Guru Purnima Special 2018: Who is a Guru | Why Do We Need A Guru? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 26

Guru Purnima Special 2018: Who is a Guru | Why Do We Need A Guru? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 26

translation he was the Guru of even the
oldest teachers since he is not limited by time. In Sutra number 23
Maharshi Patanjali explained that to control the mind we will need to
surrender to God, he is now explaining the supreme position of God so he says
that God was the Guru of even the oldest gurus. What does this word Guru mean? “quoting scriptures” “quoting scriptures” ‘GU’ means ignorance And ‘RU’ means to destroy. That personality
who destroys the ignorance within us and brings us to the light of knowledge is
the Guru. Since eternity we have been separated from God. It’s not a physical
separation because God is sitting inside us physically God and the soul are in one
place but the consciousness has become unhinged that is the illusion this
material energy Maya has created an illusion and what is the illusion Maya
means, does anybody know what Maya means? that which is not. The Maya creates the
illusion that you are separate from God while you are actually one with him you
are a tiny part of him, so we have our eternal relationship with God but under
this illusion that I am separate from him we have spent lifetimes and the
ignorance is making us think that we will be subject to death and again birth
and again death and again birth while the fact is that we the souls are eternal
immortal ever existing. We are running after the miseries of this world
thinking there is happiness in them we are paranoidly fearful of death
while the soul does not have any death, it merely changes bodies like we change
clothes every day. So this ignorance within us is separating
us from God, that ignorance needs to be eradicated. How will we eradicate it? Veda Vyasa says “quoting scriptures” he says the ignorance is
in our intellect itself so the intellect by its own contemplation cannot remove
its ignorance. Just like can you catch your bootstraps and lift yourself up?
No why not there is no basis to lift yourself up
similarly the ignorance is in the intellect now the intellect will go on
thinking it will not be able to figure out its mistakes, but the mistakes are
all there we want happiness we get misery we want life we go towards death
we want peace and we get agitation so these are all signs of ignorance that
ignorance is there in all of us. Now with the ignorance in the intellect no matter
how much the intellect contemplates it cannot completely remove its defects. I
like to give the example of one Gopal one cowherd boy he used to milk a cow. It
was the Indian Gorani it had big horns and those horns because of a deformity
were bent inwards like this, so between the two horns and the top of the head
there was this triangular space. Now this cowherd boy while milking the cow he
used to eye that space and think can my head go through it or not can my head go through it or not. People have all their whimsical
habits you know like when people walk on the floor I should walk on the leaving out
the grooves or I should walk on the grooves, everybody has their mind falls
into a fancy. So his mind had fallen into this fancy can my head go through that
gap. Every day while milking the cow this used to be his thought. After one and a
half years his curiosity got the better of him. He said today I have to try it
out he grabbed the horns of the cow and pushed his head in. Now the head did go
in but the cow got startled because it’s in it’s three and a half years lifespan
nobody had ever done this to it so the cow lifted its head up and complained
and his feet were raised from the ground he thought what is this death by hanging?! To remove the pressure from his neck he grabbed the cow’s neck now the cow
started lifting its hind legs and moving away. He said I’m going to die come and
save me, the villagers came they grabbed him and they grabbed the cow as well and
extracted him from there they said my dear fellow are you crazy?! “quoting scriptures” there’s a Sutra
Chanakya pundit has written. If you act without discrimination it can lead to
tremendous disaster. Did you not think before you put your head there?He said
who said I did not think I thought for one and a half years there I put my head
there. Now he did think for one and a half years but his thinking was all
wrong. So Veda Vyasa says the same is the problem here, you go on and on
thinking your mind as yet is full of the defects of anger, hatred, greed, envy,
illusion.. you will not be able to attain perfect knowledge.
Now the other source is the books the scriptures. If you want knowledge you
access the scriptures, these Vedic scriptures have perfect knowledge in
them and there are so many scriptures so we will read the scriptures and gather
knowledge. The scriptures themselves tell us that they cannot be understood
without the teacher. “quoting scriptures” the Bhagavad-Gita says Sri Krishna tells Arjuna, that Arjun find a Guru approach
him submissively inquire into the absolute truth he shall impart that
knowledge onto you. The Bhagwatam says “quoting Bhagwatam” we need to
find such a Guru who’s a theoretical and practical person. In other words somebody
who has understood these scriptures and practically realized their meaning such
a Guru will impart this knowledge to us. and the Bhagwatam says “quoting Bhagwatam” in order to know God approach a Guru. So the scriptures are telling us that find a teacher just like we get
knowledge in the material realm, if we wish to learn science or arts we find a
teacher and we have the textbooks with the help of this we acquire knowledge. Swami Vivekanand said the living secrets
must be passed down from master to disciple in every science much more so
in spiritual science, so there’s a difference between a teacher who gives
material knowledge and teacher who gives spiritual knowledge the Guru the Sadhguru. The teacher who is giving material knowledge is materially motivated the
teacher who’s giving spiritual knowledge has no material motivation, he is giving
it out of compassion he is merely giving it to help the disciple that’s a big big
difference. This guru is selfless and because he is self less he’s trustworthy.
So how did that guru get the knowledge he got it from his Guru how did that
Guru get the knowledge he got it from his Guru how did he get the knowledge he
got it from his Guru, so this is how the knowledge is coming Shri Krishna talks
about it in the Bhagavad-Gita. So how did the first Guru get the knowledge. So
Maharishi Patanjali says they got it from God himself. Those gurus who were so
elevated who were at that platform where they had reached God they got it
directly from God himself. So what is the position of God he is the Guru even of
the earliest Gurus. Now what do we do supposing we don’t have a guru how do we
go ahead on this path do we need to wait till we find a guru
no because then we might keep waiting all our life, that’s not recommended. It’s
not a good policy if we don’t have a Guru you try and understand from the
saints, from the scriptures and whatever you have understand to put it in
practice and then as you go along the path the guru may just come along.
God may help you find the guru so we are not to wait let us move ahead and see
what Maharishi Patanjali has to tell us..

