High Blood Pressure Month video feat. Lamman Rucker. “Check Your Man” -American Heart Association

High Blood Pressure Month video feat. Lamman Rucker. “Check Your Man” -American Heart Association

Girl I can not believe he is still out
there like that after everything you two have been through
together. He’s still out there just sneaking around You need to check him. Like, for real. Check your man. i will I’ve been waiting for this. Me and you, baby. Me and you! Mmm-hmmmm. what are you doing hidin’ in here? I can’t believe you! After everything we’ve
been through? You just can’t stop can you? I thought I meant something to you? Uh, umm, uh. Have you even been taking your medicine? Sometimes. Listen, honey I love you and need you We need you. We can work on this. Together. but you have to keep your
blood pressure In check. Ok. Listen to the people who love you. High
blood pressure is serious. Maintaining a healthy
lifestyle listening to you doctor and taking
medicine as prescribed can all help keep blood pressure under
control visit heart dot org slash blood
pressure and learn more about how you and your family can keep blood pressure in check. If you
care say something.

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