Hand & Finger Exercise Using Medicine Balls; Reduce Pain & Stress

Hand & Finger Exercise Using Medicine Balls; Reduce Pain & Stress

36 Replies to “Hand & Finger Exercise Using Medicine Balls; Reduce Pain & Stress”

  1. Oh heck yeah. Thanks Bob and Brad! I recently started dating a nice girl and on an unrelated note my fingers have been overworked and killing me. This video really helps, thanks again.

  2. Bob& Brad, please consider putting the GoFundMe me link for Liz in your new video descriptions. We can get that $$$ much higher. So far I believe it is only in that one video where you 1st mention it. Thanks for everything guys.

  3. Idk if anyone ever mentioned athlean-x as another physical therapist on the internet. Not to demean your guys channel but he just has a larger following. However he does have a wider variety content so idk if he'd count lol.

  4. These worked for me. I had two 'trigger thumbs.' I used these several times a day for a couple weeks or so, and did not have to have surgery! Two things: the first few days, my forearms got very sore. And 2: how do you measure what mm to get? I don't 'speak' mm. My first pair was bought at a festival, because they were beautiful. I didn't actually use them until my trigger thumbs appeared about 10 years later.

    Thank you both so much for your very helpful and well-explained videos!

  5. I'm 69 years old and have been using some simular to the ones you have…mine are made if brass an anti microbial/ bacterial metal…one is 2lbs the second is 2 1/8 lbs… I started to use the name and 1980 and they do relax, help with your sleep, strengthens your fingers to your shoulders…

  6. Oh…I have those with green box.. I bought in HK 20 years ago and I told my 3,4 years old nepews it has another universe inside….😅

  7. Use Chinese metal balls at work or in other situations with some stress when the cigarette is calling.

  8. B&B, i am only 42 and am starting to get slight shakes in my left hand. I dont want to be 60 and shaking all over the place. What exercises can i do to help prevent the shakes?

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