Heart In A Box: Beating Heart Technology at UCLA could revolutionize field of heart transplantation

Heart In A Box: Beating Heart Technology at UCLA could revolutionize field of heart transplantation

For the past 40 years, we have been taking the hearts for transplantation and preserving them or keeping them in a cooler during the transport, literally a cooler, and transport it to UCLA or other medical centers where the heart transplant procedure is being performed. This concept of so-called heart in the box, or organ care system, is a platform that allows the donor hearts to not be preserved on ice, but rather in a beating, normal–near normal physiologic state. It may allow us at one point to do better matching of the donors and recipients so that we can find the most suitable recipient of a donor heart and may even think about transporting hearts long distances. This is the start of technology that may in the future allow us to take a donor and say, okay, there’s somebody I’m donating here in Hawaii, there’s somebody in Illinois that is a very good match for this and is going to have less rejection, and so that person can get that organ. We’ve already gone through to make sure that the device will work, and now we are making sure that it works as well as the standard therapy, which is to put the heart on ice. UCLA has been a pioneer in the field of solid organ transplantation. In fact, there are more solid organs transplanted at UCLA than any other medical center in the country. Many of the advances in the field of transplantations have pioneered
–advanced at UCLA. I feel like I tell people that I feel like I am in the first Apollo mission to the moon. I’m just getting in the capsule, basically. This is the really the start of something that’s going to be an incredible revolution, in my opinion, in heart transplantation.

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  1. That's a stupid question. Considering he wants us to preserve life and not destroy it, why wouldn't he approve? This will save thousands of lives all over the world, and the circumstances that cause people to rely on this new method to live could open their eyes and come to know Him. So yes, I'm pretty sure he approves lol.

  2. @dazzlefun If God decides someone has to die, why do we have to change god's will? Science is going way too far, i hope Romney or Bachmann do something about this, the Pope said we must set limits to science, so probably God wouldn't approve this. Healing the sick doesn't mean extending life agains God's planning.

  3. @dazzlefun I've got a request for you. Next time you get sick, no matter whether it's something as common as a standard cold, something so painful as a broken bone, or something as deadly as ebola, do us a favor and don't cure yourself.

    Keep in mind that trying to cure yourself would be messing with god's divine plans for you. Obvious, isn't it?

  4. @dazzlefun Using that logic, anyone that gets a gunshot wound needs to be dumped on the sidewalk and left to die. That's retarded thinking, and the Pope is an idiot. So if I drove by your house and shot your mom, you'd turn the other way and let her die. Yeah ok lol.

  5. @Leanaan Show some respect for Benedict XVI, he represents 1,5 Billion Catholics in the world. So may people can't be wrong, how many atheist are there? Probably a few thousands? 99% of US population believes in God, and science is going against 99% of the population. Sooner or later someone has to stop this, sinful science will lead us to hell.

  6. @divinegod102 Ummmm, God created human beings to have brains to be able to come up with this technology. Show some respect to the Creator.

  7. @HereinLasVegas Let's see RELIGION perform CPR, find new cures for diseases and resuscitate dying people. Faith healing? You're right, the chance that you'd win a jackpot in Las Vegas is infinite times greater than your delusional, backward way of thinking.

  8. Oh no, some guy on the Internet doesn't like Christianity! Two thousand years of faith and tradition, destroyed in an instant by the rapier logic of a sixteen year old computer nerd! Cancel Christmas, tear down Saint Peter's! It's over!

    Note to kiddie atheists I was once one of you. You'll come crawling back to Jesus someday, as I did.

    PS – If this heart thing works and saves lives, I'm all for it.

  9. @nickj116 Yes, the very same "god" that murdered well over 300 million people, condones and proposes slavery, sexism, incest, war, famine, deaths, and backward ways of thinking. How about you show some respect to those who worked HARD in order to achieve such technological prowess instead of crediting your malevolent, jealous invisible sky daddy everything?

  10. @dazzlefun If one person believed in a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing. But if a billion people believed in the same stupid thing, it is called religion. You should stop proposing your backward ways of thinking, unplug, and destroy every secular technological pieces in your house, which are the results of scientific prowess. Why don't you go live in an Amish community instead of blabbering hypocritically? Ungrateful asshat.

  11. @plymouthbelvedere I like Jesus, and I once believed in him. But however, I do not like his fan clubs and their backward ways of thinking. That is all. No one wants to bicker with you and your very own dogmatic delusion.

  12. @divinegod102 Don't know why you blame God for what men do. God created men in His perfect image. It was man who sinned. That's why we have evil in the world. Do I know why God created the world? No. But He did. And he loves people, doesn't hate them.

