Have high blood pressure? You NEED this monitor!!!

Have high blood pressure? You NEED this monitor!!!

– We’re back with another
video about my blood pressure! I know, it’s very exciting. I know you’ve all been
very worried about me. Thank you, I got all
your cards and balloons, and that one guy from Wyoming
who sent a the stuffed bison, that was very nice of you, thank you. So today we’re gonna talk about this other wireless blood
pressure cuff I’ve been using. I haven’t been using it anywhere near as long as the last one, and, in fact, if you haven’t seen it yet, go back, watch our previous video with the Withings wireless
blood pressure cuff. That’s the one I’ve been using for months. This one, in this video, is brand new, but, before we get to that,
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about the people you know who maybe aren’t in the
best shape of their lives. Kind of like me, this is
something I’m still working on. I’m very much a work in progress. (upbeat music) And so one of those things have been I wanna try these wireless
blood pressure cuffs, and see how good they are. So, the second one that I’ve been using now is brand new actually. We just saw it for the first
time at CES in January. This is the Omron Evolv. Actually, Omron’s a company, I think they had the first
blood pressure monitor that I’ve bought, and it was super cheap. It has a little stand that sat on my desk and then it had the cuff. It just took a lot more room than I wanted to take up for something like this, and that’s when I decided I
wanted to do something wireless, a, for space reasons, and,
b, to keep track of the data. I wanted to actually have
the data in front of me, so I could take it to my doctor, so that’s where all this
wireless connected stuff came in. It’s $100, you can pick it
up off Amazon or wherever, and here’s how it works. This one actually has a really cool trick compared to the Withings one. This has a display on it, so this is actually,
totally self contained. If you’re not quite as concerned about keeping up with the data as often, and you just want a daily
look at your blood pressure, this could do you really well. So I’m gonna put it on, and this is actually a little
trickier to put on for me, just because the way
it wraps around my arm, this will obviously vary if
your arms are bigger than mine, and it kind of tucks itself
under the main body, here, in a way I don’t really like. And then I get it wrapped around. Once I do that, it’s fine, it’s just not quite as
easy as the other one. So you’ve got two buttons. One is syncing, for syncing with the app, one is just a basic start, stop, and you hit the start,
stop, and it says hello! And then it goes to work, it doesn’t have to connect to anything, it doesn’t have to sync up. It just starts taking
measurements, and that’s it. So 122/83, my pulse is 83. This works just like any
other blood pressure cuff. It tightens up against your arm, and it measures how hard the blood is pumping through your veins. Obviously you need some blood pressure, or you would be dead. So this is really simple. It takes it, it gives you the reading right here, and I’m done. If I don’t want to do anything else, I don’t have to do anything else. But there is a companion
Omron app that goes with it. So if you do want to keep
better track of things, you just launch the app and hit sync, and it will start syncing all
the data that’s on the cuff. It does a really good job of just showing you the
numbers, first and foremost. If you want, you can see them on a graph, so I can see my systolic, my diastolic, I can see my pulse, all in one place. You can take a weekly view or
a monthly view, if you want. Those are pretty handy, I think, so you can keep track of it over time. Every time I’ve taken it it’s been well within the normal
range, so that’s good for me. And, finally, you can export the data. You can share it by email, or they connect to Walgreens
if you want to do that. But this one’s pretty good. Really, my only complaints are the way the cuff fits,
I’m not a huge fan of, but I do love having
that display right there, so if I don’t have my
phone right next to me, I don’t have to go running after it. If I don’t want to use
it with a phone at all, I don’t have to, and that’s pretty cool. And for the same price,
that’s not bad at all. So, bottom line, I would say the Omron Evolv is a pretty good option. If you’re not in the Withings ecosystem, and you don’t want to be, you just want something that
takes your blood pressure, this is a really good choice, I think. It works simply, and, actually, it works a little bit faster, too. And really, the only complaints I have is just the way the cuff fits, and that’s me an my
scrawny, little, pasty arms that badly need some sun. If your arm’s a little bigger, I think it will fit you a little better, but once it’s on it works very
quickly, it works very well. The app is simple, it’s not quite as full featured as other
health apps like this, but it does its job really
well, and it does it simply. We also have the Withings
wireless blood pressure cuff, go back and watch that video
if you haven’t seen it already. Share all these with somebody you know who might have high blood
pressure, seriously. This is probably the best thing
I’ve done in the past year, the best 100, $200 ’cause I have more than one, that I have spent. Go see your doctor, I’m not a doctor, don’t
take me for health advice. That’s a bad idea, but share this video,
thumbs up, subscribe. I’m gonna go relax, chill out, and let everything just
kind of lower down again.

