaves in water Boil it and then strain it Add honey and take it as basil and honey tea. have it and you will be relived. You can chew some basil leaves like that Or you can do one thing, boil some basil leaves in water Inhale the steam during that boiling process Taking that steam will also give you relief in headache. Let me tell you another easy remedy, take either almond oil or coconut oil Add some crushed basil leaves Cook it on the low flame till the basil leaves got completely burnt. Strain the oil & apply it on your forehead or on he sides when you have headache. if you will do massage you will be relived. If you are suffering from tension headache, eat 1 handful of almonds It contains salicin which gives quick relief in tension headache. There is an anther effective remedy for tension headache i.e Cloves. Crush cloves and pack them in handkerchief, Inhale its smell Even then you will be relieved in tension headache. In case you are suffering from acute headache, you can follow one more remedy Take cloves oil Take 1 tbsp Coconut Oil add 1 tsp Salt and 2 drops of cloves oil. Mix it well & if you will apply this mixture on your forhead or problem area Even then you will be relieved in tension headache. If you are suffering from tension headache Don’t sit at one place, do streching, do yoga Do breathing exercise as its very helpful in headache. If you will do anuloma-vioma pranayam for 10 minutes. Your brain will get enough oxygen To get relaxation in tension headache. Don’t sit at one place, do walking If you will walk in a garden which is full of greenery Even if you do breathing exercise. Then you will notice to have quick relief in tension headahce And your body will be lighter. We majorly talk about tension headache in this episode but there are two types of headache are left. How to cure them, that I will tell you in next episode. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So, don’t forget to share & like our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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  1. Beneficial video. Great job. Sir, i have one request plz stop that background music. It hinders in understanding and most of us can't give full concentration to your worthy videos . Thank you …and keep guiding us. I really liked your videos.🌼

  2. tht background music is too high .your voice is neither clear nor audible due to tht music.so plz take care of this thing next time sir..

  3. Sir coconut oil me herbs mix krk jo herbal oil banate hai matlab ki garm kark kya usse baal safed ho jaate hai plz ans

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