  13. @nickj116 Yet it is clearly stated in the bible that Atheists, people of different faiths and homosexuals are destined to be tortured in hell for eternity. Hypocrisy or contradiction? I think both. Delusion remain a delusion.

  14. @divinegod102 No bickering required, my materialistic friend. You'll be back. You cannot escape Him. Deep down inside you know it's true. That's why you have to be Joe Atheist on the Internet — as do all atheists, you talk loudly in an attempt to drown out that still, small Voice inside.

    You'll fail, as I did. Jesus loves you and He is going to save you. Run, hide, do whatever you want — it won't change a thing.

  15. To all you misunderstood religious people. THIS has nothing to do with god, its a new method scientists have discovered to help patients live longer JUST LIKE PILLS, VACCINES ,ETC. I am religious, and find this amazing. Have you thought of how many people have cheated death within this year or have bin saved? Does that literally mean " IT CHANGED GODS PLAN" NO! God KNOWS when people are meant to die.God's plan NEVER goes wrong. I cant believe u 'religious people' doubt his ability, SHAME ON U.

  16. @plymouthbelvedere Very touching, indeed, if you hear voices inside your head, you must be mentally challenged. I'm not ever running away or hiding because this is my life, and I control it. I don't need to believe in such absurd immoral beings in order to be moral.

  17. @divinegod102 You sound like you're trying to convince yourself. Good luck with that.

    History teaches us that every system of morality that is not based upon the natural law given by God devolves to Might Makes Right in the end.

  18. @plymouthbelvedere I prefer not to extract moral from an entity that proposes and condones slavery. History is right, slavery is evil, and so is "god."

  19. @divinegod102 By what standard do you judge ggod and evil? Your own opinion? You are just some guy. The opinion of the majority? Popularity and truth are not the same thing. The majority is wrong about a lot of things. In any case, by proclaiming this or that to be evil (by whatever standard you use), you are enforcing your private moral code on me!

    Ah, I see — it's wrong for Christians to impose their moral code on others, but it's OK when you do it.

  20. @plymouthbelveder I don't have the moral of a Catholic. I don't believe in slavery as a God-given right. I don't believe that rape is ever justified. I don't believe pedophilia is ever moral. I don't believe in human sacrifice. I don't tolerate genocide. I don't believe women are possessions like cattle and raped. I don't believe disobedient children should be dashed to pieces. I don't believe in burning witches and Jews. I have the moral of an Atheist, which says those things are evil.

  21. @divinegod102 You say these things are evil. Who says they are evil? By what standard are they evil? How do you judge the morality of a given act? Who gets to define good and evil in your world? What is the basis of your Atheist morality?

  22. @plymouthbelvedere Humanity. It's not that hard to figure out, maybe not with your delusion. I'm not really sure if you're a troll, or just straight up stupid.

  23. @dazzlefun Reality is not a democracy, and even if your appeal to popularity were not a fallacy, there would still be the issue of your 1.5 billion Catholics being outnumbered 3 to 1 by everyone else.

  24. @plymouthbelvedere If you recall, it was a theist who began this argument by implying that God would disapprove of this technology. Please check your biases.

  25. @plymouthbelvedere What is the basis of your Christian morality? "Because someone said so" is still flimsy reasoning whether the someone in question is a human or a hypothetical deity.

  26. @GiltCipher "Check my biases"? I understand your words,but what you are saying is meaningless. Why am I supposed to "check my biases"?

  27. @GiltCipher : God in the Person of Jesus Christ is the basis of my morality. He has the right to establish the standard. This is the natural law, recognized by reason alone by philosophers from Plato on down.

    I don't suppose you've read Plato, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    In _The Brothers Karamazov_, Dostoyevsky tells us what we already know: that without God, everything is permitted. When right and wrong are matters of individual opinion, we are back to Might Makes Right.

  28. @divinegod102 Weak.

    "Humanity" is your standard? What the hell does that even mean? Vox populi non vox Dei est, my friend. Try again.

  29. @plymouthbelvedere I mean that you should recognize that the atheists in these comments spoke up only because the theists spoke first.

    And if one can conclude through logical reasoning alone that the Abrahamic God is a more valid source of morality than humanism, then by all means please show us how this line of reasoning goes.

  30. I don't know what the arguments are about. Currently they transport human hearts on ice. This is better. It has nothing to do with God. It's just people helping people with organs that will just go to waste if they aren't used.

    It's not like they are growing a heart in a test-tube then implanting it. Then you could say they are playing God.