26 Replies to “Have high blood pressure? You NEED this monitor!!!”

  1. I recently bought the iHealth Feel, Qardio QuardioArm and this one the Omron Evolv. All three are nice, and all three sync nicely with Samung S Heath on the S7 Edge, but noticed that the Feel and QuardioArm were closed in their readings. The Evolve, even though its supposedly the industry standard, showed my bp in the normal range. But to be certain, I took all three into work and had a nurse take my readings and it showed the Evolve way off by 20 points. The nice thing about the Evolve is that you can see the reading on the device. But because the reading is off, I had to return it.

  2. I'm hoping your next review will be the Qardio arm. I'm actually in the market for a wireless blood pressure reading cuff and I'm following your comments with great interest.

  3. I have the walgreens monitor right now, and my biggest complaint with it is that it takes FOREVER to get the reading. How long would you say this model takes? Does it give a reading before deflating?

  4. Agree. The cuff is a little fiddly at first but you get used to it. The machine is easy to setup and use. The App is functional but very very basic. I use to import the data into Apple Health and then use a third party App to interrogate the data. I bought for £97 from Boots.com

  5. Doesn't it feel heavy in the arm? I read the Evolv's weight is something over 200 grams so probably not too heavy, but still wondering…

  6. Thanks for making this review, there aren't many of such reviews. Such reviews definitely help for people like myself buying it for my aging parents.

  7. Hey Phil…I've recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure really crazy numbers like 150/100 and was just wondering if you don't mind me asking what medication(s) worked for you because you seem to have it under control. The medications I've tried either gave me undesirable side effects and others gave me no side effects but didn't work. I know everyone is different but I would love some input to talk to my doctor about.

  8. I have an Omron series 7 wrist blood pressure monitor…..it has higher readings generally…..I have an (not Omron) older blood pressure cuff I still use….but I notice the least discrepancy between the 2 monitors when my potassium intake is 2000 or higher…..I think the Omron is more sensitive to that. In short, the other blood pressure monitor doesn't seem to pick up on the lower potassium levels. So, now I have 2 monitors……

  9. Hi, can you let me know how loud is the cuff? If you compare it to the nokia bpm+ (the witings one) which is louder ? Also, can you set the cuff and just slide it of your arm so that you do not make the Velcro sound every time ? I take my bp before sleep and i want something that does. not wake my girl next to me. Currently owning an omron mit elite. Thanks for your answer!! (health wise i lost about 30 kg of my body weight and my bp is now around 120/75. )

  10. What app do you download for the Evolv? I downloaded the OmronWellness. The Evolv Monitor is not listed. I selected the another wrist monitor to see if it would pair. No luck. Can steer me in the right direction.

  11. I have already bought this crap. It reads BP like others do, but the uniqueness of this shit, that it can't communicate with the cell phones so you can monitor your blood readings for a long period of time.

  12. How accurate is it? I have heard bad things about the accuracy if the Evolve. Can you please tell me. Thanks

  13. Hi. I have noticed that those cuffs go supper quick and easy if you do not try to unroll them. Just release the velco and slip them over your arm like slipping on an armband.

  14. The biggest risk certain companies run in creating bp monitors is giving hypertensive patients a false sense of security. Consumers delay treatment despite having heart attack or stroke like symptoms, a death or disability can happen & companies can get sued if monitors give inaccurate readings despite measurements taken correctly as the manuals instruct.

  15. Onrom 5 failed. BT would not work. Equate 8000, BT failed, descent but measured while inflating, weird. Fingers crossed. Sold me with this video.

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