High Blood Pressure and Natural Management Tips

High Blood Pressure and Natural Management Tips

What is High Blood Pressure By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND What is high blood pressure? High blood pressure
is the abnormally high force of contraction of the heart muscle and it’s really contracting
super hard, and/or it’s an abnormally high resistance of the blood flow in the arteries
that are being fed the blood from the heart. So blood pressure is a combination of two
numbers; like 130/80. The first number – say the 130 – is a measure of the force of the
contraction of the heart muscle itself, measured in mm. of mercury. That’s known as the systolic
pressure. The second number – the lower number, let’s say the 80; 130/80 – is
the amount of resistance of the blood flow itself in the arteries. That’s known as
the diastolic pressure. So where does that resistance come from? There
is a muscular coat around the blood vessels of the body called the arterial system, and
when it tightens it creates more resistance to the blood flow and so the diastolic pressure
then goes up. Normal blood pressure is a reading at or below
120/80. Blood pressure between 120/80 up to 139/89 is known as prehypertension. It’s
not totally unsafe, but you’re creeping into a range where there is an increase in
risk that some vascular condition might develop. So you want to keep it under 120/80.
A blood pressure above 140/90 is known as hypertension. That could be an elevation of
either the systolic number or the diastolic number. In either case, an elevated reading
of one or the other, or both, increases your risks for heart attack, heart failure, kidney
disease, hardening of your arteries which could lead to a rupture of those blood vessels,
eye disease that can lead to blindness, kidney damage and stroke; hemorrhaging into the brain.
It’s critical to know what your blood pressure reading is. The good news is most cases of
high blood pressure can actually be managed through dietary and lifestyle intervention.
This is important to know because ea lot of doctors just prescribe drugs right out of
the gate, but the World Health Association shows that in about 75 percent of cases, diet
and lifestyle management should be applied first.
You need to know what are the dietary and lifestyle approaches to lowering blood pressure,
because sometimes doctors forget to talk about that.
If your blood pressure is high, I’d strongly recommend that you download my Lowering Blood
Pressure Naturally program that’s available here, and act very aggressively on the interventions
you see. These are the actual dietary and lifestyle modifications that have been proven
in clinical studies to lower blood pressure in humans; it’s not just based on theory,
and it helps most people. It’s important to know how to do that, even if you’re on
medications, these should be the concurrent lifestyle strategies that you put in to play.
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