  31. @plymouthbelvedere Popularity means absolutely nothing. If an idiot proposes a foolish thing, it is a foolish thing. If a billion people believed in it, it is still a foolish thing. You sir, are a decrepit relic of the butt. You can certainly celebrate death but me and my freethinkers will always celebrate life. That's humanity for you and your doomsday death cult, my friend.

  32. @GiltCipher Break out your copy of Plato — you do have a copy, don't you? — and read the Timaeus starting at 27c. Next read Laws, X, starting at 885. Moving on to Aristotle, read De Caelo and the Metaphysics. These logically demonstrate the existence of God as pure Being. Knowledge of God beyond the teleological necessity of His existence is a matter too complex to treat of here. For the open-minded seeker, a concise rundown of the logic can be found at b it .ly /fwBIF9. God bless you

  33. @plymouthbelvedere Yet you came here to bicker hypocritically about humanity's scientific prowess while contributing absolutely nothing to it. Keep your crooked morals to yourself. And thanks, Zeus bless you too.

  34. @plymouthbelvedere Having read the page you linked, I must note that the argument presented fails to provide evidence of the truth of its assumptions. The ones that stuck out the most were the assumption without evidence of a spiritual component to existence, which given the conclusion makes the argument circular, and to a lesser extent the failure to consider a cyclical universe as an alternate solution to the problem of infinite regression.

  35. @GiltCipher Thank you for reading and considering the article. The issues you raise are addressed at great length in the texts of Plato and Aristotle, _inter alia_.

    "Objective" evidence cannot exist. Empirical data are perceived via sensory impressions, which are by nature _subjective_. It is therefore impossible to "prove" anything by sensory evidence alone. These data must be weighed along with _a priori_ knowledge (e.g. logic) in order to arrive at a statement of fact.

  36. Good grief what does the American Tea Party think? hehe. Dear god make it a christian heart. How many christians would accept a big gay loving heart? or if the donor had five abortions? How would Texans feel? Jail the heart?

  37. @ShakespeareAvenue The Tea party is about taxation not some bullshit ancient religion. That's like me saying "What do the Liberals think? hehe. Dear aborted fetus make it a gay jew with a handicap."

  38. @hughtub Really taxation? Do you realise Americans pay less tax than any developed country on earth? and you expect the best at the same time? Pay your taxes and support your fuking country. In Europe the Tea Party offers entertainment but do you nutters want another Bush? You must be from Taxass. What will you pinheads do next? Invade yer'selve? Again? Xxo

  39. @fantamize there so many deceases where the feeding can do anything. of course people need to take care and eat better, but if you thnik that a plant diet gonna make this problems disappear, you are the naive person

  40. @Saxurri you are right but diet is a huuuuuge part of what causes heart disease… of course there are various other factors but this does not mean we should not take this into consideration

  41. @drum2survive because this is not the sort of thing that gets the best ratings and therefore does not make enough money. Thus the problem is the complete privatisation of the media which has made making money the only objective of the media

  42. holy shit thats badass!! I'm kinda surprised we didn't already have tech like this though. It'll be awesome when we can grow our own parts, from our own DNA, in effect having a medical junkyard of spare parts somewhere in a huge lab farm.

  43. @Saxurri Go look up the leading causes of heart disease and you tell me if i am wrong. Go look up highest causes of death and you tell me I'm wrong. Most if not all heart disease can be reversed through diet alone.

  44. @ShakespeareAvenue Our country was set up with 1 goal in mind, the least possible number of people overseeing other people's actions. Governments only legitimately exist to protect individuals from infringements by other individuals. Taxation, being a form of theft, should therefore be minimized to only funding the protection of other thieves (though I say police and prisons should be funded by making prisoners work to pay for the cost). Bush was a neo-con big-govt statist.

  45. I'm not even going to begin to comment to all the people before me. It's a shame this video had to receive so many negative comments. Good video cyrus.

  46. @kiplinger00
    Yes, this renew my faith on people. Why don´t use all that effort on war and bad stuff, helping people doing things like this?

    Cheers from Brazil.

  47. China has had the technology for years to do this. How do you think they execute "enemies of the state" in Yining then ship the organs to Fuzhou? Before that, they would simply transport the recipient via "mobile hospital" to the prison and a chop-shop doctor would perform the harvest, I can't call it "recovery" because the PRISONER IS STILL ALIVE before they extract.
    Now they use similar technology to keep organs alive. Source: Unknown

  48. Amazing technology! However, why in the world are they opening the organ box inside the parking garage??? I know there's plastic around it, but it's so easy to get contaminated, or germs…. eeek

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