Health Tips on Managing High Blood Pressure

Health Tips on Managing High Blood Pressure

(heart beating) – High blood pressure is
the most common risk factor right now in this country. Fully 90% of us will
develop high blood pressure before we die. So it’s something that unfortunately, because of our behaviors and
the environment we live in, most of us are gonna get. The central problem for most of us is that we eat just too much salt. Salt of course is made
up of sodium and chloride but sodium is the problem here. And the average American
eats about 3400 milligrams of sodium a day. As opposed to the recommended amount which is less than 1500 milligrams a day. You need to be aware of where
salt is hiding in your diet. And it comes in a couple of simple places. First, bread is the major source of sodium for Americans in their diets today. So we should limit our bread intake. And by doing so we’ll
also limit the amount of starches we take. Sauces and soups have a lot of sodium. So you need to know to avoid those things. If you’re making a salad dressing, just make your own oil and vinegar. The other places that salt
can hide is in processed meats like ham and corned beef. You can taste it there so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And finally, how we prepare our
food makes a big difference. If you’re cooking yourself,
don’t add salt to the food because natural amounts are plenty and will provide anything that you need. If you’re eating out though,
that’s a major red flag that you’re gonna get some
extra sodium in your diet. And unfortunately, things like pizza and most of the fast foods that we eat out do have very high levels of sodium. So try to choose healthier
alternatives again like salads, and make your own
dressing to put on those.

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