35 Replies to “Guru Purnima Special 2018: Who is a Guru | Why Do We Need A Guru? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 26”

  1. The living secrets must be passed down from maters to disciple in every science,
    much more so in Spiritual science – Swami Vivekananda

  2. Do I really need a Guru? Importance of Guru in Spirituality.. clearly explained with practical examples.
    Thank you Swamiji🙏

  3. Amazing lecture Gurudev. Pantanjali Maharshi explained things that is unknown even to modern Western psychology.

  4. Excellent clip on who a Guru is! Very important to know the qualifications of a Guru as well as the importance of one, so that we may progress on the spiritual path with the right guidance and wisdom. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  5. We all need a Guru because Guru is only one who gives us Ātmagyān, Brahmgyān & Tattvagyān which is very necessary to attain Lord.

  6. Only the True Guru or God realized Saint can get rid of our ignorance and give us the knowledge that we are Souls and part of God and have eternal relationship with God.

  7. Swamiji please say who is the guru of shree maharajji because many people ask me that who is the guru,and many scriptures says that guru is important so without guru the person is not what to say for this because at that time I don't have any answer,And I really want to know please help me swamiji

  8. In this mind-blowing lecture, Swamiji says that the mind is controlled by maya. We cannot conquer maya with self-study of the scriptures because scriptural knowledge is divine, and our material intellect is unable to grasp or absorb that knowledge. Thus, we need intensive coaching from a Brahmanishta and Shrotriya Guru who imparts true knowledge that helps us to transform from within. Thank you, Swamiji!

  9. Guru is trustworthy because he is Selfless. To control mind we need Surrender to God. Amazing lecture by Swamiji given an example of crazy boy.

  10. No matter how many times I watch this video clip, Swamiji's words have a profound effect. We are so fortunate that Swamiji teaches us true knowledge from the Vedic scriptures to help us connect with God. Thank you, Swamiji!

  11. If someone comes to spiritual path through Shri Maharajji's preachers, who would be his/ her Guru? Shri Maharajji or the Preacher concerned? Kindly clarify..

  12. Awesome lecture. Thank you so much for sharing. Unless we surrender to a true Guru, the ignorance in our intellect cannot be eradicated.

  13. Radhey Radhey…only God Realized Saints or Guru can Destroy the ignorance from us and gives us Divine knowledge.

  14. Great video, funny how worldly people accept teachers and coaches in so many fields but are skeptical of Gurus. Thank you Swamiji!

  15. Thank you Swamiji for the excellent explanation. Guru is not materially motivated as he has attained God and can impart that knowledge to others. He is selfless. Don't wait for a Guru. Try to acquire knowledge from scriptures and saints work. God will show Guru along the path.

  16. Guru to destroy ignorance. Diksha to show direction. Maaya that which is not. Jagat mithya. Ignorance in our intellect to be removed by Guru. More intelligents r more indoctrinated so to surrender to God or Guru. Thinking or speculations can't lead to God. Scriptual knowledge is theory but practical feeling with guidance of Guru inevitable for spiritual awakening. Harekrishna haribol Radhe Radhe Radhe Krishna.

  17. What an amazingly mind-blowing lecture! How on earth can anyone do justice to the knowledge by summarizing it in any form? Can only sincerely thank Swamiji for the knowledge and inspiration passed on by a Guru to the disciples.

  18. Swamiji says that our senses, mind and intellect are material but God is divine; our material senses are not equipped to understand the divinity of God. Our instruments of knowledge are finite but the Lord is infinite. Thus we cannot know him with our intellect. If he decides to bestow his grace upon us, the ordinary person can perceive him. Thank you, Swamiji!

  19. Understand who a Guru is and how to learn from one to progress on the spiritual journey! Watch this video to learn!

  20. To control the mind, surrender to God and guru! The guru destroys ignorance, which separates us from God.

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